Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The "Launch" of Lunar Colony is Very Soon!

First off, pun intended. The new PCB post from earlier today got me pretty excited! It appears that Lunar Colony is a lot closer then most people thought!

Under construction

We're putting the finishing touches on Lunar Colony. It will be available very soon!

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I am still holding to my theory that it will be released on August 9th! You can see my prediction from two weeks ago here for why I theorized it will be released this Thursday! So this makes it look like my prediction wasn't as crazy as it sounded, being from two weeks before! 

So in this post it appears that an Astronaut (most likely you, but maybe Captain Gordon) is fixing the leaky hoses of a space shuttle floating above Planet Poptropica.  How will you control your Poptropican while they are floating in space?? This could be quite fun! We will have to wait (until August 9th?) to find out!

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