Saturday, April 30, 2011

I have a High Score in the Daily Pop

Yep. I am so excited.

And if you don't believe that's me having the high score of the day and week, this is my Poptropican.

I am excited. In a website update. I'm adding tags to my posts.


Also check my investigation into a new island in Robo-Island... AGAIN?!?!?!

Robo-island.... AGAIN?!?!?!?!

I was looking through the Daily-Pop and found some robotic new sneak peaks...

We got enough of the robots in Astro-Knights and Steamworks but it looks like we might be having another robotic island soon. This is odd....

Let the next round begin!

"Poptropica Villain Showdown: The next four matchups!

The first four matchups are over. Your updated bracket is above.

Now, it's time to finish the first round. The matchups:

Vince vs. El Mustachio Grande

Black Widow vs. Speeding Spike

Gretchen Grimlock vs. Ratman

Copy Cat vs. Binary Bard

Polls are now open in the sidebar. Voting will remain open until Monday!"

The current leaders are:

El Mustachio
Black Widow
Gretchen Grimlock
Binary Bard

Just as I predcted. *mmmmwhaaaaaa haa ha ha haha*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"Villain Showdown: The First Round Begins!
The battle to crown Poptropica's best villain has begun! Here are 4 of your first-round match-ups.

Dr. Hare vs. Crusher

Zeus vs. Betty Jetty

Sir Rebral vs. Captain Crawfish

Director D. vs Medusa

Vote now! The polls have been added to the sidebar to the right of this post.

We'll open the remainder of first-round voting in a few days. This one will only be up for a limited time, so make sure to vote and have your voice heard!"

The current leaders are:
Dr. Hare (as I predicted)
Zeus (as I predicted)
Captain Crawfish (as I predicted)
Medusa (not as i predicted, an upset)


Something I found Interesting...

When you scroll over an Island Medallion It now only says the first part of the islands name. Except for Skulldugery, it says "trade" instead of "skull", which i found interesting.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What We've Been Waiting For

"It's coming...
There can be only one!

Voting begins soon."

Here is what I think:

-Dr. Hare: He has a good chance. He is very popular. A creator and his own mini island. He might go all the way.

-Crusher: A very minor character in Super Power. Doesn't get to much publicity. Not a good chance.

-Zeus: Pretty popular. A wallpaper. Not really a favorite villain type of person.

-Betty Jetty: Most popular off of Super Power. Not new or evil enough to really win.

-Sir Rebral: "Wait, which one was he?" Is what people will think. not really a very good chance at the win.

-Cpt. Crawfish: I would pick him to win actually. Very popular. His island very popular. All around a winner

-Director D: Has a chance. Much more likely than most, but I don't know if he has enough mojo flowing anymore.

-Medusa: "Where did she pop up?" is what people will think. With four seconds of screen time she doesn't have enough exposure to be a real threat to be a winner.

-Vince: Not really a villain. He appears in Nabooti, in case anyone forgot because of his minor role, which is exactly why he probably wont win.

-El Mustachio:I think is a very popular villain, but hasn't been around long enough to get those long time player votes.

-Speeding Spike: Still another minor role villain. Not really a winning type of role.

-Gretchen Grimlock: A new, rising villain, like El Mustachio, doesn't have enough exposure to really win.

-Rat Man: Another minor role unimportant villain. Not going to win.

-Copy Cat: Really? Another one of these minor role villain. Sad creators.

-Binary Bard: One of the most epic villains yet. Defiantly has a chance to win the whole thing!

Who do i think will win? It is a tie between Binary Bard and Cpt. Crawfish. I want to see them in the final round.

Silly Energy Hogs, Trix Are For Kids!!!

"Will those energy hogs ever learn?
Earth Day may have come and gone, but the "Don't Be an Energy Hog" mini-game is still yours to play for free on Poptropica. Just visit the Poptropica store and check out the Gold Cards. Your free Energy Hog card is there for the taking!

To win the game, all you need to do is follow around those silly energy hogs and turn off all of the electricity-wasting appliances they keep turning on that they aren't even using."

Head on over to the card so you can get your awesome shirt!

Silly, silly energy hogs. You know better than that, don't you?"

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm going to have to do something special for this! 5000 hits! Comment and give me some suggestions on what to do!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Christmas in April

"Sleigh ride
It's time to check in once again on our top scorers in the Daily Pop. This month, let's take a look at our Sleigh Shot leaderboards. Because who doesn't want to play a Christmas-themed game in April?

The scores are pretty tight. As of this writing, the day's leader is Sticky Spinner with 7,917 points. The week's leader is Green Catfish, with 8,310 points. But your monthly leader is...

Hyper Crumb, with 9,081 points!

That looks like a beatable score to me. Do you have what it takes to become the top Sleigh Shot scorer in the month of April? You have a little over a week to find out!


Good job guys!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A look back to a year ago.

"From the vault
Time goes by so quickly on Poptropica. Hard to believe that it's been a year since we started working on Skullduggery Island. Here's an early sketch of the Phoenix Warbird, dated from April 2010.

Somehow, that ended up being the ship that sank... me! Incredible.


That is quite incredible. Amazing how much an island can change over just a couple of months. Wow. In other news...
Get on over to my poll and vote for your favorite Mid-Early Island. The winner of the championship will have a montage for tourists made. That is not my final decision but I will think about. What else could I do....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The votes are in!

That that are! It was a landslide that your favorite Early Island is Time Tangled. Now what is your favorite Mid-Early island? Vote now!

The current results are

"A line through means Eliminated in preliminary rounds.
A • means won it's preliminary round.
Early Poptropica
Shark Tooth
Time Tangled•"

Once the preliminarys are done, there will be three "Early" catagorie winers and three "Recent" winners. I will put those three winers from each of those categories together and it will be the semi-finals. There will then be two left and the winner of that will be the favorite island. Get out there and vote!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another suit for a new island: But this one is special

"Memoirs of a Poptropica costume
Looking through the store, it seems there are even more Japanese-inspired costumes that can get you geared up for the upcoming launch of Red Dragon Island. This Geisha costume for girls comes with a special item.

The Shamisen is a traditional three-stringed instrument found in Japan, which is a speciality of the Geisha. Put on this costume and press the spacebar to strum your Shamisen. Then sing yourself a happy tune as you await Red Dragon Island.


Like I said, there is another suit for the upcoming Island "Red Dragon Island" and this one is special for multiple reasons.
1. Only girls can get this suit
2. This is a rare event where the suit isn't member only!!!!
3. This is this suit's second apperance. This was in the store when it was first released but was taken off like the original Rock Star Suit, and is now back!

The Creators are softening up on us Non-Members. :)
Thank you for reading and for all the hits! Almost 5000!!!

So a Poptropican with a Bo-Staff walks up to a tree...

" Go climb a tree

What do you suppose is happening here?

I've never seen a Poptropican do that before...


As you can see, this is a sneak peak of a new island/feature in which you can climb trees. It will be the first time you can cling on anything other than a rope. This is going to be so epic! I am looking forward to it very much. My average viewers per day has gone up. Thanks you guys! :)

If you are looking for help on Red Dragon Island click here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hoops Guide

This is the game card.

The goal is just like in Basketball, make the ball through the hoop.

If you put your mouse on the place in the picture, you will make it every time (if the goal is at the highest or lowest point you might have to adjust slightly).

The first person to make five points wins.

How to get 5 stars on Poptropica

Head on over to my Game Guide Page! That's how! Its almost done so head on over!

In other news...
I am almost to 5,000 hits! Tell everyone to come and we will party when we hit it!!!!

Sky Dive Guide

Sky Dive is arguably the most popular mini-game. This is the game card.

First, you are standing on a cloud.

When it says "GO" click and you start to fall (if you press before it says "GO" it will give you a false start and you automatically lose).

Then you click again to open your parachute. If you land safely first you win.

If you don't land safely you make a crater and lose.

A tip is to click to open your parachute right when you see the top of the tree.

Paint War Guide

This is what the game card looks like.

You fire a paint cannon at balloons to pop them. You move the barrel of the cannon to
aim. You press the "FIRE" button to shoot.

It is best to hold the "FIRE" button down as long as possible till the barrel is as short as it goes.

Once you fire you have to wait for the cannon to recharge.

The first person to seven wins!

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