Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Official Guide to Spook Central

Go to your flying blimp and go to the map. Fly until you see Ghost Story Island and click on "PLAY THE SPOOK CENTRAL GAME NOW!"
You are now in a room full of machinery, and there is a women working on a large broken machine. After you talk to the woman (her name’s Daphne Dreadnaught), she tells you about how the machine harbored five ghost and they escaped to different islands and it is up to you to find them (and if you do it will be worth your while). To help, she gives you a file on who and where the ghosts are, a net to catch them in and an EMF detector to tell when they are near.

You must travel to the different islands to find the ghosts. When they see you they say "Aha! I see you mortal!" and try to fly away but you have to touch them with your net to capture them and get them back to Daphne. The Brown Lady is on Skullduggery Island, main street. Sweet William’s Ghost is Shrink Ray Island, main street. Deogen is on Steamworks Island, in the museum. The Headless Horseman is outside the factory on 24 Carrot Island. The Bell Witch is inside the Trading Post on Wild West island.
After you catch all of the ghosts, you need to touch them with the net, go back to Daphne’s lab. She says “Oh, you’ll get what’s coming to you” (if you are a Non-Member, the journey stops here for you). Then she unleashes all the ghosts in her lab and tries to use them to conquer Poptropica. You have to capture them like you did before. If you can’t catch them in under a minute, they take over Poptropica. If you succeed in catching them, you get the Ghost Hunter Suit and the satisfaction of saving Poptropica. For the 18th time!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ghost Story Mini-Game

Want to win this Ghost Hunter Suit?

There's a new costume available on Poptropica:

But you can't get the Ghost Hunter Suit just anywhere! Nope, you'll need to earn it. It seems that several ghosts have scattered across Poptropica, and only those who can capture all of them will get the Ghost Hunter Suit.

How can you get started? Just go to Poptropica now and visit your travelmap. You'll see a new icon for the "Spook Central" mini-game. Start the game, and the rest is up to you.

Good hunting!

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The new Ghost Story Mini-Game is out and is called Spook Central....
Guide Coming Soon.....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Looks Like the ghost story's aren't story's any more!

The ghost with the most

Things are about to get very spooky on Poptropica!

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So what do we see here? A non-playable character ghost is flying around while the player is standing in the middle of Shrink Ray island. Why wouldn't he see you and why would you hide. I think it's about time to find out!

Looks Like the ghost story's aren't story's any more!

And there is a new Ben 10/Generator Rex add and here are the prizes.

Also I have gotten a 5 star battle ranking! But while doing this I saw some weird things... People holding pets... Is this going to be in Poptropica's future or is it from an add? There was the Barbie add almost a year ago that let you hold a dog, but how do you get a cat? We will have to wait and see.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Legendary Swords Guide

Legendary Swords is a brand new adventure inside of Poptropica where you battle robots who are trying to take over the islands of Poptropica. The way you fight them is by using a series of legendary swords that are very powerful. The different swords are found as you continue the adventure. Legendary swords is more of an action style game within Poptropica and requires more reflexes, timing and skill than the normal island quests. It’s one of the first adventures in Poptropica that uses combat. 

The Swords

In the first installment of the adventure, there are two different Legendary Swords you will find. The first is inside the cave at the beginning. It is in a rock down on the cavern floor. The second appears at the end of the battle with the first major boss. The two swords are:
  • The Rusty Relic, a two-star power sword
  • The Bolt, a four-star power sword
If you have any costumes from the Poptropica Store that came with swords (such as the different Knight costumes, or the Masked Hero costume), you will be allowed to use those swords as well in the game. Here’s a list of the different swords you can use. All of them are three-star power swords.
  • Templar Knight
  • Masked Hero
  • Ninja
  • Pirate Sword
  • Laser
  • Earth Knight
  • Dark Knight
  • Skullduggery

First, purchase the Legendary Swords gold card if you haven’t already. It is currently Free+, which means it is free for everybody but members get extra benefits. Click on visit.
The intro is like a movie, it even shows the title like a movie!
You’ll fly around space, passing Pewter Moon, Ice Planet, and Lava Planet in the process. Then, you’ll come across a jungle planet (not the mechanical jungle planet). You’ll say that space is so peaceful.
As if on clue, you can see explosions coming from the planet. Curious as you are, you go down to investigate.
When you arrive, you see a bunch of alien animals running away from… something. You’re even more curious now.
Go to the right, and then go up. You’ll notice a cave. Go in.
Navigate through the cave. Drop then go to the left to see a hidden thing that isn’t important to the plot: a broken robot. Yikes.
Go to the right and go up, and you’ll see bats fly away. Creepy. Go to the right.
Continue going right. A pop-up will appear on the bottom, pointing out the stone in the stone. Click on it to recieve the first storyline sword in the game.
When you go to the right a little, you’ll encounter your first health crystal in the game. Whack it with your sword until there’s nothing left. Somewhere in this cave, if you go to a section with bones on a dark cave wall, you may encounter a shiny skull. Click on it to obtain a skull mask wearable item. (The mask is optional.)
Continue on right, and you’ll encounter your first enemy robots in the game: two bats. That third one with the camera on its head? You can’t attack it. Just attack the two other bots instead. Like a little tattletale, the camera bat flies out. You’ll encounter camera bat later on when you encounter your large-sized robots.
If you got hurt, take a health crystal or two, but make sure to use them only when you need to.
Continue on to the right, where you’ll see two robots discussing a plan for invading Poptropica, led by a guy named E. Vile. Sheesh, how many overlord wannabes will be in Poptropica? The “Charge-Bots” I will call them, will notice you. Jump. Attack. You get it. Then, contining on, fighting on, you’ll encounter a “Laser-Bot”. Careful, because hense the nickname, it shoots lasers at you. Fight. Fight your way on through (don’t try to lead the bots into that pond, E. Vile must be smart to make the bots water-proof) and you’ll encounter “Rocket-Bots”, turtle-like bots that shoot rockets at you. Use your sword to deflect the rockets. Fight. Destruct. Fight. Destruct. Heal. Go up. Go right.
Then, you’ll encounter a bigger version of the rocket-bot, whom I’ll call “Momma Turtle” and Camera Bat will tattletale about the human who has been reducing the robot population. Momma Turtle will start attacking now. Go to the middle of the bot itself and attack. There will be targets on the ground every once in a while to indicate where rockets will be heading. Unlike the smaller version, the rockets don’t follow you. Try and make it so that Momma Turtle will be damaged by its own rockets as well as the fury of your sword. Once you defeat it, heal yourself and climb up vines. On the first platform, there is a health crystal. Get it. Along the way, you’ll notice boulders falling, and you’ll encounter Laser-Bots. If there’s multiple ones at once, take your fight to the main ground. It’ll be worth it to know you’d have more space to fight. After you fight a group of three Laser-Bots, you can continue up. Watch out for the boulders. Go up.
will start throwing boulders at you. But for now, it’s only one at a time. Dodge em. Make sure you get to those health crystals first. Fight. Be careful when he starts picking up and throwing boulders like crazy. Go a little bit in front of him and run! When he stops, he’ll pause, since he’s exhausted. Attack. Repeat this a few times, and he’ll explode eventually.
When you defeat Mr. Boulder, the rock next to him collapses, revealing another sword! It’s the most powerful in the game (so far) and it’s called… “The Bolt”! Go to the right. I think it’s a good idea to hold onto the Zeus Sword for the rest of the game.
When you go right, you’ll see Charge-Bots and Laser-Bots, providing you the oppurtunity to try out your new sword. As you’ll learn, it’s pretty powerful. 4 stars. Woo.
Defeat the few robots and snatch the health crystals. Camera Bat tattletales again to a robot I like to call “Master-Laser”. He’s pretty easy though. Go to the middle of the bot. Jump when he uses the laser. Fight him from the middle. Eventually, he’ll explode. Continue on to Spider Forest. In the Spider Forest, there are little spiders, and then there are big spiders. You may take the time to laugh at the spiderwebs that have Charlotte’s Web references.
Navigate through the trampolines and vines and go to the top and fight.. Go right when you get to the top.
Go. You’ll encounter a health crystal that only gives you two, but two powerful health crystals. You’ll encounter a robot, like, 5 times the size of you. You’ll be relieved that it’s off.
Go on one of those platforms that shoot you into the air. The robot will follow you. It is immune except for one spot: the area where a clock and a tube is. Jump when it attacks the ground. When it pauses for a second, attack the area that is glowing red. Repeat this several times. Heal when necessary. And eventually, the thing will explode…Then, a myserious flying gold thing will fly and open… showing… him. E. Vile. As a hologram.After you say that, E. Vile’s hologram will shut off and fly away. Your space shuttle will appear and you go in, saying “I’ll find you, E. Vile".
Unlockable Prizes:
 For All: Skull Mask and Rusty Relic

A mask hidden in the first cave

First Sword

The second sword

Prize for completing first week.

Blimp Adventure Guide

In Blimp Adventure, there is trouble in the skies over Poptropica! A dastardly villain, Dr. Cumulo Nimbus, is using his flying weather-machine to blast lightning bolts at the islands below, setting them on fire! Put out the fires using the water bucket attached to your blimp and save the day! The game is similar in concept to the boss fight at the end of Red Dragon Island, where you had to stop the Red Dragon from using its fire breath to burn down the village. Blimp Adventure is a special mini-game that you gain access to when you purchase the Poptropica Inflatable Blimp Toy. When you enter the code that appears on the green coin that comes with your toy, you’ll get the Blimp Adventure gold card in your backpack inventory and can play the game using the card.

Basic Gameplay

Move the blimp with your mouse, and click your mouse button to pour water onto a burning building. Refill your bucket by dunking it in the water below. The red meters above the buildings show the amount of damage. The meter will disappear when the fire is put out. If the meter gets filled completely that building will be destroyed. You lose the game if too many buildings are destroyed. If you lose, you have the option to play the level over using easy mode, where your water lasts longer.

Level 1
Once you put out all the fires, the level is complete. Dr. Cumulo Nimbus will appear and taunt you before moving onto the next level. As you progress through each level, they get harder and Dr. Cumulo Nimbus introduces new weapons that make it harder to navigate your blimp and put out the fires.
This is a very basic level where you learn how to play the game. All you need to do here is drop the water on the fires. Refill by dunking the bucket back into the ocean and then return to putting out the fires once your water level (the blue bar in the top-right corner) is full. There are three islands with huts on fire. The first two only have one building each and the third island has three.

Level 2
In the second level, things get a little tougher. Dr. Cumulo Nimbus deploys air mines. These are floating mines that damage your blimp if you hit them. They’re only dangerous when armed, which is when the red lights on them are lit. All of the fires are on one island and they’re closely grouped together. So it’s fairly easy to put out all the fires as long as you successfully avoid touching the five mines that he places above the island.

Level 3
Once you advance to the third level, you’ll find that Dr. Nimbus has a nastier kind of mine that he will use to try and stop you. These are the lightning mines, which are blue. When lit, they will shoot lightning bolts at you that damage your ship. You’ll get attacked if you get close enough to the mine–they can attack without you touching them, making them much more dangerous than the normal air mines you encountered in the previous level. In this island, there is a small fire on the lighthouse at the beginning and several large fires burning in the town to the right. It’s easiest to take care of the lighthouse fire first and then move to the big island, but if you don’t move quickly enough, you’ll probably lose some of the buildings

Level 4
In this level, you’ll need to put out a series of fires that are burning a large castle on a single island. The good news is that there’s only one area to focus on, meaning that you don’t have to fly back and forth between fires. The bad news is that in this level, you’ll encounter smart mines along with the other mines from the earlier levels. These new mines have yellow lights and they will follow you around, so you can’t stay in one place for too long. Fortunately, they don’t move very fast. You can “shake off” the mines for a while by flying off to the side and letting them follow you, and then return to putting out the fire.

Level 5
In this final level, instead of putting out fires, you’ll pick up snowballs at the bottom of the screen and then drop them on top of Dr. Cumulo Nimbus’ fortress. In addition to mines, there are ice cannons that will aim at your balloon and shoot at you. If you get hit, you’ll take damage and you’ll drop the snowball if you were carrying one. While avoiding the mines and cannons, pick up the snowballs and then carry them above the fortress in the middle. Once in position, drop the snowball and you will damage the fortress. Do this enough times and you’ll win the level–and the game. Remember that once you pick up a snowball, you have to keep the mouse button pressed to carry it. Release the mouse button to drop the snowball once you’re in position.

Game Show Guide

Go to Game Show Island if you’re not yet there. Go left, and bounce on the bouncie roof of Robo-Bling Boutique. Once at the roof, you will see a red toolkit. Grab it, and go back down. Go left, and go inside a building titled The Factory. Go up, and find the Crane.Press the little green “Up” button. Make it a reasonable height;you’re Poptropican must be able to jump onto it. Keep on making it go up, and alternating sides to make it go up. When you finally get to the top, go left, and click on the computer with the glowing red dot. Anyway, you’re Poptropican will put in a code onto the computer, and an obstacle blocking a passage will open. Go through it, and use you’re toolkit. With you’re screwdriver, click and hold on each of the screws, and turn left. Then, choose the option that is to the top left. Then, one of the workers will give you an electric fan. Go outside, and all the way to the right. As you try to enter Club Noveau Riche, a giant gold robot will tell you to fix the AC.Go inside, and talk to the owner. He’s a weird disco-looking robot.Anyway, he’ll tell you to cool him off. So take out your electric fan, and fan him. Then, he’ll give you a quarter that says “In Holmes we trust.” This is because the robots are all following a rogue robot, Holmes. D: With your nickel, exit the club, and go all the way left. You’ll see a homeless Poptropican. Give him the nickel. And in return, he’ll give you some heat vision goggles. Go back to the club, and out on the goggles. You’ll see someone go up a shaft. Follow them by going outside and finding this window.Go inside by using your toolkit. The Inventor will not believe you went in. As he runs away, he will activate a mini obstacle course. Go to the highest floor, and push the record player onto the little elevator thingy. It’ll go down. You go down too, and try going right. The Inventor will drop this ball thingy on you, and you’ll fall.
Go right, to get up to the Inventor. Make sure you get to spot with a door,
Click on the little pass code thingy, and put on your heat vision goggles. The code is 2014. Go in the door, and then the Inventor will explain to you the truth. Apparently, Holmes’s programming went wrong. And that’s why he wants you to take over the world. You’ll get a helicopter, and time for game shows! Use your Jet Remote Control.Note: These can be done in a different order. But I’m doing it in the order it is in.

Land in Istanbul, and go right. When you see a sign saying “Site under repair. Do not pass!”, go ahead and pass. Talk to the guy that looks like a construction worker.
Okay, you have to move the second to the fourth. And each piece can only go on something heavier than itself. Piece 1 is the blue one on top, piece two is the long gold one, piece 3 is the beige one, and piece 4 is the gold heavy one, at the bottom. First, put piece 1 on the third base. Then piece 2 on the fourth base. Then pick up piece 1 and put it on top of piece 2.Now put piece 3 on the third base. Pick up piece 1 and out it over piece 4.Now put piece 2 on piece 3, and piece 1 on piece 2. Put piece 4 on the fourth base, and piece one on top of it. Put piece 2 on base 2. It will look like this:Now piece 1 on top of piece 2, and piece 3 on piece four. Piece 1 on third base and piece 2 on piece 3. Finally, piece 1 on piece 2.  The construction worker will be so pleased that you did it, and he’ll give you a ticket to “Scaredy Pants”. Use it. Time to show those robots you’re awesome! The first challenge, you have to get the glow stick, and get it to its place in time.Beware the evil fishies. They shock you. Anyway, challenge 2 is Creeper Keepers. You need to grab up a creature and put it in its correct bag. After you’re done, challenge 3. You have to manage to stay balanced. Push a little harder when near a fan. Then you’re done!

Miami: Upon landing, you’ll see two robots arguing. Go talk to the sad looking robot. Great, now you need to catch all of his prizes. Because thou art a good person. The CrazyRoboLady will throw down three prizes, each higher than the rest. To ensure a safe passage, you need to step on each window thingy, and tilt it, making a path straight to the robot.After you successfully save all three prizes, the robot will give you a ticket for “Spin for Riches”. Use it! Spin for Riches, here we come!Spin for Riches is pretty much Wheel of Fortune. There’s a phrase. You get to spin, and guess a letter. It’s pretty easy. If you think you know the phrase, solve it! You can also lose a turn, or get a pre-chosen letter. There are three rounds. When you’re done, call the copter.

Buenos Aires:You land on Buenos Aires, and go left all the way, until you see this big gold robot. Click on the gold rings, under the clock, and turn them. The outer ring will be ring 1. The middle ring will be ring 2. The ring in the middle will be ring 3. First, click the 1. Then the 3. Then the 2. That’s it! You’ll get a ticket for Kerplunk. Kerplunk is pretty much Wipeout. It’s extremely fun to play!

Moscow:This challenge is a bit harder than the others.What you have to do, is guess the code for the helicopter to land. An easy way to figure it out:
First row, leave everything blue. The robot will tell you which color is correct. Second, everything yellow. Then purple. Then orange. That way you’ll get all the colors by the fifth go! The copter will land, and go talk to the robot coming out of it. Ticket for Brainiacs!
Brainiacs is very easy, if you know much about a certain subject. I, for one, picked the World of Poptropica. I know my villains, my places, my islands. After getting all the answers answered, pick your second best subject. If you find it harder than you thought, pick something else. For the final wager, you need to calculate carefully. Think about the subject, and how much the other robots have. Then, you’re done with that game show!

When you land, talk to the BotCop. He’ll tell you to fix the electricity for their precious game show. It’s a Steamworks puzzle. Something done by thinking quick. Then you’ll get into Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge!
First challenge: Spell Yoshi. Just find all the letters. Cake. The second, click fast. The third, run around like you’ve been stuck in cupboard for ten years. Then, you’re done!
Ah… Time for the battle. Call on your helicopter, and go to Main Street.
You must not be seen… Go straight right, and drop straight down, before the museum. Go down the hole to meet up with the Inventor. You’ll get a thumb drive to reprogram Holmes. Pretty much, you have to solve the puzzles now. Every time you get closer, Holmes will offer something. When you get to the main Holmes computer, put in the thumb drive, and voila! Done!

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6... Days... Away!

Legendary Swords tips and tricks

Legendary Swords is just one week away. Here are some tips for how to make your experience as legendary as possible.

Legendary Swords launches on 11/11/11, only in the Poptropica Store!

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Oh my goooosh! This looks so excitingly fun!
Look here children, there is a new add!