Wednesday, November 25, 2009


AD about Phieneis and Ferb =D The prizes are
1. The suit in the picture
2.A slay in witch you can ride on but you cant control it. Go quick the ad it replaced was only around for maybe a week tops so head on out...

A post about a post =s

New crestors blog post!!! The Binary Code ,or "Bard Talk" as i sometimes call it, translates in to "The Scream" by Edvard Munch. The painting behind him is "The Scream" so that makes sense. Now that the stolen art is probably going to be part of the island how does a mime and a scooter fit in? Im really stumped about a boat fitting in. There is also a new Ad building! Hurry and get to it before it is gone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I got over 50 votes on a previous poll and i was going to through a party. the party is still on!!! I have been in 3 different Poptropica Bands and quit them all so you shouldn't expect a band.. oh well. This saturday at 9:30 and11:30 am central time i will post the code for the 50 votes party. I plan on being there but not all of my 144 accounts (i made 3 recently) and so i guess i will start on the account page with my accounts. I will bring some of my rare suits. so as my friend will say "Man the drive through window" wait no "were your underware on your pizza" wait. What??? oh yes TTFN

this is still fun

This is fun =0



Back! I'm back from the dead! XD but i have been doing allot of work on poptropica and now i will start blogging again. I got kind of carried away. I know have either 141 or 142 poptropica accounts... Oh well... I got many rare hand islands and suits. I plan on making a new page that has all of my accounts. I just learned how to take screen shots and I'm going to have some fun...