Saturday, October 2, 2010


I've been working on homework so much I've had no time to post so I will start again next weekend starting with Steamworks guide!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Part one and two to a vacation gone wild.

Captain Crawfish's Steamworks Island travelogue

Believe it or not, we're only a week away from opening Steamworks Island to everyone! During the Early Access period, I've ventured away from Skullduggery Island to explore the mysteries of Steamworks.

Lucky for you, I took pictures! Settle in for a vacation slideshow like you've never seen. And no talking until I'm done.

One of the great things about Steamworks Island is how many different ways there are to get around. You might overlook this little bit of simple machinery on first glance.

But look what happens when you stand on it and start running!

It takes you all the way up the thread of the screw.

I know there's a mystery to solve on Steamworks Island, but I was having too much fun with this. As it turns out, that was a recurring theme of my trip.

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Captain Crawfish's Steamworks Island travelogue, part 2

All right, has everybody had something to eat? Checked your email? Gone to the bathroom? I want to make sure you're all paying attention. It cost me a lot of money to have these pictures developed.

After having my fun with the nuts and bolts of Steamworks Island, next I happened upon some sort of massive, upward-blowing fan. Strange -- why was this functioning was so much of the machinery on the Island was rusted and useless?

No matter. When you come across airflow like this, you've got to ride the slipstream.

The wind rocketed me into the air!

These things are all over the place on Steamworks Island. You can really catch some air. You can probably use them to complete the quest, too, but why rush?

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Why is there sand in the bottom right...

Four-wheel drive

Yesterday you saw an overhead shot of a vehicle from a new Poptropica Island. We've managed to get in a little closer to show you a more detailed picture.

Looks like fans of Poptropica have some off-roading in their future! But... what will you find off the beaten path?

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I don't know how to describe this.

Top down, in more ways than one

We've got a sneak peek at some more development work being done on the newest Poptropica Island.

It's a top down view, and it looks like that SUV has its top down, too! What do you suppose is happening here?

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I don't know how to describe this.

Top down, in more ways than one

We've got a sneak peek at some more development work being done on the newest Poptropica Island.

It's a top down view, and it looks like that SUV has its top down, too! What do you suppose is happening here?

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Da, Da, Da, Holly cow its a robot. AGHHHHHH.

I call this an unnecessary PCB post.

Spare parts

Master Mime has told you about the Steam Robot on the loose in Poptropica. Don't forget about the other robot Costumes you can get in the Poptropica store.

The Retro Robot sports sleek wings and big yellow eyes.

The Renegade Robot makes his own rules.

Don't forget, with the power of the Costumizer, you can mix and match costumes from the Poptropica Store!

I call this the "Retrograde Robot."

"Steamgrade Robot."

You don't even have to combine similar costume parts for a cool new outfit. Here's a Mech Pilot head on a Renegade Robot body.

This is the, er... "Renemech Pilograde Robot?" We'll work on that one.

You can use multiple powers at once, too!

What crazy costume combinations can you come up with?

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Friday, August 27, 2010

A few more cool PCB post.

Steam Robot on the Loose!

Several Poptropicans have reported that a Steam Robot has recently escaped from Steamworks Island!

We have this image to show you what it looks like. Take a look in the Poptropican store. It may be hiding there.

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House party

This week, we've shown you four different sketches of mansions. But only one will be able to make it into a new Poptropica Island. It's so hard to decide which it should be. Let's take another look:

Mansion 1
Mansion 2
Mansion 3
Mansion 4

Decisions, decisions...

Which one do you like the best? Vote in our poll on the sidebar!

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I voted for numbah 2.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Info Page

I added the Info Pages to the Island Guides Page

Steamworks Info Page

Steamworks Info Page:

Skullduggery Info Page

Skullduggery Info Page:

Mythology Info Page

Mythology Info Page:

Reality T.V. Info Page

Reality T.V. Info Page:

Counterfeit Info Page

Counterfeit Info Page:

Astro-Knight Info Page

This one is special. When it first cam out it looked like above. Then Binary Bard's look changed and be became a villain instead of a jester so they changed it to what you see bellow.

Astro-Knight Info Page:

Big Nate Info Page

Big Nate Info Guide:

Nabooti Info Page

Nabooti Info Page:

Spy Info Page

Spy Info Page:

Super Power Info Page

Super Power Info Page:

24 Carrot Info Page

24 Carrot Info Page:

Time Tangled Info Page

Time Tangled Info Page:

Shark Tooth Info Page

Shark Tooth Info Page:

Early Poptropica Info Page

There is no Info page for this because it is the first Island.


OMG!! Its a switch!!!! =o

Power switch

Here's a simple tip to help you make your way through Steamworks Island. If you're getting stuck, take a look around for one of the long, blue-handled switches.

They're everywhere, and most of them will help you get to somewhere that looked out of reach.

So if you're stuck, just look for a switch!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seems to be like a snapshot saga.

Steamworks premiere party!

Poptropica Members have been having a blast on Steamworks Island. Besides trying to solve the mystery of what happened to the Island's inhabitants, Poptropicans have also been spending a lot of time at the Steamworks Gear Shop -- that's this island's common room.

It's been fun to see Poptropica Members hanging out on a new Island, with all the zany combinations of costumes and items they can imagine. Check out this motley crew!

I dropped by, too, but nobody told me there was a dress code! I felt out of place not wearing a Mech Pilot costume.

Always a wallflower...

Keep an eye out for the Poptropica Creators in the Steamworks Island common room. Maybe we'll see you there!

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Congrats you guys

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Steamworks Island!

It's no Poptropica secret: Steamworks Island is tough to beat! This is definitely one of the most challenging Poptropica adventures so far. (For my money, the hardest is still Astro-Knights. Why not? It's got the best villain!)

Despite the difficulty, lots of Poptropica Members, with a full head of steam, have already worked their way to the end. See what I did there?

Congratulations to the first 10 Poptropicans to complete Steamworks Island! Your reward: your name in lights!

1. Bronze Monster

2. Hyper Popper

3. Mighty Flame

4. Popular Jumper

5. Shy Fire

6. Cool Owl

7. Friendly Shell

8. Angry Dragon

9. Shiny Crown

10. Short Flame

We'll hope to see many more of you crossing the finish line in the days and weeks to come!

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I still don't like the idea of membership but congratulations to the first 10 winners