Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is a Wharf?

A wharf or quay is a structure on the shore of a harbor where ships may dock to load and unload cargo or passengers. Such a structure includes one or more berths (mooring locations), and may also include piers, warehouses, or other facilities necessary for handling the ships.
To answer the question, that is Wikipedia's definition of a wharf. So, why does a wharf have to do with Poptropica? It will be a location in one of Poptropica's upcoming Islands!

How an island is born

We're in the earliest stages of a planning a new Island -- one that is still months away from becoming reality. All we've got so far is an idea, and the pile of sketches you see above. Hard to believe, but one day this simple black and white schematic will become a full-blown Poptropica Island!

*sniff* They grow up so fast...

avatar image

 So lets see what we can get from this after zooming in.
At the top we see some writing saying something like "YLK Video Game Survivalist" but it is to blurry to be for sure. Under that we see what appears to be the map of the island. It has a wharf that leads to "Chinatown" and goes down to a Subway. Chinatown has lines coming from it with writing, the only part of it that you can read is "D.J." The next location we come to is called "Brown Stones" which leads down to a bunker. There is another location to the right but we can't see it.

Bellow is a drawing of a beaker that says "Lab" above it. Besides that is a list of what may possibly be the items from the island. The ones that I can read are...

-Address and Phone Number
-Shopping List
-Empty Smoothie Cup
-Cell Phone
    ID and Subway Pass
-Car Keys

There are also two others, but all I can make out is something like "Film Kjmat" and "Showe List"
but the letters are blurry.

So what do you think? This seems pretty neat!

EDIT: While watching the Lunar Colony Trailer again, I saw something interesting at 41 seconds that you should see...

Could this just be an Easter Egg the creators put in the trailer for fun, or does this prove that Dr. Hare will be in Lunar Colony?


  1. Dr.Hare is actally dead After he is blasted in space when his Rabbot exploded. There is some guy who found Dr.Hare Dead in space so that guy from lunar colony Might have brought him back to earth and tell Dr.Juniper That Dr.Hare is out of air to breath. So Dr.Juniper Put Dr.Hare in some kind on tube. Put air in there. then Dr.hare began to breath and said " Oh My Carrots! How in the Bunny World did i end up here???" Dr.Hare gets really confused and Dr.Juniper Shot a Sleeping shot at Dr.Hare is Dr.hare is in a watery Tube sleeping so he nevers escapes. That how Super Villian ISLAND formed. Since Dr.hare is my favorite super villian.