Friday, July 30, 2010


Hey ive been out of the country for the last week and im now in a hotel. long story short no new posts from me for like 2 weeks

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wimpy kid island/miniquest.

Click here to read the interview. The sixth question is: I understand there’s going to be a Wimpy Kid Island on Poptropica soon?
Jeff Kinney: It’s true; in the next few months kids will be able access it.

Jeff Kinney is Comic Kid from the creators blog but since Steamworks is well under way and they said a week I bet it is a mini-quest.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The hub-bub is finally over.

The Hub of the universe

We've done a lot of detail work on the Hub for Steamworks Island. Before we can call it done, we've got to give it one more pass to make sure it's got character.

Ahh... that's the stuff. The Hub looks old, weathered, and worn. It looks like it was once a city on a hill. Now, it's grungy and decayed. And dangerous.

There's lots more to see and do on Steamworks Island, and we'll be showing you more soon. In the meantime, maybe we can all try to figure out what that blue thing is doing.

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The weird thing is that the blue block thing is back.....

And that the door is at the very bottom you can barely see the door. The building is so big.... so big!!!!!


A special guest is coming to Poptropica!

Greetings, Poptropica fans!
Recently, the creators of Poptropica learned of an
exciting new development: Next week, a special
guest is coming to Poptropica!

He's well known to many of you
(especially those of you who like to laugh)
for his hilarious adventures, not to mention his loony
friends and family.
Let's be sure to welcome him when he arrives.
Expect more information on Monday, Poptropicans.
You won't want to miss this!

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Vampires Invade Poptropica

Are you a fan of vampires? We've got a whole new set of vampire looks just waiting to be costumized. Check them out in the Poptropica store!

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| More


The Vampire suits.... just no, they shouldn't have gone there. Don't go there.

Next, the person in the top post is the Wimmpy Kid Greg Helfrey. The author of DIARY OF A WIMPY KID is a creator of Poptropica. In an interview with the author of the wimpy kid series and the cast of the movie they were quoted saying that the add building was going to expand to an island. It is probably going to be a Mini-Quest because they always gives us about a week notice before a mini-quest so my money is on a mini-quest.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Will the hub-bub ever end???

Details, details...
The Hub on Steamworks Island continues to evolve. Now, all of the elements are colored in, and we've added some detail to try to tell the story of the island.

This version of the Hub is overgrown with vines and weeds. The wobbly angles of its structure are making it look like the whole thing could topple at any moment. And, of course, there's now a sign telling everybody where they are.

Almost done!


Once again no image but toy can check out for the actual post.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The hub-bub is still goin down, SON!!!!

First of all OMG i was second it said 1 0 0! YESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Filling in the Hub

Time for a pop quiz: Can you tell the difference between the picture we posted yesterday and the one below?

Most of the background elements still look the same as they did yesterday: flat and monochromatic. We're adding more detail to the Hub on Steamworks Island. We've colored in some of the more important foreground objects. They really pop off your screen!

That doorway in the upper-lefthand side of the screen looks mighty intriguing, wouldn't you say?

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Still tall

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So this is what da hub-bub is about... har har.


The Hub takes shape

The Hub started life as all of Poptropica does, as a simple idea and a sketch. Before long, we take that idea and turn it into reality. But did you know how many different revisions a single scene takes before it gets the Poptropica stamp of approval?

At first glance, this might look like a well developed scene.

But look a little more closely. Why is almost everything the same color? Why does it all look so flat? And what the heck is that blue thing on the right, anyway?

No, the Hub isn't done yet. Not even close.

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It is by far the biggest Poptropica building yet to of ben shown and its not done yet. It can only get bigger!

STEAMWORKS ISLAND is now on da homw page.

It has been added to the homepage!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

What's all the hub bin about this new PCB post?

What's all the Hub-bub?
One of the places you'll visit on Steamworks Island is what we call the Hub. It's a sight to see! A rickety tower, a massive drawbridge, and pot-bellied steam stoves powering everything. Safe to say that you've never seen anything like the Hub before.

Er, at least, you won't have seen anything like it. To start with, this marvel of modern engineering just looked like this:

Yes, it's hard to see what all the hubbub is about -- yet. Just wait until you see how this one develops!


Seems interesting but I don't think it could be a MULTIPLAYER ROOM....... Since I posted this on my iPod there is no picture. The link tho the pcb post is and omg 11 minutes after reading the post for the first time there were only 6 votes in the like it love it thing so I must have been one of the first to see it but I didn't look at the like it love it things so I know I was in the top five and from the time it was posted and the time there was 6 votes I bet I was the first one but not sure.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Episode 2

Me: Welcome to episode two.
Man in pit: I'm still here!
Me: My word, you can come out!
Man in pit: I can't.
Mr. Doggy: I hate this job
Me: I thought I fired you.
Mr Doggy: No I fired the hobo
Me: Then why is he still here?
Mr. Doggy: I'm too stressed.
Hobo: Hope you enjoyed this episode bye!
Me: Hobo..... Why did you say that? We haven't even started.
Hobo: Slug Bug.
Me: Quite were starting. Welcome to Episode two!
Director: We haven't started yet.
Me: Just start.
Director: Action!
Me: Welcome to episode two!!!!! Finally!
Hobo: Join us next week for....
Me: Will you stop that.
Hobo: No
Me: Okay just read my cue cards then.
Hobo: All righty then... Welcome, today I will lick fake doggy vomit! Wait what?!?!?!?!
Me: Ha ha. That's what you get for strapping my lines!
Hobo: I got pranked.
Mr. Doggy: Yo, I just um, you might want to clean the bathroom.
Me: Go lick it up hobo.
Hobo: aggghhh!!!!! *runs away*
Me: Now to begin the show let's bring out one of the British soilders from skullduggery!
Soilder: Floss my toes!
Hobo: Oh do let me do it.
Me: Um that is weird.
Zedonk: It is weird Keven.
Me: Let's go to a commercial break!

Infomercial voice: Did you know that if a male zebra and a female donkey have a baby it is called a Zedonk?

Me: And were back
Man in pit: About time.
Zadonk: Silence human!
Man in pit: No.
Me: So what do you do soilder?
Soilder: I'm a soilder.
Me: No, really?
Soilder: Yes.
Me: Shazam!
Hobo: Shazizzle
Me: What?
Hobo: Fo shizzle my hommie peep dawg.
Me: That was odd.
Hobo: What is the point of this show?
Me: It is to entertain the....
Hobo: Boaring!
Me: Fine I will just end this episode now. Join us next week!


How much you miss while at camp for two weeks. Lets start off with the next new PCB post. la-te-da

Friday, July 2, 2010

Its official

Announcing the new Poptropica island!

All week we've been showing you sneak peeks of the newest Poptropica island currently in development, and we've promised to reveal the island's name.

The time has come. My fellow Poptropicans, the Poptropica creators are proud to announce their newest creation:

STEAMWORKS ISLAND is coming soon!
Ive only said it since Tuesday!

Make sure to visit the official Poptropica creators' blog often for the latest news and announcements about Steamworks Island, including some of the incredible gameplay features we have in store.

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2 new store items

There are two new store items. One is Fireworks: Express yourself with a bang and Atom Power: Feel the power.

Master Mimes cheesey posts are da bomb!

Edit: what happened to the item suppposed to be released this week?

New island sneak peek week: It's the bomb

Yesterday to keep the sneak peeks rolling out the door, we showed concept sketches of dynamite for the new island.

Here is the finished version. This is something that you are not allowed to hold while chasing your brothers around the campfire.

Look at all those gauges and wires. I had to read a 500 page manual to learn how to use it properly. Though, I accidentally discovered that throwing it works too.

Now that you've seen a glimpse of the design style of some of these items, can you guess what kind of island this is going to be?

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the announcement of the new island name!

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What is the new islands name? Is it Steamworks Island? Yes your prize is early access! XD Only in my dreams.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

You dyna-might Want To Run.

New island sneak peek week: It's dynamite!

You dyna-might want to take a look at this next item. Ok, I know that was a terrible joke.

Take a gander at these sketches of dynamite. This explosive gadget is a little more complicated than the stick of clay you are used to seeing.

Come back tomorrow to see the final image of this dynamite with some color. And don't forget that on Friday, we're revealing the name of the new island for the first time.

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Yet another font I don't get, a horrible joke and an explosive stick. This seems pretty cool. Steamworks Island seems quite interesting.