Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friends, Map Madness, and Robo-Mashups!

Yes, the title of this post is pretty weird but it will make sense. This post will feature a new PCB post about Friends, an old Daily Pop post that I found, and a Website Update!
First off, there is a new PCB post reminding us that Friends is still running, not like we forgot though...

The friend zone

Have you been keeping up with Poptropica Friends? Many of the Poptropica Creators are on there, if you can find us. That's how you can find out, for instance, that Shark Boy can do a handstand. (Or so he says.)

How do you know if it's really one of us, and not somebody in disguise? Just check out the name displayed on our profile pages. If it says "Captain Crawfish," "Dr. Hare," "Master Mime," and so on, you know it's the real deal!

avatar image

So Shark Boy can do a hand stand? I would think it would be hard with the shark suit on... And Flying Squid? I thought for sure he would belong to the worlds best tribe, Seraphim!!

In website update news, have you ever wondered, what is the name of that room in that Island??
Well know you can know! I have added maps to the Island Guide page! Soon there will be a map for every Island, but for know, you can check out maps for...
  • Early Poptopica
  • Shark Tooth
  • Time Tangled
  • 24 Carrot
  • Super Power
  • Spy
  • Nabooti
  • Big Nate
  • Astro-Knights
  • Ghost Story
  • S.O.S
  • Vampires Curse
  • Twisted Thicket
  • Poptropolis Games
  • Wimpy Boarkwalk
The rest are coming soon so check out the Island Guide page to see those!

Finally, I was looking through the Daily Pop and found an interesting picture.

 The caption reads "Combo Breaker: It's Robot Madness"
The Combo Breaker comes from this being a combination of Dr. Hare, Binary Bard, and El Mustachio Grande. Here is a photo showing which parts belong to who.

The red circles are the parts that are from Dr. Hare, the blue circles are parts that are from Binary Bard, and the purple circles are the parts from El Mustachio Grande.
This is almost as cool as Black Widow's reappearance. That is right, it appears that Black Widow will be back again in an upcoming Island or Mini-Quest. Scroll down to the post below to see the photos of Black Widow on the upcoming new Island or Mini-Quest.

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