Game Guides

Places where you can play Multiplayer games Known as Multiplayer Rooms.

Island Multiplayer Rooms

Soda Pop Shop - Early Poptropica
Arcade - Early Poptropica
Coconut Cafe - Shark Tooth
Party Time Tower - Time Tangled
Cinema - 24 Carrot
The Daily Paper - Super Power
The Hair Club - Spy
Fly By Night Airlines - Nabooti
Cap'n Salty's Restaurant - Big Nate
Crop Circle Inn - Astro-Knights
Moldy Baguette Inn - Counterfeit
Billiards Room - Reality T.V.
Midas Gym - Mythology
The Broken Barrel - Skullduggery
Steamworks Gear Shop - Steamworks
Flying Ace Cafe - Great Pumpkin
Bert's Bed and Breakfast - Cryptids
Dusty Gulch Hotel - Wild West
The Photo Gallery - Wimpy Wonderland
Frog Creek Library - Red Dragon
Sweet Dreams Candy Shop - Shrink Ray
Reverie Lounge - Mystery Train
Robo-Bling Boutique - Game Show
The Visitor Center - Ghost Story
Daggoo's Fish Market - S.O.S 
Unnamed Barn - Vampire's Curse
Bjorn's Smorgasbord - Twisted Thicket
Crumbling Temple - Poptropolis Games
Laser Tag - Wimpy Boardwalk
Final Frontier Gift Shop - Lunar Colony
You Know the Drill Eatery - Super Villain
Post Office - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The Cinema - Zomberry
Bananabee's - Night Watch 
Celebrity Wax Museum - Back Lot Island

There is also another way to play multiplayer games. It is the Multiverse, it costs 350 credits, it is free in the Poptropica Store. You can create a room, if you have it, and the room has a code. You can give the code to a friend and they can click on the "Friends" Button and enter the code to enter the room. Once every one leaves the room the code doesn't work any more. The Rooms you can create are:

Techno Room - A big green room with strings of 1s and 0s flying around the wall. 
Sweet Tooth - A big candy house made up of delicious Ginger Bred, Gumdrops, and Candy Canes.
Enchanted Forest - A forest complete with monumental trees and fluttering butterflies.
Big Brain Factory - This futuristic factory is most noticeable because of the huge brain in a jar.
Cristal Cavern - In the far reaches of space lies a cavern full of mysterious purple crystals.

Tribal Common Rooms
The latest way to connect with friends is also a great way to connect with your favorite tribal members! Access these rooms by going to the "Friends" feature and click on the "Tribes" tab at the top. When it says "Join Room" click on it and you will be sent to a room of fellow tribal members! There is a room for each tribe, and each room has something special about it!

Wild Fire - With a giant furnace and steaming pipes, this is one hot place to be! 
Flying Squid - With a steering wheel on top, and a ink bath at the bottom, this is one interactive room!
Yellowjackets - Having a teleporter machine and a helicopter shaped like a bee, this is a command center is the most technologically advanced of all of the rooms!
Nightcrawlers - With glowing blue rocks and creepy crawlys galore, this is one cavernous room!
Pathfinders - With treasures and maps everywhere, this is obviously the home of adventurers!
Black Flags - This stormy pirate cove would not be complete without the skeletons and cannon!
Nanobots - With a nice hip hop drum machine, this is where the party's at!
Seraphim - This stone castle with an angel statue and candles all around gives you a nice look at the floating castles in the distance!

Game Inventory
Click on the "Games" tab in your backpack.

Then you should see a screen like this.
It shows you your amount of wins and losses and all of the game cards.

Multiplayer Stats
In Poptropica you can see your actually statistics, like above, but what everyone else can see is the amount of stars you have. When you first make a Poptropican you have one star.
If you win a game your amount of stars goes up.

One of the most amazing sites in all of Poptropica is 5-stars.

  Asking a Player to Play a Game
Go into a multiplayer room. Click on a player and this will pop up.

Click on battle then select a game which will look like this.
Click on which game you would like to play. This leads us to the actual guides for the games.
This will go in order in Poptropica.

Video Guide

Video Guide

Video Guide

Star link
Video Guide

Paint war
Video Guide

Sky Dive
Video Guide

Video Guide

Video Guide

Video Guide

Twisted Wizard
Video Guide


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