Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here's My Number, So Call Me Moonrock?

With the new Membership Items being in the Store, there is a new PCB post announcing it!

Members, get your exclusive Lunar Colony gear!

Now in the Poptropica Store, Members can get their exclusive Lunar Colony gear! There are three out-of-this-world items available: a handheld moon rock, the Alien Archaeology power, and the epic "Zaggy Moondust" costume. The costume is available only for a limited time!

More information about Lunar Colony is coming soon. Keep it right here for the latest!

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After looking back at previous release dates, Poptropolis Games and Wimpy Boardwalk were both released 14 days after their respective Members Only Ger Pack, so my guess is that Lunar Colony will be released August 9th, 14 days after the Members Only Items were actually released in the store. Lets see how close my guess is!
Also there is a new advertiment for the Lorax on DVD and Blu-Ray. Here are the prizes.
More than that, I am on the high score board yet again!

Finally, Congrats to Lucas, winner of the 50,000 hit contest. Make sure to enjoy that dummy!

Monday, July 30, 2012

50,000 Hits Contest!

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EDIT: Congrats to Lucas for being the first one to find the password!

To celebrate the blog getting 50,000 Hits I am giving away a Dummy.
Yes, you can win a free Dummy!

Yep, that is one of my Dummies and I am giving it away to celebrate!
The username is d.dummy5 but the password is hidden somewhere in the blog...
The point of this contest is to find the password and claim the Dummy. When you find the password and log in so you can change the password to something new, you have officially won the contest and the dummy is yours! Once you have won, comment and tell me so I can name you the official winner! Good luck finding it! Go!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Are these getting old?

Today, there was yet another PCB post about a Creators favorite Island.

Creators' favorite Islands: Master Mime's picks

We're sharing the Poptropica creators' picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Master Mime.

I really get a kick out of Wild West Island. This island has a lot of fun elements like riding a horse on top of buildings, shooting at targets with a pea shooter, herding lost cattle with a lasso. I’ve had many compliments from the residents about how tough I look with an old dusty cow poke hat, some strawberry chewing gum in my lip, and a rattle snake rope by my side.

For a mini island experience, nothing beats the adrenaline rush of swinging those Legendary Swords at those wacky E-Vile robots.

avatar image

Who would have thought the little mime from France would love the old American wild west and slashing at some E. Ville robots?

Also there is a new Wimpy Kid Advertisement. There are four games you can play.

Ice Cream Balance: You must balance about 20 scoops of ice cream on one cone and carry it over to Greg. Once you win you get Sweaty's Dog Bowl.

Water Ball Bounce: This is just like beach ball. Score six points and you win! The prize is a soggy cellphone.

Snack Bar: This is exactly like D.C. Diner, the game used to promote Mystery Train. Just get the food people ask for to them before time runs out and win a huge fruit smoothie.

Perfect Splash: This is like diving in Poptropolis, just click on the circles when they pop up and try your best. The prize for this is Fregley's Bandage Costume.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Name That Suit One

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This is a contest to come up with the best name for a suit. Who ever comments with the best name for the suit shown in this post with in the next week wins the contest and gets thier name on the contest page.

3 For One!

Today, the creator showing off his favorite islands is Shark Boy!

Creators' favorite Islands: Shark Boy's picks

We're sharing the Poptropica creators' picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Shark Boy.

I love mythology and really enjoyed seeing many mythological characters come to life with a fun Poptropica twist.

This was the first Island I helped write the story for, and where Shark Boy was born.

Although not a full island, this mini-quest is a personal favorite. I was able to write the story for this one, and even though it was a short quest, we were able to pack in a bunch of fun and interesting interactive elements.

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 Finally a creator chooses the island that their character is from!
And we now know he wrote those islands. That's pretty cool!
You know whats cooler? This!
I was looking at the Lunar Colony info page and saw this.
"Eye Color Changing Station"
 If you can't see what it says, it says "Eye Color Change Station" which i would think would mean we could change our eye color! First shoes then eye color change. How awesome!
Finally, the new members only items have been released for Lunar Colony!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The World is a Vampire

Today the Creator featuring his favorite island is Comic Kid!

Creators' favorite Islands: Comic Kid's picks

We're sharing the Poptropica creators' picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Comic Kid.

I really loved the spooky yet fun feel to this island. I love Eastern Europe so designing the village and parts of the castle was quite a treat for me and I had fun all the while. Plus, who doesn't want to be a bat and fly around? Talk about awesome!

Another genre I appreciate a lot is that of the cowboy and the Wild West. The building designs for this island were really fun to create and see developed. I really liked the sunset setting for Dusty Gulch, the island's Main Street. In fact, I love all the towns for this island!

avatar image

He is the first creator to choose two islands and to choose them for design, rather than play, reasons.
Good for you Comic Kid!
Remember to check back soon for the directions on how to win the 50,000 Hits Contest and...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Favorite Island Contest

With the Creators all posting their favorite island I was wondering which island is your favorite!
I will post a series of  polls and you guys can vote on which is your favorite. This will work kind of  like a bracket. After each round I will update this page with the winners so make sure to go to the "Contests" page and find the "Favorite Island Contest" link to come back here and check out the current standings!

Round One:
Early Poptropica
Shark Tooth
Time Tangled
24 Carrot - Round One Winner

Round Two:
Super Power
Spy - Round Two Winner
Big Nate

Round Three:
Astro-Kinghts - Round Three Winner
Reality T.V.

Round Four:
Skullduggery - Round Four Winner
Great Pumpkin

Round Five:
Wild West - Round Five Winner
Wimpy Wonderland
Red Dragon
Shrink Ray

Round Six:
Mystery Train
Game Show
Ghost Story - Round Six Winner

Round Seven:
Vampires Curse
Twisted Thicket
Poptropolis Games
Wimpy Boardwalk - Round Seven Winner

Wild Card:
(Second Place From Each Round)
Time Tangled
Super Power
Mythology - Wild Card Winner
Shrink Ray
Mystery Train
Poptropolis Games

Round Eight:
24 Carrot
Astro-Knights - Round Eight Winner

Round Nine:
Wild West
Ghost Story
Wimpy Boardwalk - Round Nine Winner

The Finals:
Wimpy Boardwalk

A Bunny-Pirate?

Our favorite evil Rabbit Scientist Man has put his favorite island in the spotlight today with his newest post.

Creators' favorite Islands: Dr. Hare's pick

We're sharing the Poptropica creators' picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Dr. Hare.

Skullduggery Island is one of my personal favorites. I love the variety of gameplay on this Island. From classic questing to battling and trading on the high seas, this Island really has it all! That Crawfish fellow gave me some trouble though. If only I had my rabbot…

avatar image
 Once again, the creator hasn't picked their own island as their favorite!
 I wonder who will be next?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Director D. Cashes in his favorite Island

Yet again we have a PCB post about the Creators Favorite island. Today's Creator putting the spot light on an island is Director D. and yet again the island chosen is somewhat of a surprise.

Creators' favorite Islands: Director D.'s picks

We're sharing the Poptropica creators' picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Director D.

It’s so much fun to see an island dedicated to some of the greatest urban legends of all time! The scariest part for me was the Jersey Devil.

I love sword fighting games! This adventure doesn’t disappoint. You get to battle an evil robot invasion, upgrade your swords, build up an inventory of energy crystals, and battle a huge robot before it reaches Poptropica!

avatar image

So Cryptids! Nothing more fun then chasing imaginary  animals across the world to win a nice lump of cash, then give it all away to help Big Foot. How fun! Cryptids is a prety good island, though.
But I didn't think Legendary swords was an island...
What do you think?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lunar Colony Info

I was checking the Lunar Colony Info Page when I saw it had been updated!

An abandoned space station. A missing astronaut. A signal from beyond the stars. Blast off for a Poptropica adventure like no other! Get ready to explore the secrets of the lunar surface, and uncover a mystery as old as the cosmos...
Lunar Colony Bonus QuestIsland Bonus Quest
You've returned to earth just in time to receive a new transmission. Can you crack the code and translate the alien message? Find out how to get Membership now!
Members Only Items
Members get an additional Lunar Colony gear pack, which includes Zaggy Moondust costume, Alien Archaeology power, and Moon Rock item. The Zaggy Moondust costume is ONLY available during Early Access!

 It all makes more sense now! Comment and tell me what you think!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

50,000 Hits Contest: Coming Soon!


With the blog under 200 short of 50,000 hits, I have decided that a contest should be made. This contest is going to have a big prize. I'm pretty sure that many of you will want to...
That's right, I am going to give this away!
The catch is that I am not going to post how the contest works or how to win this awesome prize till i get my 50,000th hit! So come and check back daily to see when I get the 50,000th hit and post how to win this guy! The wait is on!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Pirate Ninja??

A Pirate Ninja?? That is correct! According to the new PCB post, Captain Crawfish's favorite ilsand is Red Dragon!

Creators' favorite Islands: Captain Crawfish's pick

Over the next week, we'll be sharing the Poptropica creators' picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Captain Crawfish.

My favorite is Red Dragon Island. I love the art for old Japan, and I especially like all the cool ninja powers you learn to use near the end. You wouldn't expect an old sea salt with a peg leg could master the grappling hook, but I did it!

avatar image
 So does this make Captain Crawfish a pirate ninja? I guess it does. What do you think the other Creators will pick? Comment and tell me your guesses!

In other news...

 If I would have had a 6x multiplier instead of a 5x multiplier I would have had 3,437,950 points!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Four

 Scroll down for updates!

What island is this from?

It's a mystery.

Post a comment with the name of the island this is from to be the winner!

Fly Me to the Moondust, and Let Me Live Amongst the Stars.

With Wimpy Boardwalk being out a whole day now there is a new update on the newest Island to come to Poptropica, Lunar Colony!

Gravity malfunction!

I guess traveling into outer space is one way to lose weight... 

avatar image

It appears that this man is at the Lunar Colony and the gravity has been switched off. Interesting, but with the new island what happens to Zaggy Moondunst?
The world may never know...

Friday, July 13, 2012

So an asteroid hits a space ship and....

I got back from camp and I noticed i missed a whole lot!!!
The most important is the new island!

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

Check out the trailer for the next Poptropica Island: Lunar Colony!

Do you have the right stuff? 

avatar image
So all the space Daily Pops I have been posting are the previews for the new island! Is it just me or does this island look amazing!!! From the name it sounds like it will be Poptropicans living on the moon. Lunar being the moon and colony implying we will live there. But what about the aliens or green Poptropicans or whatever they are on the Pwter moon that you can access through the space ship on Astro-Knights?
There is also another cool PCB post.

What's your Thunder Volt high score?

We're all huge fans of Thunder Volt here, which you can play as a part of the bonus quest on Wimpy Boardwalk. It doesn't look like anybody will ever be able to top Greg Heffley's score. Friendly Bug here didn't even come close.

How does your score compare?

avatar image

That's a pretty good score, but not as good as mine!
Over 3 million!

Friday, July 6, 2012

To the Boardwalk and Beyond!

The new PCB post features the first 10 winners of the new island.

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Wimpy Boardwalk!

Summertime's not easy for a Wimpy Kid, but these Poptropicans had no problem working their way to the end of the Wimpy Boardwalk. Congratulations to the first ten players to finish Wimpy Boardwalk! Let's hear it for:

1. Trusty Leopard
2. Sneaky Boot
3. Shaky Sun
4. Big Fang
5. Sporty Boa
6. Perfect Lion
7. Silver Eagle
8. Jumpy Penguin
9. Lone Crumb
10. Bashful Starfish

Nice to see all those beachgoers in there, and of course you need a ghost hunter for real summer fun.

Congratulations to everyone who has completed Wimpy Boardwalk so far. We look forward to seeing many more of you earn that medallion!


avatar image

Congrats to those guys. Also the space island seems to be back on track with the newest Daily Pop post.

What would you think of another space Island? Comment and tell  me what you think!
 Finally, there is another PCB post.

28 medallions later...

Wimpy Boardwalk is our 28th Island on Poptropica, and that means the challenge is on to earn all 28 Medallions. Not many Poptropicans have been able to pull it off so far, but those who have are able to show it off on their profile page.

What about you? Are you up to the task? Play Wimpy Boardwalk on Poptropica to find out!

avatar image

Yes-sir-ee. I have won all 28 Islands. Not only that but I have won the first 11 Islands 11 times each. Also I have won  Great Pumpkin, Shrink Ray, Twisted Thicket, and Poptropolis Games 10 times each. I have also won Skullduggery, Mystery Train, Game Show, and Wimpy Boarkwalk 5 times each. I have won Mythology, Steamworks, Cryptids, Wild West, Red Dragon, and S.O.S 3 times each. All the rest of the Islands I have won twice. How many times have you won each island?