Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year in Poptropica.

This has been a big year for Poptropica! So many updates, 9 new islands, many new suits, new additions to the game! I thought I would put together a timeline of some of the big things.

1st: Happy New Year, it's 2012. There are only 23 Islands.
6th: The trailer for S.O.S. Island is released.
12th: Ghost Story Island is now released to all.
13th: We get the first look at the Friends feature on the PCB.
19th: The Creators announce the first ever Members Only Bonus Quest.
26th: S.O.S. Island is released for Members.

6th: We get our first look at Vampire's Curse on the PCB.
7th: Vampire's Curse Island is announced.
15th: The Vampire's Curse trailer is relesed.
16th: S.O.S. is released to all.
22nd: We get a look at the Photo feature of Friends on the PCB.
29th: The map is transferred to a Multi-Page system.

1st: Vampire's Curse is released to Members.
8th: We get the first look at Twisted Thicket.
14th: The Pie costumes are released on "Pi Day"
14th: The trailer for Twisted Thicket is released.
22nd: Vampire's Curse is released to all.
23rd: The Waffle costumes are released.
30th: We see a preview of the Pop-Quiz feature.

1st: The Creators post the Nose joke, that all Poptropicans are getting noses.
2nd: The Fake Noses item is released in the store.
6th: The Friends Feature was announced.
12th: Twisted Thicket is released to Members.
18th: Poptropolis Games is announced.

1st: The Friends feature is now available.
2nd: Twisted Thicket is released for all.
10th: The Baby costume is released.
11th: We start getting to see the individual tribes.
18th: Legendary Swords is now completely free.
24th: Poptroplis Games Island is released to Members.
30th: Wimpy Boardwalk is announced.

14th: Poptropolis Games is released to all.

2nd: We get our first look at Lunar Colony Island.
3rd: Wimpy Boardwalk is released to Members.
13th: Lunar Colony is announced.

6th: We get our first hint at Super Villain Island.
9th: The Zomberry Island map plan is released.
16th: Lunar Colony is released to Members.
24th: Super Villain Island is announced.

6th: Lunar Colony is released to all.
13th: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island is announced.
14th: Poptropica celebrates its 5th birthday.
27th: Super Villain Island is released for Members.

9th: We get our first look at the actual game-play of Zomberry Island.
18th: Super Villain is released to all.
22nd: The Skeleton Power is released in the store.

5th: The Candy Bar costume is released in the store.
6th: Poptropica Adventures is released.
15th: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is released to Members.
19th: The Skull Pirate costume has become widely known.
22nd: Non-Members get a month to use the Costume Closet.
27th: Zomberry Island is announced.
29th: Tribal Common Rooms are released.

6th: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is released to all.
11th: We see animations for an upcoming island.
19th: Zomberry Island is released to Members.
21st: Poptropolis starts shaking.
28th: We get a look at a mall that is part of an upcoming Island.

Happy New Year!

The Adventures of Captain Lightnig Episode 6

Episode 6: Bounty Hunted Part Two

May 7th:
Captain Lightning woke up on Syfall’s blimp on the way to somewhere unknown. He slowly looked out the front of the blimp and saw Lunar Colony Island coming up. He was being brought to the space station to be blasted off to the Fire Planet! Who ever hired this man to get Captain must be working for the Xenon-8 to send him there so he couldn’t complete his mission to stop them. Now that Captain had mentally caught up with what was happening he started to form his plan.

The bounty hunter now known as Syfall to Captain Lightning was doing as he was told, and nothing more. He was to put this guy in a rocket, and the rest was to be done by the thing that hired him. Seemed easy enough.

Captain had his plan, and now he had to wait until it was time to put it into action. Once he had been put into the rocket he knew it was time to begin his plan. As soon as the door closed he popped up and looked out the glass window. He saw the man, Syfall, talking to some sort of monster looking man. Like a skeleton with spikes on its back in a black cloak. Before he could figure out who the two men really were the rocket launched. This is when Captains plan was the most crucial. He reached into his belt and pulled out an exploding pellet that the Professor had showed him and placed it under the command panel. He went as far from the glass window as possible and ran at it. As he jumped through he detonated the pellet and the rocket exploded. Once the shockwave from the explosion hit him he activated his wings and started to fly away. He thought that his plan was ingenious. It appeared as the rocket exploded that he was gone for good.

As the rocket exploded and Captain exited the capsule he didn’t go unnoticed. He was being watched by the man that hired Syfall to take care of him. This wasn’t over. Not at all. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Mall Mystery!

Hey there fellow Poptropicans! There is a new Creators Blog post today about what seems to be the setting of an upcoming Island. Isn’t it nice to take a break from all of the conspiracy bad news circulating Poptropolis Island?

After hours

I went to the mall to exchange some holiday gifts, but I got there too late. They were closed.

Don't you hate that? It's not as though you can have any fun at the mall after it closes for the night.

avatar image
What type of fun can we have in a mall after closing time? What type of quest could this involve? The mall mystery. This one little post raises a lot of questions about the premise of this upcoming Island.  Recent Daily Pops have been pointing at a mall themed Island, could they hold all of the answers? Well, we will just have to see when we get to Twin Palms Mall.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The End of Poptropolis As We Know It

(and I feel fine)
Sorry for the reference to the 80s song, but it was defiantly necessary. For the actual news, Mews is giving us more news on the situation going down on Poptropolis Island!

More news out of Poptropolis...

Another odd news report just came down the transom. We'll just copy it exactly as we received it:



DECEMBER 27, 2012 -- Mews Foundation seismologists have verified reports of "sizable tectonic activity" taking place beneath the Poptropolis Games. "We've heard the stories about the island returning to the seas whence it came, but, frankly, we thought that smooth-talking emcee was just being dramatic," said Mews Foundation spokesperson Cheerful Spinner. "However, at this time we are not confirming that the Poptropolis Games are, in fact, on the verge of sinking back into the sea."

When asked if the Mews Foundation was denying that such an event was taking place, Spinner had no comment.

This is a breaking news story... updates as events warrant...


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 Well, it appears more news will be coming soon. What are the creators playing at? What is this going to lead up to? Looks like we need to check back to the PCB soon for more conspiracy news. And allways remember, The Truth Is Out There (and there is the 90s reference).

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The First 10 to Survive the Apocalypse

With Zomberry Island being released recently what other would be posted on the PCB but the first 10 finishers? Also, just like last time, the tribes are included. The tribes are slowly becoming a bigger and bigger thing. Along with this, there are the tribe multiplayer rooms, whats next?


Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Zomberry Island!

Zomberry Island has been available to Members for just a couple of days, and already the Island Medallions are flying. As we always do with a new Island, we want to take a moment to salute the first 10 Poptropicans to complete Zomberry Island.

1. Grey Popper
of the Seraphim
2. Purple Lion
of the Pathfinders
3. Wild Sky
of the Seraphim
4. White Penguin
of the Seraphim
5. Curious Jumper
of the Nanobots
6. Funny Gamer
of the Nightcrawlers
7. Happy Kid
of the Wildfire
8. Friendly Leopard
of the Wildfire
9. Mad Wolf
of the Wildfire
10. Dizzy Leopard
of the Flying Squid
Congratulations to everyone who has finished Zomberry Island so far, and to those yet to do so!


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Congrats to all of those guys! To bad I never get on the list, but I'm all ways at school when the Islands comes out! Darn.

Also I was just thinking, remember these?

Well, its been over a year and all of these "Coming Soon" items were promised at the end of Legendary Swords, yet they have still not been released, what do you think? Will they ever be released?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Adventures of Captain Lightning Episode 5

Episode 5: Bounty Hunted Part One

May 6th:
As Scary declared himself Captain Lightning, he was being tracked to the lab of Professor Antillies by a man sent to keep him from interfering with the Xenon-8. With some clues from a mysterious figure, this bounty hunter was heading straight towards the lab.

“So what do I do with this suit now?”
“You will find all of the Xenon-8 that have already infiltrated the planet, round them all up, put them back through the portal, then close it so no more can come through.”
“How will I find them?”
Before Professor Antillies could finish his sentence there was a huge explosion shaking the whole building and blowing a hole in the wall.

“Who here is called Captain Lightning?” yelled the man who blew a hole in the wall.
“I am Captain Lightning, and I am going to take you down!”
As he yelled this he activated his wings and flew at the man who blew a hole in the wall. This man looked like he meant business. He had some pretty strong looking body armor, with some pretty serious looking weapons. The now Captain Lightning was scared. There was a huge crash as Captain thudded into the intruder. They both flew threw the hole and landed on the beaches of Shark Tooth. There was another explosion near Cap. The man was shooting some sort of laser blaster! Captain started to charge at this strange man, dodging laser blasts along the way. Once he reached the man he was tackled and pinned. A rag was shoved over his face and the last thing he saw before he passed out was the word Syfall printed on the inside of the mans armor.

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Adventures of Captain Lightning Episode 4

Episode 4: Transitions

May 6th:
As Professor Antillies led Scary on to his lab, all that he could think of was how he was to defeat an advanced alien army from the Fire Planet. Or how he would be able to do it on his own. As they walked through the halls of an unknown building there was a slight hum coming from the walls. The farther they walked, the louder it got. Farther, louder, farther louder. Scary Lightning’s mind was racing with the noise. He couldn’t escape it. Professor Antillies walked up to a dead end at the end of the hallway and stopped. As he touched the wall that made the dead end the humming stopped. Out of nowhere a door appeared and opened to let in Scary and the Professor. Once they walked in Scary saw something like he had never before. The walls were like screens showing numbers and images. There was a chamber in one corner that seemed somewhat like a closet and inside was a suit.
“Put it on” were the only words from Professor Antillies.
Scary didn’t know what to do. Should he put it on? There was really no reason not to, he had already gone this far. He slid on the suit then put on the mask. It seemed like it was a little too big, but then it shrunk to fit. Very impressive.
“Press the belt” advised the now excited Professor.
Once he pressed the belt a pair of wings popped out of the back and controls on his hands. When he used these controls the wings lifted him, not by flapping, but like it was a jet pack!
“Now, you will need a ‘super name’ so people don’t know who you are.”
“Captain Lightning. I am Captain Lightning.”

Little did he know, there was a man that was tracking him. This man had been paid quite well to make sure that his mission never began and that the invasion would commence as planned. This man knew what he had to do. There would soon be no more Captain Lightning. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Adventures of Captain Lightning Episode 3

Episode 3: Heroic Beginnings

May 4th:
Scary had been living on Shark Tooth Island for over a month. He only left his little hut when he needed supplies. He only had to leave his hut twice, but little did he know, both times he had been watched. Everything was fine in his little hut, hiding from who ever had kidnapped him and taken him to Spy Island. He never knew when someone would come for him again. He had seen his face on the news, he was a wanted man. This wasn’t his only problem. There had been a thief going around breaking into different huts and houses around the island. There was a sweet old lady living next to him. They hadn’t talked much but she had given him food when he didn’t have money to by any. She had said how fearful she was that the thief would come for her.

Meanwhile there was a man that would watch Scary every time he would exit his home. This man had no intent to harm him, but was more curious than anything. This mysterious man had a plan to really test just how much Scary could do.

May 5th:
Today was no different than any other day spent on Shark Tooth Island. Scary just sat in his home, and did nothing but wait. He didn’t know what he was waiting on, but he knew it was coming. This is when he heard a scream come from next door and recognized the old lady’s voice. When he looked out of the window he saw a man running away from the lady’s house with a sack money. Scary jumped out of his hut and started to chase the man.

The mysterious man was watching his plan unfold. Everything was going according to plan. The old lady had done her part and now the thief was doing his. He was going to see just how well his experiment was going to work.

The thief ran until he reached the water and could go no further. Scary walked over to him and shoved him into the water and took back the money. As he was going to walk back to his hut a man stepped out of the nearest building.
“Hello, I am Professor Antillies. I have been watching you for some time now. I believe that we can help each other.”
“I am not interested.”
“You are the only one that can save Poptropica, and I am the only one that can clear your name from the people after you.”
“What do you mean; I am the only one that can save Poptropica?”
“You are the only person with the skill set to stop the Xenon-8.”
“What is the Xenon-8?”
“The radiation that gave you your power came through a portal to the Fire Planet. The inhabitants of the planet are known as Xenon-8. And you are the only one that can stop them. The portal never closed and the Xenon-8 are coming through. What do you say.”
“If you can clear my name, I’ll do it.”

Saturday, December 22, 2012

On the First Day of Updates...

No, there are no partridges in a pear trees, but there are website updates. Hello there fellow Poptropicans, some of you may have noticed this already but I am making a post to clarify. I have made some updates to the blog recently and am going to give you a quick look.

The first update comes from the Game Guides Page. This page has recently been updated with the most up to date photos and information out there, including the Multiplayer Room list. Ever wondered where to go on each Island to play some multiplayer games, well the complete list is located on the Game Guides Page!

 The second update is coming to us live from the Cheat Codes Page. With all of the most recent cheats and glitches I could find, our Cheat Code Page is one of the best resources for getting you something cool. Ever wanted to hold a lantern or pickax everywhere you go? Or how to make the Wild West Beard last forever? Head on over to the Cheat Code Page to find out now!

The third update comes straight from the Contest Page. Have you ever wanted to participate in one of my contests but never got the chance? Well now I have posted all of the upcoming contests (including some scavenger hunts and a name-that-costume) so you will know whats coming up!

Fourthly, I have posted the release dates for the rest of the episodes of The Adventures of Captain Lightning, and the links so you can get caught up on past episodes!

Lastly, I have gotten the Island Guide Page completely updated! Every guide, info page, and map from Early Poptropica to Zomberry Island! So go on and check them out!

    And as always, make sure to scroll down to see the latest Poptropica updates!