Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Steamworks Island Has Another Sneak Peak.

New island sneak peek week: The Multi Tool

Yesterday, we introduced a handy tool that you will need for the next Poptropica island, called the "Multi Tool." I can imagine that you may be thinking, "Multi Tool?...Hmmm...It must be used for multiple tasks."

It's true that this device will do more than open a can of soup.

This is not the only tool you will need to make your way through the next Poptropica adventure. Tomorrow we will show you another inventory item that you are certain to have a blast using.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh My Word

Posted on the PHB, Coderkid did some hacking and...
Hello guuuyyys! :D I'm here to save the Creators the trouble of posting on Friday...the new island is called "Steamworks". Pretty spiffy name, eh?
Oh my gosh new island and another odd font!!!!!!

OMZ, A New PCB Post

A new PCB post will leave you wondering.... what is this new island, and what is this font and why does everything I type above the PCB post turn into this font =O

New island sneak peek week!

Many of you have noticed that there is a new Poptropica island in the works. We've decided to share a few sneak peeks of this mysterious, mechanical island.

You'll need a few gadgets to get past some tricky puzzles and wacky, wild monsters -- and I'm not talking about your dad's pocket knife.

Here are a couple of gizmos that you won't find in your home toolbox. One of these will help you on your quest to victory, cheering fans, and instant popularity...well, at least victory.

"Multi Tool"? Hmm, what do you think it does?

Come back all week for more sneak peeks. Then, on Friday, we'll announce the name of the new island. You'll get it here first, so keep those eyeballs glued to the blog for more exciting peeks.

Wow, what is the new island's name? Who knows? It better not be structure island, on Wikipedia there is a Poptropica page and it used to say, Forthcoming islands: Structure Island, Warfare Island, and Virtual Island. People would make comments on the PHF, PHB and in Chats saying, Hey guys There is going to be Structure, Warfare, and Virtual Island. They would then get yelled at and never come back. The morning talk show hosts win if they name it Structure Island, if you know what I mean.......

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A new ad has arived in Poptropica

Hey there is a new advertisement building. It is for the new movie "Despicable Me"
The whole point is you walk in and see his three adopted children. You walk by and enter the lab. You then walk over to a very despicable machine and turn yourself into a minion and collect 10 missiles. You then go to a hanger and get in a dog fight with his enemy. If you win you get a suit and a gun! U R A WINNER!

The exciting last chapter in this wonderful series of PCB posts.

Here is the latest PCB post people!

Behind the scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird, part five

With the colors and the scale of the Phoenix Warbird in place, it's time for a few final tweaks to the design. For that extra "oomph," the creators give the ship a set of fierce-looking talons.And it's done! Starting with one basic idea, the creators sketch out different possibilities, choose a direction, and then refine and improve the design until the final version you see here.

Here's how it looks next to an actual Poptropican.

Huge, isn't it?

And here's a look at the Phoenix Warbird when it takes to the seas.

Pirates of Skullduggery Island, tremble in fear!

Quite a journey from concept to reality, huh? How far we've come:

Of course, seeing the Phoenix Warbird in pictures is one thing. Taking the helm of this mighty vessel is quite another.

Have you earned enough doubloons in Skullduggery Island to buy the Phoenix Warbird? If not, what are you waiting for? Play Skullduggery Island now!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Epsode 1

Episode 1

Me: Welcome to stories with me, Fuzzy-B.
Random Guy: BOOOO!!! Get off the stage!!!
Me: *Pulls lever opening trap door under their seat sending them into The Pit in Early Poptropica* Now lets get the show started off right with a special guest.
Random Person (now in pit): Is it Justin Bieber?
Me: No!!! And no free snacks for you.
Crowd: What's the snack Mr. B?
Me: Crawfish.
*crowd starts to eat Captain Crawfish*
Me: No, he's our first guest!
*Crowd Moans*
Me: So Captain, how is your ship doing?
Captain Crawfish: ARRGGHH!! Ye scurvy dog sunk me ship to the bottom of the Poptropican Ocean. Then you left me to die on Skullduggery Island! *He draws his sword*
Me: Who want's crawfish. As much as you want for FREE!!!!
Captain Crawfish: NO!!! You've doomed me again!
Crowd: *Eats Captain Crawfish* SO YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!!!
Person in Pit: You're all cannibals
Crowd Member 2: OMG. That was a dude? Mah hands are shaking! I am a cannibal!
Captain Crawfish: I'm okay, They only ate my Fake leg but now my spies will take over the show!!!! HA HA HA!
Me: Oh no you didn't! Sick 'em Mr. Doggy!
Mr. Doggy: Yo man, I'm on brake so take a chill pill brother!
Me: WHAAA???
*my crew runs in*
Crew: Sorry we were late.... wait a second, its those people who passed us on the way here! *points at Captain Crawfish's crew/spies*
Mr. Doggy: Who is sitting in my porridge?
My Crew: You wanna fight Mr. Doggy?
Mr. Doggy: No, fight Captain Crawfish's crew.
My Crew: Okey-dokey.
Captain Crawfishe's crew: Run!!!
Hobo: I ride the rails and you ain't gettin' out of here.
Me: Why did the bouncer let a hobo in?
Mr. Doggy: Oh, I fired him.
Me: Why?
Mr. Doggy: Because he sat in my porridge.
Me: That was my crew!!
Mr. Doggy: Then they're fired.
Me: We are having technical difficulty, please enjoy this commercial brake.

*Catchy jingly plays*
Hey buy my broduct because it will make you younger!
*in a fast voice* Our product doesn't work.

Me: Were back.
Mr. Doggy: Sure, how did you get this job anyway.
Me. Well I will just end this show now and fire you.
My Crew: But we haven't even got to the climax.
Me: O.K.
*my crew gets into a fight with Captain Crawfish's crew. Mr. Doggy jumps in and beats Captain Crawfish's crew*
Hobo: This is all we have for this week and...
Me: Hey, that is my line! This is all we have for this week and come back again for more!


Yet another one of those dig-dugedy PCB post that I allways post about......

I always post the newest PCB post and feel all caught up and then SHAMPOW theres another I mean really. Its like "I just cleaned this up you know, now i have to go through this again?" JK XD

So this one seems really cool.

Something new to "radiate" attention.
Stay tuned next week for a new item in the Poptropica store!

Posted by Master Mime


Random Person: NOT!!

Me: Sick 'em Mr. Dog from Spy Island

Random Person: *runs away*

Me: HA HA HA. The creators win with help from *drum roll* ME!! YESH!!! *fades out*

New ad

There is a new Percy Jackson Ad Building! You have to get items from Medusa's cave and two Zeus. Don't Look her in the eyes...._

Hey, another new PCB Post.

Behind the scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird, part 4

You've already seen how the mighty Phoenix Warbird started life as a simple pencil sketch. (Wait, you haven't? Check out the first part of our behind-the-scenes look at Skullduggery Island.)

The creators worked hard to get the details right, and now it's time to give the Phoenix Warbird a sprinkling of that old Poptropica magic.

The designers color in the black-and-white outline they made earlier. They create a simple background of water and sky to demonstrate how the ship will appear in Skullduggery Island. And, as before, they add a little reference box that shows how big the Warbird is compared to a Poptropican.

The Phoenix Warbird is almost ready to set sail on Skullduggery Island!

Check out the rest of the posts with
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Poptropica is so fun! I just wanted to say that.

Posted on my iPod. (it is so awesome)

Agghhh!!!! The Phoenix war bird is on my iPod

Posted on my iPod

Hey, how are you my fellow Poptropicans?
There are two new PCB About the Phoenix war bird.
The first:
Behind the scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird, part 2

On Skullduggery Island, players start with a junky old sloop, and earn doubloons to buy bigger and better boats. Early on, the Poptropica creators knew they wanted the most powerful ship to have an animal theme.
Even so, there were still dozens and dozens of smaller decisions to make. Should the boat look realistic or fantastical? How big should it be? Should it be scary?
To explore the possibilities, the designers made a few more sketches.

After another round of discussion (okay, arguments), the creators settled on a direction and set to work on the final version.

And the Second:

Behind the scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird, part 3

Poptropica fans already know that the Phoenix Warbird is the strongest ship on Skullduggery Island. But it didn't always look that way! The designers went through several rounds of revisions, tweaking existing ideas and coming up with new ones.

Finally, they had settled on the basic design and set to work putting it into Poptropica. The first step: a black-and-white wireframe, which adapts the earlier sketches into the Poptropica style.

See that little box above the ship and to the right? That's to help the designers remember how large the ship is in comparison to your Poptropican.

The ship isn't finished yet. There are more design tweaks to be made, not to mention the most fun part: Coloring!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two new PCB posts.

"Hey, There is two new PCB posts. The fist is,

The 'Root' Of All Evil

It's actually kind of cute. I think I'll call him Mr. Snuggles."

Posted by....

The next is....

Behind the scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird
If you've earned enough doubloons on Skullduggery Island to buy the Phoenix Warbird, then you know it's the fiercest craft around, even more than Captain Crawfish's ship.

But how did the Phoenix Warbird go from idea to reality? First, one of the Poptropica creators had the brilliant notion of making the most powerful ship on Skullduggery Island have a bird theme. To explain his idea, he drew this sketch:

Neat, huh? But that was just the beginning of a long journey.

Over the next couple of days, we'll show you more. Stay tuned!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pathwise Guide

The game card looks like this... Pathwise is a multiplayer game that you can play on Poptropica. It is basically a strategy game. How you play is you click on a player, select battle, then click on Pathwise. You then wait till theother player presses play. Now, the goal is to get a path of hexagons from your side to the side across from you. How I win is basically block your opponents side. The box is where you want to build your path (I'm green). See?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Interesting Facts-4

Hey, I was checking out my blog stats and it took me almost a year to get 1,000 hits and I've gotten over 400 in the last two months! Next i have had views in The U.S., India, Finland, Australia, the U.K., Candida, Philippines, Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, Romania, Pakistan, Latvia, and Japan! That is 21 countries! How do I know this? You can see how many people have seen your blog, what country there from, how they found your website, the estimate of how many people will view your blog today based on previous days and how many people have viewed your blog already that day and other things.

(Yes this is the same post as two hours ago but I got a view from a new country so I re-posted it with the 21th country.)

Game Guides

I am working on a game guides page but I am going to a concert that is like 5 hours from my house and i have to leave soon so I will finish it within the week. So I will finish it. THIS I SWEAR!

Interesting Facts-3

Hey, I was checking out my blog stats and it took me almost a year to get 1,000 hits and I've gotten over 400 in the last two months! Next i have had views in The U.S., India, Finland, Australia, the U.K., Candida, Philippines, Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, Romania, Pakistan, and Japan! That is 20 countries! How do I know this? You can see how many people have seen your blog, what country there from, how they found your website, the estimate of how many people will view your blog today based on previous days and how many people have viewed your blog already that day and other things.

(Yes this is the same post as two days ago but I got a view from a new country so I re-posted it with the 20th country.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Energy Hog Guide

When you enter the house in the quest begins. You have to turn off the electronics that were turned on by “energy hogs”.

There are only 3 floors, so its not to hard. To turn off the electronics, you just click on them. You have to keep turning them off so that your meter stays in the “Acceptable”, that's the blue part. Pretty easy, right? That's what I said...

When you’re done, you’ll get 50 credits and a cool earth day shirt. Me and the creators both hope this will teach you how to help the environment and bla bla bla

Written By Green Seal, Edited by Fuzzy-B.

Dr. Hare's Secret Lab Guide

Jump up onto the rocks and ledges until you reach a metal-looking-ish thing with a Rabbot sign above it and a box of carrots on a rock near it. Enter the building. Then you will appear in another metal looking room. Go right over a floating platform to the right, near an ad for membership. Then you will come across a man with a pink eye patch, pink lab coat and clipboard. Talk to him. He will tell you that you are in one of Dr. Hare’s secret lairs, he was a slave of Dr. Hare, and that he made a very odd looking robot to the right which will help him with evil plans. Again with the evil plans. Click on the robot cage to your right. You then say that you need three colored cards. Go back on the sliding-down thingy and go right once at the bottom. Click on the red Dr. Hare door.

Go right after the stupid annoying little laser like thing and get on the floating thing with a box. Then, let it pull you up until you’ve reached a platform with a red button at the end of it. Push the box onto the red thing. The blocked door above will open. Now, to get to the upper platform, go left and hide behind the carrot boxes from the guards. Then jump up, jump right, and get the red key card.

Now, go left above the bearded guard, and hop onto yet another floating platform with a box. When you come across another flooring, push the box onto it because it has the purple button. Then go back on the floating platform and ride it up to the other platform with bearded guard on it, hide behind a box, and then jump up onto the now unlocked room with the purple card.

Now, go down down down. Below the entrance. Below the thing with more lasers. And ride another platform down where you have to hide behind another box from a weird person with an afro. A little farther over from you it the blue card slot. Now, ride the platform up again above the thing with lasers, and go to the edge. There should be a box at the end. Push the box off the end and it will smash on the ground on the blue switch. Push it onto it if it isn’t already on it. If you push it off the end like I did the first time, you’re dead and you need to start over, but don't worry , be happy! Now if it is on it, run over on top of the other platforms with the lasers, onto the moving platform, into the room with the blue card, then you grab the blue card, scream with joy, ride the floating platform back up again, go out through the entrance… you get the main idea.

Rush up to the top where the robot is, open it up with your cards! You then get 50 credits! You also get to Customize a robot costume that is actually almost disturbing.

Haunted House Guide

As you take the blimp to the Haunted House, you feel a chill run up your spine. Out of a hole in the ground (wait, don’t we take a blimp?), you emerge into a spooky graveyard, cluttered with grave stones and a single crying angel. As you get near the house, you see a sign on the old boarded up door. “Gone to the grave. Fill our yearning.” – that’s what it says.

You try to open the door, but it is boarded shut. To the side of the house, you find a small locked door to the basement. Try as you might, you cannot get the door open. Right as you’re about to give up, a blue bat swoops though your hair and hits you with a heavy key. “That must be the key to this hatch,” you think to yourself. After chasing the bat up to the roof of the house, you finally catch it and grab the key from its feet.

As you open the basement door, years of dust and grime blow into your face. When you step in, something white and sticky engulfs your face. “Oh, gross!” you yell as you pull the spider webs off your face. As you walk down the old creaky stairs, you notice writing on the wall that says “Find the Draught of the Dead” and a barrel full of kerosene, a type of fuel. “I don’t know what that means, and I don’t need any kerosene right now, but I’ll remember this for later…” you mutter to yourself. Further on in the basement, you see a water boiler and a furnace. The odd thing was, all the pipe pieces to connect the two were out of place and floating in mid air. By rotating the pieces, you reconnected the boiler and furnace you make them work again. Suddenly, you’re swept up in a burst of steam from the boiler and launched up onto a high shelf. Once you regain your feet, you noticed a bottle of red liquid with a skull and cross bones on it. “Perhaps this is the ‘Draught of the Dead’ I was supposed to find,” you think. You looked to the right and walked up the stairs that were there.

“Looks like nobody’s lived here for years. Nobody still alive, at least,” you think as you noticed the pearly (and transparent!) white cat licking itself in the corner. You slowly approach it and after much questioning, it tells you more about your quest. “When the 4 treasures are found, I will guide you to the dead,” the cat tells you.

With that in mind, you enter the kitchen and noticed yet another eerie message on the wall. “Ice soothes the burning dead,” the wall reads. There was a freezer, but you have no way of getting any ice, so you move on to the next room. Walking down the halls, you notice the painting eyes fallowing your movements. You ignore this and continue on. Still in the hall, but up the stairs, you trip over one of the suits of armor. It makes you so mad; you jump on its head. You must be stronger than you thought, because you knocked the knight’s pickaxe right out of his hand. You grab it for future use.

You walk up another flight of stairs and enter the room on the right. Upon entering, you find that you were nearly hit in the head with an arrow with a note on it. The note said: “Fly to find the chalice.” As you walk along to check out the rest of the room, you spook a spider on the ground and hear a crash downstairs. You run down the stairs to find a floating broom that had fallen off the wall. You hop on and fly back up the stairs. While flying around in the other room, you find a secret passage to the attic through the ceiling. You spot an ancient chest with a puzzle lock on it. You study the movements of the puzzle pieces carefully, and when it stops moving, you find that you can solve it simply by retracing the moves it made, but in backwards order. You quickly complete the puzzle and take out what you find: a spooky ancient goblet with green jewels set into the rim. “I’ll keep this for later,” you tell yourself.

After going back down from the attic, you enter the room to the left of the stairs. You notice the phone ringing, so you picked up. “Darkness fills the grave. Find our light when midnight strikes twice,” a ghostly voice rasps at the other end. “Midnight strikes twice…” you muttered again as you spotted the two old clocks to the left. As you hover your hand over the one on the left, it goes faster. If you hover your hand near the right one, that goes faster. After much trial and error, you finally get both clocks to strike midnight at the exact same time. A small lantern slides out from the fireplace and you pick it up.

Back downstairs, you used the knight’s pick you found earlier to take some ice out of the freezer. Examining your inventory, you realize, “These must be the four treasures! The draught, the chalice, the lantern, and the ice. Now, I’ve got to talk to that crazy little kitty again.” You walk back over to the ghost cat and show it the four treasures you had collected. Unfortunately, it turns out that you’re not done yet. The cat tells you to return to it once the lantern was lit. “Where am I supposed to light a lantern around here?!” you yell, confused. And then you remember the kerosene. You go back down to the basement and light the lantern using the kerosene.

Now with all four treasures properly prepared, you go back upstairs and speak to the ghost cat again. You are told to “bring the treasure to where the cherub cries.” So you go back outside to the crying angel near all those gravestones that were mentioned earlier. Now that you have the treasures, you notice a deep hole that had been dug out near the base of the cherub. Against your better judgment, you decide to enter.

Underground, you see several dark figures staring at you through the darkness. Witches, mummies, and even a Grim Reaper (as well as so many more!). This was true nightmare. “Thank you for returning the items needed for our party,” congratulated the witch. So, it was just a huge Halloween party for the dead! The draught and ice were just punch to be put in the chalice, and the lantern was for light. The witch awards you 50 credits to spend at the Poptropica Store, and your work here is done.

Written by MuddyDragon
(Told in second-person narrative; edited by the Poptropica Help Blog)
Revised By Fuzzy-B

Skullduggery Guide

Fort Ridley
You need to go right till you go this small hill, then press go right. You’ll see this girl and she’ll say she wants someone to get her coin. You then go under the hill and press go left. When you get there, you find the coin. Then next thing you do is go to the shop and press “Use” on the doubloon to get Feed for chickens. Then you go right until you see this shelf with a broken mirror on top. Click on it and she’ll say you can have it for free. After that you exit then go left until you see this guy with chickens. You press “Use” on the Feed and he’ll give you a chicken for a reward.
Then you go right and up the hill and go even more right till you see a guy with bugs destroying his crops. You press “Use” on the Chicken and he’ll reward you with a blue candle. Then you go even more right till you see a bunch of rocks. Jump on the rocks till you reach the top and go right to find the mansion. Go in the mansion and go right to talk to the governor. He’ll give you a message that has some part that will only be able to be read under the blue candle.
Click “Use” on the blue candle and he’ll show you the rest of the message. Then you exit and go back to the first part of Fort Ridley. You’ll see a building where this guy with a musket is and then keep going up to find this telescope. Press “Use” on the broken mirror and you’ll have to keep looking through the telescope till you see a small raft. (Hint – Scroll the telescope all the way left.)
Press the mirror icon in the bottom left corner when you see the raft and you’ll shine a signal. Then he’ll respond back and a message will say he’s approaching. He comes back and he gives you his raft. There will be 2 guys on there for your crew. (But sometimes on some people that they will disappear). Then you have to find the map pieces.

Bouffant Bay
To find the Map piece here, you talk to this one guy who says it’s on 312 Hanging Fern Way. You go right till you find hanging ferns. Remember… 3-1-2 which is in the order of which you hit.
3rd fern
1st fern
2nd fern
When you hit them in this order, a map piece will fall. Grab it.

Parrot Port
To find this Map piece, you need to talk to this parrot. He’ll tell you to jump in the sea and then come find him. Jump in the ocean and then go on top of the second building (not including the tower). He will be on this window. Then he’ll tell you to clog the vent and see where he went. You then go to the building to the right with the vent. Stand on it to clog it, and then go right and jump in the last palm tree where the bird is in. Then he’ll tell you to go to the tower, and you’ll find a friend. There will be a pirate and he’ll award you the map piece if you bring back the parrot. To find the parrot, you need a cracker, the cracker is in the cafe on the top left corner. When you’re outside, you press “Use” on the cracker and the parrot will fly to you. Then you click on the pirate and he’ll give you the Map piece.

Golden Harbor:
You need to light the lamps in a specific order to get the Map piece. You need to light the first, second, and fourth lamps. Count the lamps and then do this. Light the fourth lamp first, which is right next to the gate. Then you need to light up second lamp, which is on the first building. And then the first lamp which is the first lamp you see when you come there first. If you light them up in this order, the map piece will come out of the gate the fourth lamp is next to.

Pirate Place:
To get this one, you need to go to the very top of the place. Then you need to jump on this post where a cannon starter kit is. Then you will find an explosive barrel somewhere in the middle of the place. Push the explosive all the way down under the golden tooth of the skull. Then you need to click on the cannon a little left of the big skull. When it hits the explosive, the gold tooth will fall out and then there will be a map piece sticking out.

Dragon Cove:
In the water, step on the first dragon head. You will get the mallet. Bang the gong with the mallet. Then move the man with the fishing pole to where the fish jump. When he gets a fish, he will give you a map piece.
Skullduggery Island:
You will need to gather doubloons (1 million or a little less) to buy the Phoenix Warbird at the Dragon . You will also need doubloons to assemble your crew. It’s best to get all 4 (no one for hire on Golden Harbor) to beat many enemies that will come. The best way to gain a lot of doubloons is to go from island to island, buying the max of the cheapest item, then selling it all on the next island and buying max of the cheapest again. Also, remember to get salvages. If some other ship begins shooting at you, best to run away rather than get beat. Don’t buy the crew members until the end. When you assemble your crew and get the Phoenix Warbird, you go to Skullduggery which will show when you have gotten all 5 map pieces. When you get all this, you go to Skullduggery and Captain Crawfish’s ship will appear. Keep trying to hit it with your cannons and don’t let him get out of your sight because he will keep healing. If he only has a little health left and you have a lot, run your ship into his. It drains health from you and him very quickly, so only do this when he has a tiny bit of health and you have a lot. He will die quickly. Once you defeat him, you go back to the Governor and talk to him. He’ll give you a map to the treasure, and a bone shovel. When you go back to Skullduggery, you dock on it and you have to go 6 paces East (right) of the flag you see. Then you use your bone scythe and then you dig up the treasure. After that Captain Crawfish appears again, but his ship falls apart because of your crew. Then you leave and get 100 credits and the medallion.

Written by Zey-shomi
Revised by the Poptropica Help Team
Edited by Fuzzy-B

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Skulduggery is awesome!


For some reason no matter what I set the comment settings on my blog you cant post a comment on the first page of post which is then the most recent 7 posts and i am trying to fix it but for now everyone hang tight. Skulduggery comes on today! YA!


For some reason no matter what I set the comment settings on my blog you cant post a comment on the first page of post which is then the most recent 7 posts and i am trying to fix it but for now everyone hang tight. Skulduggery comes on today! YA!

Interesting Facts

Hey, I was checking out my blog stats and it took me almost a year to get 1,000 hits and I've gotten over 400 in the last two months! Next i have had views in The U.S., India, Finland, Australia, the U.K., Candida, Philippines, Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, Romania and Japan! That is 19 countries! How do I know this? You can see how many people have seen your blog, what country there from, how they found your website, the estimate of how many people will view your blog today based on previous days and how many people have viewed your blog already that day and other things.

(Yes this is the same post as two days ago but I got a view from a new country so I re posted it with the 19th country.) Here is a cool picture.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mythology Guide

Enter the Museum of Olympus (the brown building) and head right until you find the area with the statues. Find Poseidon’s statue and take the pink starfish off of it. Then leave the museum and walk left to the sign labeled “Tree of Immortality.”

Golden Apple - Climb up the large tree until you find a satyr (half-human, half-goat). Because the tree is rather huge, it might take a while to find him, but he’ll be waiting for you. The satyr will tell you that nymphs have stolen his honey and have hidden his honey around the tree. You have 60 seconds to race around the tree and collect 10 pots of honey for him. Once you’ve done that, talk to the satyr again. A new secret path will appear. Climb up on it, and get to the tip of the branch with a golden fruit hanging on it. Pick the fruit off, jump down and grab the “Golden Apple.”

Zeus’s Offer – The god Zeus will descend from a sky of darkness and speak to you. When he leaves, a scroll will appear in the spot where he was just standing. Reach for the “Sacred Items Scroll.” Examine it to find out what you need to collect for Zeus and he will say he will give you immortality. Leave the tree and you will see the goddess Athena. Ask for her help, and she will say look to the olive trees for help.

Pipe Tune - Afterwards, go right (past the Museum of Olympus) to the Grove of Temples and enter the temple of Apollo. Move right and pick up one the reed pipes in there to obtain the item “Reed Pipe.” Then jump up and talk to the statue holding reed pipes. She will teach you a song, but you must prove to her that you are a worthy musician. To do that, she’ll play notes on the reed pipe and you must click on the exact same sequence of notes to imitate her. If you are successful, you’ll learn the “Pipe Tune” skill which will help to later put Cerberus to sleep.

Drachma and Teleportation Mirror – Jump off the cliff to the right of the temple, and help clean off the graffiti on Hades’ Temple by clicking on the graffiti and scrubbing it clean by swiping with your mouse. Now talk to the kid in front of the temple and he will give you one golden drachma. Go inside the Temple of Poseidon and use the starfish from the museum as an offering. Suddenly the door will open. Go inside and go down the beach. There you will find Aphrodite, who will have you guess the names of assorted gods. When that’s done, she gives you a Teleportation Mirror.

Hydra’s Scale - Dive into the water to the left of Aphrodite and go through the underwater maze. Collect bubbles on your way to regain oxygen (if you run out of oxygen, you need to start the maze over). Eventually you should arrive at the entrance of a cave with a sign outside. Enter it and fight the Hydra. To defeat the Hydra, just wait for it to strike, then jump on its head, knocking out one of its heads. Do this until all of them are knocked out and then click on the Hydra. You will obtain an item for Zeus’s list.

Giant Pearl - Leave the Hydra’s Cave. Back underwater in Poseidon’s realm, there should be a giant clam near the cave that opens and closes with a giant pearl in it. This is one of the items you need to get for Zeus. Wait for it to open and swim in to take the pearl. You will now you have another sacred item.

Rare Flower – Head to the Garden of the Sphinx (left of the Tree of Immortality) and talk to the colorful Sphinx there. In her own mysterious riddle, she lets you know that you may take the flower if you will water it. Activate the aqueducts above the Sphinx by pulling the levers and lower the bridges until the water is flowing all the way down to the flower. Once that’s done, take the rose and you will have another one of the sacred items Zeus needs. Don’t forget to jump left above the Sphinx and grab the pomegranates, which will come in handy later.

Ring from the Minotaur - To the left side of the Garden of the Sphinx is the entrance to the Minotaur’s maze. Play music using your reed pipe to open the door. Match your notes corresponding to the colors numbered in order on the door. Enter when the door opens, then walk around until you find the Minotaur. Talk to the him ask for his nose ring. He tells you that he only grants favors to those who can make it through the Labyrinth, so you’ll need to make it out of the maze without getting lost! Enter the Labyrinth through the entrance next to the Minotaur.
Upon entering, Athena will give you some magical thread to keep track of your movement. Eventually as you go through the maze, you will run into someone who calls himself Pan. Pan advises you about the pillar next to him with the bones on it. Click on the pillar, which has 15 bones. The riddle tells you to take six bones away and still leave 10. To solve this, remove 6 of the bones so that the remaining bones spell out the word “TEN.” Keep progressing through the maze until you arrive at a poster board with an image of the Minotaur. It is on the wall and is full of holes on it. Click on that to begin a challenge that will allow the you to access the exit door of the Labyrinth. Sneaky snakes will spring up from the holes, but to complete this challenge you need to click on the fast-moving red-eyed snake three times. Once that’s done, you will be able to exit the maze. Ask the Minotaur for his golden nose ring again, and he will give it to you.

Whisker from Cerberus - You may have noticed the phrase “These pomegranates are to die for!” around Mythology Island. Well, in a way, they aren’t just talking about how awesome their pomegranate punch is – they’re also giving you a clue. Head over to the Grove of Temples again and go into the temple of the god of the underworld – Hades, who specializes in deaths. Use the pomegranates from the Garden of the Sphinx as an offering. The door to the Pit of Hades will open. Enter and jump all the way down the deep, dark zone. You will reappear at the River Styx at the bottom of the pit. You’re on a boat with the ferryman Charon, who can take you across. When you’re ready, talk to him to begin the dangerous journey through the ominous green lake…

* Avoid the falling stalactites by moving away from the general direction (left/center/right) they are falling at!
* Duck away from the flaming skulls by crouching down low so they’ll miss your head!
* Jump up high when you see a river monster heading towards you to get away from their attack!
* Don’t use any items from the Poptropica Store, because it slows down movement. (If you’re willing to take that risk, then we recommend using the Minimizer item which makes it easier to avoid obstacles!)
* Your main objective here is to stay on the boat and not fall into the river, long enough for Charon to have time to take you to the other side. If the game tells you that your soul was claimed by the River Styx, just try again until you succeed!

Once you reach land, use the “Pipe Tune” song by playing the its notes on your reed pipe. This puts the 3-headed Cerberus to sleep. Click on the restful Cerberus to take a whisker from him to obtain the last item you need for Zeus.
Go back to the Tree Base (tip: use your Touchscreen Mirror to teleport around the gods’ kingdoms) and talk to Athena. She will inform you, “I found something out about those items. Take a close look at those clues.” Assemble the five clues attached to the each of the sacred items, and it should form the sentence “Whoever wields the five sacred items will rule all of Poptropica!”
Zeus will appear and steal the sacred items from you. Talk to Athena again, and she urge you to talk to Hercules at Herc’s Hero Hut on Main Street. Inside the hut, to the right, Hercules will be lazily standing around. Explain what’s going on, and he will finally agree to help. There’s not much time to lose!
Use the Touchscreen Mirror to take Hercules to Poseidon’s Realm. Now back in the underwater maze, Hercules will use his mighty foot to strike down a rock, opening up entrance to Poseidon’s palace. Enter Poseidon’s Throne room, and ask the water god Poseidon for his help. He will give you his trident.
Go back to the underwater maze out and speak to Hercules again. Using the mirror, teleport yourselves to Hades’ Realm. Click on the huge stone blocking the doorway to Hades’ throne room, and Hercules will push it away for you with ease. Inside Hades’ throne room, ask the god of the underworld for his help. Hades will give you his crown. Go outside again and use the mirror to select the area with the lightning bolt on it. Hercules will use his strong muscles to smash the padlock away from the gate to Mount Olympus.

Now that you can enter, your character will see a little snake on the grass and freak out over it. Thinking it’s no big deal, Hercules will attempt to get rid of it. It turns out to be the furious snake-headed Medusa, who is so angry she turns Hercules into a stone statue. Walk right to the mountainous area and talk to the giant selling bags of wind at Aeolus’ Wing Wagon. Use your drachma to buy a “Bag of Wind.” Aeolus will give you a wind boost to get you flying higher up so you can reach Zeus’ throne by climbing up a little further.

Inside the dark throne room, walk around and light up all four statues of Zeus by walking up to them. When that happens, Zeus will challenge you to battle. At this time, your character will use the powers of Hades’ crown and Poseidon’s trident combined. Here are some things you need to know about this final boss fight:

* When Zeus is throwing his electric round mini-clouds, try to fly around him, or around the screen.
* When Zeus throws his 8 lightning bolts, retreat and you can pass through the lightning.
* When he is about to charge at you, get away from him as fast as possible, then return to rapidly shoot at him.
* If you have only a few pink clouds left, retreat and recollect some pink clouds. If you lose all your pink clouds, you lose the battle. The pink clouds keep you in the air so you don’t fall off from flying around.
* When Zeus has the white electrify power on him (when he’s throwing the electric miniclouds and/or about to charge) don’t shoot him; your shots will rebound on you.
* Try not to touch Zeus in the battle, he hurts you in some way if you are too close to him.

When you’ve successfully defeated Zeus, Athena will award you with the Mythology Island Medallion and 100 credits to spend at the Poptropica Store! Congratulations, you have completed the Mythology Island quest!

Written by the Poptropica Help Team
Special thanks to: Lone Bones, Happy Fang
Edited By Fuzzy-B

Reality TV Guide

How to Get on the Show

Take a ride in the Poptropica blimp and arrive at “Reality TV Island.” Walk into the building with the name Mike’s Market and go right until you see fresh donuts and a man reading a blue magazine. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that “Reality TV Island is on in less than 24 hours! I gotta go!” In a rush, he will run out of the market and drop his magazine. Take the magazine he dropped, and you will obtain an item called “Tabloid” in your inventory.
Now click on your inventory and click to ‘Examine’ the Tabloid. Once it opens, click on ‘Next’ and you will find a blue card that says “Reality TV Official Contestant Application”. Click on the application and it should tear off. The “Application” will now be in your inventory. Leave the market and go left until you see the “Motel’s Office” room at the Wayside Motel building.
Enter and head right until you see a telephone on a desk and a bunch of white pens with red tops. Click on the pens. “Cheap Pen” will be added to your inventory. Use the telephone to dial in: 555-7383 (as in “555-pete” in the magazine). Click ‘Call’, and someone will answer and say, “Papa Pete’s Pizza. What’s your order?”
Your character automatically replies with, “Um… small plain pizza.” In response, ‘Papa Pete’s Pizza’ will ask, “Where do you want that delivered?” Say ‘Motel Room 4B’ and Papa Pete’s Pizza will assure you, “Ok, we’ll send a driver right over.” Then exit out of the office.
Outside, you will meet up with a woman with a pizza box. Talk to her, and she’ll say, “I’m supposed to deliver this pizza, but I forgot the room number!” You’ll offer her, “Want me to take care of that for you?” Enthusiastically, she replies, “Sure! I want to get home and watch TV, anyway.” She will give you the pizza box and go away. [Tip: If you have the 'Costume Collector', you may want to take this opportunity to save the pizza box!]
Jump up to room 4B, and click on the door. You will knock on the door and announce, “Pizza!” When the door swings open, enter and walk to the right until you see a man. That’s Bucky Lucas, the local celebrity of Wayside Town, which is the area of Reality TV Island you are on. Talk to Bucky Lucas, and he will tell you, “Finally! It took you guys forever to get here!”
He will take the pizza from you and you will be given 3 options of what to say next. Choose the third one – “I could really use that grand prize.” The man will then give you a stamp. Go to your inventory and click ‘Use’ on the stamp card. Stick it on your application card, and you can write something in your application card, such as: “I want to be famous!”
Exit out of his house, and go right until you see a television store with the name “TV World.” Enter it and hop up to the third floor, then click on the biggest TV screen. After a few seconds, it will tell you ”Last chance to be on the show! Send your application to this address: 123 Star Avenue Hollywood” on the screen. Recognizing this, your player will say “It says to send applications to: 123 Star Avenue, Hollywood.” This information will be put on your application card.
Head over to the blue mail post box next to TV World. Click on it and you will confidently say, “Well, it’s worth a shot!” You will put the application card in the mailbox, hoping to make it in as a contestant for the famous ‘Reality TV Island Show’, based on Survivor.
The next day…
“I don’t believe it!!!” But just then, a helicopter flying by will confirm that this is, indeed, happening. “I made it!!! I’m on the show!” Now get up on that roof and click ‘Start The Show’ on the helicopter to make it really happen!

The Show

Click to ‘Begin The Show’, and you will meet all of the opponents you will be facing. (Tip: You might not see them all in one show/season but if you keep restarting the shows/seasons you will get to see them.)
Now click to ‘Begin Today’s Challenge’ [people will get the challenges randomly]. For your reference, here is an alphabetical list of possible opponents you may be up against:

Betty Brownie
Betty Jetty
Black Widow
Bret Batter
Busy Bob
Cathy Codex
Chef Jeff
Director D.
Dr. Hare
Freddy Fry
Grandma Gracey
Grandpa Grum
Helen Hiker
Hip Hop
Hippie Harry
Lassie Lasso
Magic Mervin
Merry Muse
Ned Noodlehead
Richie Rebel
Rickie Rock
Sally Score
Sarah Snooty
Sickly Skull
Slim Slam

The Games

Totem Hop: Just stay on your totem and if your totem starts to shake, click on another one until you’re the last one standing.

Boulder Push: Keep left-clicking rapidly on your computer mouse on your boulder rock, as fast as you can, to reach the finish line first.

Coconut Catch: When the monkey throws coconuts, you have to jump and try to catch them before the others do. Stay to the left and center if you can. All coconuts are fair game, but grabbing the bunches of 3 coconuts will help you get to your objective faster, increasing your chances of being the winner. The winner is the first to get 20 coconuts.

Shuffleboard: Click to aim your puck to the center of the target. There are three rounds. The objective is for your puck to be at the center of the target at the end of the 3rd round. On the first round, if you aim your puck to the center of the target, the other challengers can knock your puck out of the target in the next 2 rounds – prevent them from winning, and keep your puck in place! Select a long shot (long arrow) for the first shot, or bank it hard into one side to go around your opponents. Get close and don’t shoot too hard. Because you are the last player to move your puck at the end of the last round, you need to make that shot count the most!

Shot Put: Click the angle to where it reaches 45 degrees, so it should be right in the middle. Click again when the power bar is full. Click to aim at a 45-degree angle (the middle). Click again when the power meter is close to the top. Whoever’s rock goes the farthest is declared the winner.

Water Run: The objective is to fill your jug with water from the waterfall, then bring it back safely without spilling it. You must stand on the red-and-white circle on the right to have your water counted for your score. First to 100% water filled wins. Watch out for the boar, who may attempt to knock you down. If the boar hits you, your water jug will be emptied and you’ll need to go back to the waterfall on the left to refill. Fill your bottle COMPLETELY full so it will only take four trips (one less than full) to fill your container to 100%.

Pole Climb: The objective of this challenge is to stay on the 2 middle poles and move right or left, while trying to avoid the falling coconuts. Click right or left to dodge the falling coconuts. Tip: When a coconut just goes down on one of the trees jump to that tree. The first to reach the top of the pole wins.

On The Line: Click the left click on your mouse and your fishing pole automatically will go down and come back up. If you’re lucky, it will return with a fish. The winner is the first to get 5 fish. Look for fish ABOVE your hook. You will also need to consider the speed of the fish and the speed of your fishing line when reeling the hook in. Click as soon as your line can come close to any fish’s mouth. You can time its rise again to hit them.

Balanced Diet: You have to keep your pole balanced. Try to keep the dot in the middle; it gets harder as more food is placed with your pole. As the brown dot (top of the pole) moves, move your cursor toward the opposite side of it to keep it centered.

Mountain Race: The objective of this challenge is to reach the top of the mountain before your opponents do, but you have to watch out for and avoid the rocks as you run uphill. If the rock is falling from the air, click below; and if it’s sliding downward, jump to duck them. Running farther to the right (higher) is an advantage even if you get hit once or twice, because most of the overhead rocks will miss you. But you still have to be aware of the rolling rocks!

Geyser Guess: This game is based purely on luck and chance. You need to select a geyser hole on the ground and hope it doesn’t blast you off. This is just a game of luck, and the same geyser CAN erupt twice in a row! The last player still standing will be declared the winner.

Turtle Shell Toss: All you have to do in this challenge is to throw your coconut into the turtle shells; the larger, closer turtle shell awards you 10 points, while the smaller, farther one gives you 20 points. There are three rounds. Match your mouse with the angle your opponents throw at if they make a 20 point shot, so that you can cash in on the same amount of points they get just as easily. Throwing at a 45-degree angle will almost always guarantee three hits on the 20-point shell. (You can set your cursor at the center of the palm tree to get this aiming point.) At the end, the challenger with the most points wins. If there is a tie, a “Tie Breaker” [rematch] will be played until someone misses.

Hang Glider: Your main objective in this mini-game is to avoid the birds and the erupting volcanoes, which will knock you out of the air if you get hit by them. Last one still flying wins. The best way to win is to stay just behind a group of gliders so that you can better fly out of the way of obstacles. Always stay near the top of the screen unless there is a bird coming. When the volcanoes lava is starting to make a ball, stay away! When it is done erupting, speed forward.

Knockout: Basically, you have a sling-shot with a rock and you have to pull back to hit any of your opponents’ plates. Whoever’s plate is the LEAST broken after the 3 rounds, wins. Aim for the plates with the least damage, and pull the slingshot just halfway for the lower plates and farther for the top row of plates.The person with the most of their plate left is the winner!

Winning the Show

After the end of every challenge, someone will be voted off the show. If you or any other challenger wins a challenge, they can’t be voted off for it. The challenger with the most votes off is kicked out of the show. If you didn’t win the show, try and try again until you do. Once you have been declared the winner of the reality television show, click ‘Return Home.’
Congratulations, you have completed Reality TV Island! You will be awarded with the Reality TV Island Medallion and 100 credits to spend at the Poptropica Store. And if you ever want to restart the show, all you need to do is take a ride on the helicopter again! But remember: You can only win the 100 credits once.

Written by Mega Boy
Special thanks to: Silverwolf1, Smart Crown
Revised by the Poptropica Help Team
Edited By Fuzzy-B

Counterfeit Guide

Meeting the Shady Man and the First Three Paper Pieces

Take a ride in the Poptropica blimp and arrive at ”Counterfeit Island”. Head over to the Web Browser Cafe and you should see a big book on a table inside the cafe. Click on the book and you should get a loose page from it with some French vocabulary listed. You will also see a couple of computers that you can play a game on, if you want.

Now go back outside and next to the cafe you will find the Moldy Baguette Inn, which is the multiplayer room for this island. Next, get onto the roof and on one of the windowsills there should be a piece of paper. Pick this up and then hop back down to the ground. You will also see a man with a beard and paintbrush.

If you click on “Create your own masterpiece”, it takes you to a big drawing pad. This doesn’t affect the game at all, though. Walk the other way over to the museum. Go up to the very top of the roof where you should find and collect another piece of paper.

Move all the way to the right, where you will see a few mimes and a clown shop. The mimes aren’t really important at this time. If you go up to the roof of the clown shop you will see a clown, who will tell you he is up there because mimes give him the creeps. Inside the clown shop, you will see a girl to your right, who seems to work there.

Also, you can take one balloon from the clown store (tip - get the green one!). Keep going to the right, where you will pass by a dumpster and a tour of the underground tunnel. You’ll then come across some trashcans. Click on the second one and you will get a view of what it contains. Just drag all the trash out of the way until you find some tickets.

Farther down to the right, past the Jazz Cafe and police station, you will see a young boy crying and his mother holding a red balloon. Talk to to the boy’s mom, who will say ”Mon fils veut un ballon vert!” Check your French vocabulary sheet, which explains that ”veut” means want and ”vert” means green, so you can conclude that she is trying to inform you that her son wants a green balloon.

If you don’t have a green balloon already, then go back to the clown shop and get one. Give your green balloon to the boy and he will float away, while his mother runs off. Head all the way left again until you’re back at the Web Browser Cafe. Enter the cafe. On the TV, there will be a new report about “Balloon Boy”.

Talk to the tourist on the laptop. After speaking to him, go to your inventory and click on the ”Use” option on the tickets item card you have. He will then give you one of the tickets. Exit the cafe, and walk to your right until you reach the underground tours. Click on the ”Use” option on your ticket and to be allowed into the underground tour.

Click on the tour guide and she will provide you with some information about the tour. Just follow the tunnel untill you get to an area with some skulls. Jump onto the light that is hanging down and climb all the way up. Next, jump over and grab the piece of paper. Once you reach the end of the tunnel you should go out the exit and up right by the docks.

Getting the Musuem Job, the Final Three Paper Pieces, and Sneaking In

A shady man in a brown suit with a scar will be standing next to you. Talk to him and he will tell you that you must get a job at the museum and meet him back there when night falls. Climb up onto the docks and go right until you arrive at the museum. Enter and talk to the security guard by the door. Choose the third chat option and he tells you to go speak with the assistant curator. Head up the stairs and speak to the man wearing a tan-colored suit. He tells you that the job is yours if you can help him fix the paintings. Go to the bottom right wing of the building and click the third painting.

You should now be carrying the painting. Go to the bottom left wing and click the middle painting. Now go up to the upper left wing and click the middle one. Next go to the upper right wing and click the third one. Finally go back to the bottom right wing and click where the third painting should be. Go back up and talk to the assistant currator, who will hire you for the job. Enter the forgery detection lab, and talk to the assistan currator again. He will tell you to choose a station. (Tip – The second station is usually easier, but you have to do both anyway.)

At the first station, scan each copy of the painting until you find the one with a drawing on it. Next you have to detect the fake painting - simply examine the corner for the artist’s signatures. The middle one is different, so it is the counterfeit copy (fake). For the next one, just go up to the moon and click on it.

Time to move on to the chemicals station. For each paint sample, when the red meter gets to a box, the box turns a certain color. All you have to do is click the color above that it turns into. You must stay alert and react fast enough, or you will have to restart. Once that is done, you will be given a key to the supply room. Leave the forgery detection lab and go to the area with two signs. You should now be in a statue room.

Walk right past this section and go into the next room. Pass by the security office for now. When you get to the door of the supply closet, go to your inventory and click on the ”Use” option on your new key. Now go in and take a new piece of paper. Exit the museum, and move left until you get to the dock and go all the way over to the ship. Up where the sail should be is another piece of paper you should take.

Now get back down to the tunnel exit from earlier. Go past the man up at the hill to receive the final piece of paper. Speak to the man with a scar and go into the tunnel. Follow the tunnel back up until you see a ladder. Climb the ladder and click on the object blocking the exit at the top. Make the center look like the drawing you have, and press the button at the top. It will now open up to the supply closet, inside the museum.

Use the key to leave the supply closet, then carefully get past the security office and out the door. Be warned; there are lasers all around you. Hide behind plants or statues to avoid the lasers until you finally exit safely. Walk over to where a painting titled The Scream is hanging. Click on the painting and you will jump up above it. An alarm siren will go off and policemen will rush in to arrest you.

Investigating the Missing Painting

"The next morning”, you will find yourself at the police station, where you will be asked to take a lie detector test. Talk to the girl nearby, who will instruct you to go to the security office at the museum. Once at the museum, head over to the security office - notice that the security guard is missing. Head over to the right to what looks like a computer. Click on it and a video should start playing.

After about 10 seconds, the video pauses. Exit the museum and visit the clown shop, where you will find the security guard from the museum. After talking to him, he will give you his time card. Make your way back to the security office at the museum.

View the video again, but this time you will watch it from when the security guard left. You will be told to take a screen print - to do this, press the print screen button. Show the video to the investigator.

Next, show the screen print to one of the mimes. The mime will signal to you, instructing you to enter the Jazz Cafe. Once inside the cafe you will see the man with a scar. Try to talk to him, and he will escape out the door. Follow him out to begin the thrilling scooter chase.

During the chase, dodge everything except the ramps. Going on a ramp can get you farther, and faster. After a while, it will cut to a scene where you see the man with a scar driving off the dock into a motor boat and speeding away.

You will then dash over and grab the key card which he dropped on his way there. Make your way back to the museum where the assistant curator will hand you a package. Use the X-ray scan to read the message – which tells you to visit the art museum on Early Poptropica Island. Ride the blimp on Main Street to Early Poptropica, and arrive at the museum, where you will meet the curator.

She will hint that someone you trust is watching you very closely. The curator will also give you a key. Take the blimp back to Counterfeit Island and go all the way to the right until you get to a cottage house. Walk up to the cottage door and use your key. Get up to the second floor, where the painting is.

You should see a corner of the painting peeling off, so click on that. The painting titled The Scream will be revealed, and the lights will go out.

Confronting Black Widow

Someone will tie you to a chair in an underground room. Then the Black Widow will talk to you for a minute. Tied up near you in another chair is the man with a scar. He advises you to try and scoot over to him so he can untie you. To do this, move forward and backward, but be careful. If you fall over, you must restart. After he helps untie you, go to the right side where you should find the exit.

(Tip – Stay alert at all times; the next part is tough!) Go all the way to the left and jump up onto the boxes. Carefully jump up onto the ledge and onto the boxes without being seen. This may take a few tries. Hop up to the right when the guard turns around; follow him and then jump onto the couch and up to the left ledge. Use your key card to open the door.

Now walk to the left where you will find the Black Widow. In this next tricky part, your task is to help the man with a scar be raised and lifted up high, yet save as much art as possible. If you let the Black Widow destroy more than 1 million dollars’ worth of art, you must start over. (Tip – Save the art, and then when she gets mad go and get him up as high as you can. Avoid the bombs she throws, which will prevent you from doing anything.)

Eventually you will get him all the way up, and the man will knock the Black Widow out. You will then be in the Web Browser Cafe with the curator. She will tell you to meet her at the museum. Head over to the museum now and the curator will be waiting for you at the bottom right wing of the museum.

Talk to her and she will tell you that this museum really is the top secret storage place for the world’s greatest art. As she presses a nearby button, the walls will go down to reveal new paintings.

Congratulations, you have completed Counterfeit Island!
You will be awarded with the Counterfeit Island Medallion and 100 credits to spend at the Poptropica Store.
Written by Super De Struguri/Super Grape
Revised by the Poptropica Help Team
Edited once again by Fuzzy-B

Astro-Knight Guide


Pewter Moon: 56, 52
An AstroZone store is located on this popular moon. AstroZone repairs and builds custom rocket ships that traverse the galaxy. This store is owned and operated by hospitable aliens.

Jungle Planet: 15, 15
This planet is populated with strange mechanical vegetation and creatures. One of the most ill-tempered inhabitants is the Atomic Phoenix.

Fire Planet: 83, 20
This planet is inhabited by hot-tempered creatures such as the mechanized Dragotank. The Dragotank is said to be impenetrable except for his mouth, which is usually spewing flames.

Black Hole: 84, 47
A dangerous and fatal hole in outer space which will cause you to be teleported near Pewter Moon if you get sucked in. This is also where you should lure the space sharks to eliminate them.

Ice Planet: 73, 83
This planet is surrounded by dangerous mechanical Space Sharks. Space Sharks are virtually indestructable, but even they cannot withstand the pull of a black hole.

Crystal Gate : 11, 82
When four knights of the Quest are gathered the Chosen One may pull the key from the stone.

Exploring Arturus

The star city, always from above to shine. The first building on the left is the House of Mordred, now known as the Museum of Mordred. It contains all the wonderful things Mordred the dark sorcerer used while this he was staying at Arturus. Next is the Space Shuttle Fountain – dedicated to Mordred who brought technology to the town (also contains a secret passageway to a hidden cult.)

Planetarium – Filled with Mordred’s amazing technology in star gazing, unfortunately none of it works besides the telescope. And last but not least is the Crop Circle Inn - a multiplayer room where you can eat, rest, play and chat with your friends. We hope you enjoy your stay at Arturus.

Museum of Mordred:
After landing in the town of Arturus, make your way right past the first building and to a space craft fountain. Notice on the top water ring there is something gleaming. It is a coin. Walk over it to pick it up.

Now go back to the building you passed and enter it. This building was formerly the house of Mordred – now known as Mordred’s Museum. Unfortunately the manager won’t let you through without paying. Talk to him to obtain a Museum Pamphlet. Go into your items and select use on the Golden Coin.

Now click on the books to the right of the manager. He doesn’t want you touching them so he will give you a Library Book Slip instead. As un-exciting as it may seem, the book slip is a clue to a hidden dungeon. Notice the underlined McM.

Castle Library and Dungeon:
Go outside and run all the way to the right until you get the option ‘Go Right’. Go right again until you get to the Castle of Arturus. Move a little right and enter the castle through a large wooden door.

Once inside go right and enter the smaller door. You are now in the castle’s library (a slightly destroyed library). Inside there are two books you can grab; The Mystical Weapons of Arturus (far left in the fiction area), and The Life of Mordred: A Cautionary Tale (non-fiction area on a stand). Both these books are great reads; just don’t touch the other books, the librarian doesn’t like it.

Go into the Non-Fiction area. Notice the golden plaques with letters on them. Click on the strangely colored brick behind the one with “McM“. A secret passageway to the castle dungeon will open. Click on this entrance to enter it.

You are now in a gloomy room. Walk over the moldy cheese to the right on the ground to pick it up. The item “Moldy Cheese” should now be in your inventory. Go right and click on the handle (lever) on the wall. This will open a small grate to the right, leading to a passage way. Inside is a strange robotic monster. Click on him and a bunch of binary numbers will pop up – this can be translated into the word “Bard“. Now head back up the stairs.

Finding the Space Related Items

Maid’s Room and Royal Chamber:
Once back up in the library you will be confronted by a couple of guards and the unhappy librarian who is now very unhappy. Escape them and run out the door to the right. You will be back at the main castle.

Head left and enter the small door by the stairs. You will enter into a small bedroom with a little mechanical mouse scuttling on the floor and a maid. Walk right into the middle of the room and click on your items. Click on the moldy cheese and select “Use“. The mechanical mouse will eat the cheese and you catch him. (The mouse will now be in your inventory.)

Walk right; notice the letter sitting on the chest. Walk over it to pick it up. It is a secret message and it will go into your items. Go back outside to the main castle building.

Head up the stairs and enter the door at the top. This is the Royal Chamber. The King and Queen promise to knight you if you can find the stolen Princess. Ask the Queen if there’s anything else that might help. She will give you the co-ordinates to all the missing knights. (“Coordinates” will go into your inventory.) It might not make sense for now, but it will soon.

Ye Olde Rumour Mille:
Climb back down the stairs and make your way outside. Once outside go to the very right. Click to “Go right” and then right again until you reach a man with a shovel. Talk to the man with a shovel to receive a “Bag of Manure”, which will enter your inventory. Next jump over the two hay bales and walk up the hill and then enter the windmill.

Climb up on the hay bales, jump on the cog wheels, then jump over onto the platform. From here jump onto the rope hanging. Notice this lifts up the rod, stopping the wheels from turning. From where you are, slide down and fall onto the platform where a strange, darkly-dressed girl is standing. She will ask you for a secret in return for hers. She will then hand you a note with 3 symbols on it - a moon, a planet, and a star. This is the new password to the clan’s secret entrance.

Fall down and go outside. Walk to the right until you reach the edge. On top of the turning wheel there is a coil of rope. Jump on top of it to receive it (“Coil of Rope” should go to your inventory). Jump back down and stand under the sign that reads “Ye Olde Rumour Mille”. Jump on top of it and then jump onto one of old mill’s turbines. Notice it will start moving. When this moves around it opens a secret access point on the roof.

Keep spinning the windmill round and round until the glass cover on the top is open. (Tip: It is a lot easier to stand closer to the center of the turning blades so you can easily jump onto the next one.)

Once the roof is open enter it. Inside, there is a hovercraft. It does not work because it is out of power. Open your items and select “Use” on the Bag of Manure. Once that’s done, the hovercraft will fly out the roof and will land a little above the mud outside. Climb up the haystacks and exit the mill.

Princess’s Tower:
Once outside, head left and go past the man with the shovel and go left and left again until you reach the castle. Go left and stand in front of the massive oak door. From here jump onto the windowsill and then onto the platform with a giant bow and arrow on it. Stand in front of it, go into your items and select “Use” on the Coil of Rope. This will attach a long piece of rope to the arrow.

Point the arrow to the left and aim to the top-left. This door on the left leads into the princess’s tower. (Tip: Move the arrow so the tip of the point just touches the window’s outside shadow.) Once fired it should hit and stay into the door creating a walkway from where you are. If you manage to miss the door keep lowering or raising the arrow until you hit it. Walk across the rope and enter the doorway at the end.

Once inside, walk to the far left where a chest filled with parchment sits. Notice the brown paper sticking out. Walk over it to pick it up. It is a note from the Princess explaining the whereabouts of Mordred’s Secrets. Read it, then make your way back outside.

The Secret Society and the UFO

Secret Sanctum:
Go left from the castle until you reach Main Street. Head to the center, where the Space Shuttle Fountain is. Walk into the middle of the fountain and click on the plaque on the wall with space symbols. Remember the Cosmic Symbols the strange girl gave to you? Click the symbols in this order:

1. Crescent Moon (looks like a banana)
2. Planet With Rings
3. 5-Pointed Star
4. Sun (in the middle of the plaque)

The fountain will then turn off; the water will drain away and the secret entrance to Mordred’s Secret Order will open. Enter and go down.

Down below there are 5 people in purple hoods and cloaks. Talk to the boy with bad acne on the far right. He will give you a “Small Key”, which will go into your items. Once you receive this key, make your way back up the rope on the left and out of the secret room.

Mordred’s Hideout and your Fuel Rod:
When you’re out on Main Street again, walk left and enter Mordred’s Museum. Go to the top floor and click under the bed. You will find a missing page containing the location of a nearby moon.

Head back outside and go right and keep going right until you the place called “Ye Olde Rumour Mille” on your Map. Move a bit right again and jump onto the two hay bales there. Slowly move between the two of bales, causing you to fall between them. Once you have done that push the hay out of the way to reveal a trapdoor. It is locked. Now go into your items and select “Use” on the Small Key. You will open the trapdoor. Click on it to go inside.

Slide down the rope to enter the wonderful hideaway where Mordred made his creations. Notice the strange mechanical owl. Walk up to it and click to cause it to fly outside. Go back up the rope to exit Mordred’s hideout. The owl should be hovering just to the right of the hay. Hop onto the ground and go into your items. Select “Release” on the Mechanical Mouse. The owl will swoop down and eat it. It is now your friend and will follow you. Notice that by clicking on the bird, you can control where it will fly. (The owl’s name is Merlin, by the way.)

Now head back down into Mordred’s hideaway. Walk left and pick up the book on the chair. You will receive Mordred’s Journal. Walk as far left as possible, until you see a rocky wall block your path. Push against the wall, causing it to bend and shake. Push against the wall for a few seconds to break it. Go along the passageway and crawl through the small hole there.

You will now be behind the bars in the Castle Dungeon. The robot monster inside the cell with you will notice you and will explode (self-destruct), causing his fuel rod to fly up and fall behind the bars. Walk up to the bars, click on the bird (Merlin) and then click on the green rod. The owl will fly down and pick it up for you. You will now receive a Fuel Rod.

Excalibur, the UFO:
Crawl back through the hole and climb back up outside to where the hay bales are. Jump over them and head right until you get to the edge of the hill. The red hovercraft you found earlier will be waiting for you there. Hop on top of it and steer it with your cursor (mouse). Fly all the way to the right until you find a slightly damaged space craft, or UFO (unidentified flying object). It is called Excalibur. Click on it to access it.

This will bring up some controls with dials and a broken fuel rod. In the bottom left corner drag the fuel rod to where the broken one is. Because there isn’t much fuel, we have to travel somewhere close. Remember the location of the nearby moon on the lost page? Turn the left dial to 56, and the right dial to 52. Then click on “Launch”.

Pewter Moon

You have just arrived at Pewter Moon, but due to the fact that the fuel rod is now depleted, you crashed Excalibur, now you have to find a new ship. On this planet there is little gravity, so you are able to jump much higher than normal. Head over to the right and jump up on the moving platform and enter the doors of the AstroZone building.

The boss, who looks like a green alien, is inside. Ask him how you can get off this planet, and you will be given permission to create your own ship. Wait for your character to reply, “Great! Thanks!”, then go back outside and click on the floating holopad console to the left. The console will pop up and you will be able to create your very own custom-designed rocket ship!

You can customize your wings, body, door, window, engine and guns. You can select each part and change their design even their colors! Different combinations of parts will change the Speed and Shield levels. (Tip: Do a bit more Speed then Shield.)

When you’re finished, click “Done”. You will then be taken back outside with your ship waiting on the pad next to you. Enter it to finally begin your rescue mission. Once inside your spaceship, click on “Launch” to begin flying. The next three planets can be done in any order. You can also click on the screen above the Launch lever to read about each of the planets to help you decide.

Jungle Planet and Mother Phoenix

You are now in control of your spaceship. Let’s first fly in a north-west direction to the Mechanical Jungle Planet. The coordinates are 15, 15. Keep in mind that the area around the planet is inhabited by space aliens. They will fire at your ship so watch out. Try your best to dodge them!

Once you arrive at the planet, click on it to land. When you’ve landed, exit your spaceship. You should be now on a platform with your ship next to you. Fall off the platform to the right. Keep falling down until you reach the ground. Now make your way to the center of the ground. In the middle will be a small platform with the “Laser Lance” weapon covered with a beam of light. Walk over it to pick it up.

Now go left and jump on a flower. They will spring you up in the air. Jump onto the one on the right, then left, then left again until you reach the platform with you spaceship on it again. Notice the strange bug on the roof. There are more along the way to the right, and they will zap you if you get too close. Wait for the swinging platform to get near, then jump. (Tip: When the swinging platform get to the end then starts falling back then jump, this will cause you to land perfectly on the next platform.) Remember to watch out for those zapping bugs, which may knock you off. Once you have reached the end, go right.

Mother Phoenix:
In the next room there is a knight dressed in shining green armor. His name is Sir Cador. If you talk to him, he will tell you to save the princess from the cage to the right. To do so you should climb up the rope. You will then have to pass by four mechanical eggs that may knock you back if you do it incorrectly. Directions on passing them so that you can get to the cage:

1. Wait until the first egg opens, then jump on it.
2. Now wait on here until the second egg opens, then jump on the that.
3. Now on this second egg, as soon as the third egg opens, jump immediately because that egg will open fast.
4. Now quickly jump onto the last one and jump onto the cage with a unicorn in it.
5. Click on the cage to open it and again. Doing so will cause the Mother Phoenix to come. Ready to fight?

First off, it’s a lot easier if you keep your lance charged. The bird missiles can only be shot down with a fully charged lance shot. To completely charge up your laser shot, click and hold with the mouse until it is glowing very brightly. Click again to shoot.

Avoid the flying bugs, or you can shoot them with short little shots. Short laser shots can be made simply by clicking over and over again. Watch out for electric clouds. They’re the dark black clouds that will shoot out with lightning every now and then. They can be harmful, so simply move out of their way. After a while the Mother Phoenix will arrive.

When her mouth is open, shoot at her mouth. If you aimed right, her body will start flashing red, indicating it had been defeated. You’ll have to do this three times to beat it. If you missed, it’s usually a good idea to stay away and wait for her to fire her missiles and leave. Wait for the Mother Phoenix to come back, and she will either charge at you from the left or the right.

If she comes from behind you, quickly avoid her by staying at the very bottom or very top of the screen, opposite of the area she is in. It is impossible to shoot at her when she is behind you. Simply wait for her to pass, and come back facing you. (May take a few times.)

A good tip is for you to stay at the bottom of the screen. It can’t hit you there often. Once you win, the green knight (Sir Cador) will join you. When you are back inside your rocket ship, click “Launch”. Then press the “Teleport Home” button, which is right above the area it shows what coordinates you are at.

Fire Planet and Dragotank

Fly in a north-east direction to the Fire Planet. Its coordinates are 83, 20. Along the way there is a black hole, which you should avoid by going around it. The area around the planet is also inhabited by space aliens. They will fire at your ship, so be careful. Once you see this dark red planet, click on it to land. Then exit your spaceship.

Below you is lava, or really hot water. If you stand in it, you will be teleported back to your starting point beside the ship. The hard thing about this part is timing. Make sure that before you jump to the next platform that it is close enough for you to land on. (Tip: When you get to the second last platform, it is easier to jump on the one before, wait for it to get to the bottom then do a huge jump to the last platform.) After you get to the last platform, enter the volcano.

The next part can be quite annoying for some people. It requires you to be patient until the moving gas stops and you’re able to move and hide. If you aren’t careful, it will send you all the way to the top of the volcano. Once you reach the end you don’t have to worry about it. Now go through the passage.

Halfway through this is a strange creature that whacks and rolls at you. Jump over it when it rolls. Keep going left until you meet the red knight. His name is Sir Pelleas. Ask him what you should do and he will give you an Ice Arrow. Continue forward and get ready to fight a dragon – it is known to Poptropicans as the ”Dragotank”.

When you enter the room jump onto the hanging chains, then jump across them until you reach the other side. Jump down, dodge the spiky tail and then walk under the switch. Jump up and click on it. This will cause him to temporarily shut down. Jump out to the side where you started and fire an Ice Arrow in his mouth. Do this three times to defeat him. (Tip: When he starts to get angry after you shoot him, jump on the chains, dodge the falling spikes and get to the other side to do it again.)

Once you defeat the Dragotank, the red knight (Sir Pelleas) will join you in your mission. Back at your spaceship again, press “Launch“. Then press the “Teleport Home” button.

Ice Planet, Mechanical Sharks, and Tigercopter

Start flying in a south-east direction. The coordinates to the Ice Planet are 73, 83. The only problem about getting to the planet is that it’s protected by three space sharks. All you have to do is get them to all follow you by shooting at all of them. Do this by getting near them (note: Do NOT touch them!), then click once for each shark to shoot something. This will get their attention. Once they are all following you lure them into the black hole which is north to the right a bit at the coordinates 84, 47.

If this is too hard, just attract them one by one. (Note: Make sure you keep them in view when you fly to the black hole because they can stop following you.)Be extremely careful not to get sucked into the black hole yourself, because you will just be teleported back near Pewter Moon without having done anything to the sharks. To get the sharks sucked into the black hole without pulling yourself in instead, simply fly around the hole and avoiding any parts of it at all costs. You will know that a shark gets sucked in when you see the yellow scrolling message at the bottom of the screen telling you that they have been eliminated.

Once you land, exit the ship. You are now standing on a platform of ice. Below you is icy cold water that will freeze you if you land in it, causing you to teleport back next to the ship. Jump onto the floating platform to the left, and keep moving left until you reach the end. (Tip: Make a giant leap to the center, and watch out for the jumping helmet fish, which can knock you into the cold water.) Once you reach the end, go right.

Quickly climb up the mountain and watch out for the gigantic falling snowballs. At the very top is the blue knight. His name is Sir Gawain. Ask him if you can help, and you will receive a Force Shield Necklace.

You will have to defeat a Tigercopter, which is a tiger and helicopter combined into one creature. Use your force field to hit the snowballs back at the Tigercopter. Watch out for when it falls, because it will destroy your force field for a certain time. After he falls, a large snowball shoots out that will freeze you, so jump over it. You must repeat this three times in order for it to be defeated.

Once you have destroyed it, the blue knight will come with you. You will return to your spaceship. Click on “Launch”, then click on the ”Teleport Home” button.

Crystal Gate, Castle Door, and Binary Bard

Once all 3 knights have been rescued and reunited, you will be able to visit a legendary asteroid known as the Crystal Gate. Start flying in a western direction. Its coordinates are 11, 82. Beware though, because this planet is surrounded by asteroids. Be sure to avoid bumping into the asteroids!

Once you land, exit the space craft. Climb up the crystal mountain to the top where the 3 knights (Sir Cador, Sir Pelleas, and Sir Gawain) are waiting. You are the fourth knight! Click on the sword. This will cause a small portal to form, which will suck in the sword. Enter it.

You will land on top of a castle. It is Binary Bard’s Fortress. Go down the bottom and talk to the princess. She will ask for your 3 weapons. Once you have given them to her, the princess will turn into Binary Bard. It turns out that “she” was a fake and that the evil Binary Bard has tricked you! He will disappear.

Click on the strange wall next to you. A puzzle door will appear, which you must solve in order to get through to the other side. The picture below will show you how to solve this puzzling puzzle. They are numbered in the order you must click on each piece. The completed puzzle should show a picture of Mordred, with words at the bottom announcing that he is “ruler of the universe”. This is how to solve the puzzle door:

Top Row: Blank Blank Blank Blank
Second Row: 4 3 1 2
Third Row: Blank 5 6 Blank
Fourth Row: 10 9 8 7
Fifth Row: Blank Blank Blank Blank

Defeating Mordred:
In the first round, you will be using Merlin, the owl. Fly him over and pick up the explosive bombs Mordred drops. Pick them up and drop them on the green orb on top of Mordred’s robot. Make sure you drop them only while they are flashing red, otherwise it won’t work. Also, avoid the flying bombs he throws, which lower Merlin’s health. Do this two times. Once complete, Mordred will destroy Merlin.

Now it’s your turn! Lure Mordred to the center, just underneath the princess. Then jump on him from under him and onto the princess’s platform. From here jump on the chandeliers on either the left or right. Wait for him to go underneath and he should fire a red laser beam at it, causing it to fall on him. Do this for both sides (if you did it on the left the first time, do it on the right, and vice versa). Once this is done, Mordred will be no more.

Your Reward:
You will then go with the real Princess back to Poptropica be knighted by the King and Queen. The Princess will have had Merlin repaired, and you can find the owl flapping around in the Royal Chamber. You’ll receive the Astro-Knights Island medallion and 100 credits to spend at the Poptropica Store.

To show that you have received your knighthood, the King will call you by your knight name just before you get the Island Medallion. If your character is a boy, it will be “Sir”; for girls, it is “Lady”. This title will then be followed by your Poptropican last name. (For example, if your Poptropican name is Fast Flame, your last name would be Flame.) Since Fast Flame’s character is a boy, he would be “Sir Flame”. Please bear in mind that this does not apply to your name in multiplayer rooms.

Also, if you look back at the Space Shuttle Fountain, you’ll notice that Mordred’s green orb has been placed there. Power has been restored to Arturus, and the town is saved. Congratulations!

By PHB edited by Fuzzy-B