Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lift Off!

Many people today noticed something new in Poptropica! Something new has emerged on the map that we can all go to! Lunar Colony has been released!

Lunar Colony is now available for Poptropica Members!

Lunar Colony is now available for Poptropica Members! Visit Poptropica now to play. Non-Members can play a limited demo.

Not a Member? Find out how to get Membership so you can play Lunar Colony today!

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This island is pretty good. Not the best, or the longest, or the hardest, but defiantly better then the last couple. Best since Ghost Story probably, but that is just me! The big news from this island is you can change your eye color! Here is a hint: purple!
If you are not a member and can not wait to see the rest of the island, you can, sort of!
I have made the map for Lunar Colony, so you can click here to see it or go to the island guide page to see it!

I am really looking forward to the upcoming Island that has Dr. Hare, Black Widow, and will most likely Captain Crawfish! I hope it will be at least the best island of the year. What do you think about Lunar Colony and the upcoming "Villain Island"

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