Saturday, February 27, 2010

Early Poptropica Guide

Note: Scroll to the bottom of the guide to see how to get a members only item without having to get membership!

Beginning the Quest and the Glow Stick

First, go to Early Poptropica Island . You should be on Main Street. Go all the way to the right until you come across a sign that says “Early Poptropica”. Click on the sign to go there. Go right again and you should arrive at Early Poptropica.Go to the right where you should pass by 3 very pixellated-looking men. Talk to the third one you see. He will say that his pig was stolen by a sneaky spider. Next, keep going to the right again until you see another pixellated man by a well. Talk to him, and he will tell you that someone stole their bucket.

Now next to the man you just spoke to, there should be a rope. Climb it, and when you reach the top you should see another pixellated man. Talk to him and he will tell you that they lost their flag.To get The Glow Stick - Go back to the man who lost a bucket. Next to him is a well. Go down the well. Then go down the rope you are on.You should arrive in the Storage Cavern. Move a little to the left, and jump downward, to the left side.

You should arrive onto a green platform. Now jump to another green platform on the top left side of the platform you are on. Move a bit to the left, then jump to the brown platform located on the left side of the platform you are currently standing on.Climb up the rope on the brown platform, then jump onto another brown platform located to the right of the rope you are holding. Now jump up to the platform above you. You should see a glow stick. Walk over to it to get it!

You should have gotten an item – “Glow Stick”. Now exit the Storage Cavern. If you don’t know how, just follow the same steps above that showed you how to reach the glow stick, but backward!To get the Pig - Now go back to Main Street. Go left until you see a manhole on the ground next to the Soda Pop Shop.

The Three Missing Items

Click on the manhole to go down. You should be clinging onto a rope, climb all the way down to get inside the pit. Once inside, jump down to the left where there should be a woman wearing a skull shirt.Go past her and jump on the platform there. On the right there should be a moving platform. Jump onto it when it gets close. Watch out for the little purple spiders hanging above you! If you touch them you will get knocked over. At the end of the ride, jump down to another platform. Then on that platform, there should be another platform next to it – jump onto that.

From there jump onto the platform you see on your right. Now jump to the platform on the left, then onto the platform to the left of the one you are standing on. That platform should have a rope below it. Climb down that rope. Now wait for a moving platform to get near, then jump on it!At the end of the ride you should see a pixellated pig. Jump down and grab it. You should obtain an item – “Prized Porker”. Beware of the huge spider guarding the pig, because it will knock you over if you bump into it! Now stay where you are and follow the next instructions!
To get the golden egg you should still be in the pit, where you’d just grabbed the pig. From the bottom of the pit (where the pig was), go all the way to the left until you reach the end. Click on the end to “Go Left”. You should appear in a tunnel. Go left again. Now you should be in a dark place.

You can only see by using your Glow Stick so make sure to have it! Now go all the way to the left until you see a rope. Climb up the rope until you reach a place where you have to go either left or right.Now go right until you pass by 2 ropes. Climb the second rope, which you should reach at a dead end. After you climb the rope, go left until you see another rope, and climb that rope. Once you are up that rope, go left until you see a huge golden egg. Walk over to it to grab it! You should have gotten an item – “Golden Egg”. Now go back to Main Street. If you are not sure how, just follow the same steps above that showed you how to reach the golden egg and the prized pig, but backward!
Once on Main Street, go all the way to the left until you reach a sign that reads, “Poptropica Towers”. Click on the sign to go there. Go left again and you should be at Poptropica Towers. Now run all the way to the left until you see a brown building.
Jump up on the first window ledge of that building, then the second, then the third and stop at the fourth window ledge. From the fourth window ledge, jump up, but to the left side.

You should land on a stone statue. From the statue, jump to the roof of a red building on the left. On the roof of the red building, jump to the left side, where you should now find yourself on the window ledge of a blue building.Keep jumping up onto the window ledges above you and stop when you reach the blue building’s roof, which looks like a mini-restaurant. Between the 2 tables should be a vine. Go up the vine.To get The Bucket climb up the vine again, and now you should be in the skies. (Note: The Map labels this place as “The Purple Giant”) Go all the way to the left until you see a huge pair of feet.

Click on them to talk to the giant. You will give him the Golden Egg and he will lift up his spiky weapon and let you pass. Now go right. Go to the right again, and you should now be in the Giant’s Garden. There should be a gardening tool in front of you.Walk on it as if it were a ramp an you should soon be doing the same to a vine. Now jump off of the vine, and you should land on some gigantic vegetables. Jump off of the vegetables and pick up the pixellated-looking bucket on the ground. You should acquire an item – “Water Bucket”.

To get The Flag go to the right. Go right again and you should arrive in the Aircraft Graveyard. Jump onto the cans in front of you, then jump again onto the brown aircraft.From there, jump onto the red and white aircraft. Now jump off the white and red aircraft, and grab the jet pack on the yellow table. You should have acquired an item called “Jet Pack”. You can wear this item! When wearing it, you can fly.

Please note that this item can only be worn on Early Poptropica Island. Now put on the jet pack and fly back to Main Street. On Main Street, go all the way to the right until you reach a gray water tower. Make sure you are wearing your jet pack, and fly up to the top of the water tower.You should see a pixellated flag. Fly over to it to grab it! You should have acquired an item – “Signal Flag”. Now go back to Early Poptropica.

Returning the Items

Go back to the pixellated man who said his pig was stolen. Talk to him, and the item “Prized Porker” will be removed from your inventory, and the man’s pig will be returned.Now go to the pixellated man by the well. Talk to him, and the item “Water Bucket” will be removed from your inventory, and the well’s bucket will be returned. Now go to the pixellated man who said the Early Poptropicans’ flag was lost.

Talk to him, and the item “Signal Flag” will be removed from your inventory, and the flag will be returned to the flagpole next to the man.Now how do you get your reward?, you may ask. This is quite simple. Climb down the rope near the man with the flag, and go right. There should be a boat at the very right with another pixellated person.Talk to the person on the boat, and he will reward you with a medallion! You can wear the medallion by going to your Early Poptropica Inventory and selecting the “Island Medallion” card, and clicking on “Put On”. You will also be awarded 100 credits which can be spent at the Poptropica Store. You have now won the "Early Poptropica Island" Level on Poptropica!

There is a Secret Item hidden in this Island. Go to the second building (the green one to the left of the "Pigment Stand"). Go to the fourth floor and stand in the center window (the one with the orange flower). Click on the top left hand window and get your special item.
It says Members Only but anyone can get it!!!!

This is the "Members Only" item anyone can get!

This is the place where you click.

  If the written walk-through for the "Hypnotic Members Only Item" above was confusing here is a video showing where to go!

By PHB, edited by Fuzzy-B

Bearded lady and a New Add!

Today I was playing counterfeiting island and I saw a new add. The picture below shows all the costumes that come with it. It is an add for the cartoon network show Battle Force Five. There is also a card that sends you to a room like the one for Monster Inc. and The Spy Next Door!
Also here is the bearded lady I promised.

She can change the world!

If your looking for the bearded lady from Wild West Island click here.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Realty TV Island Guide

i would give it to you but... I gotz no membershipz! I do know how to give a woman a beard and all sorts of things like that. I will post the picture of the lady with a beard tomorrow or latter tonight. Well i just though i would say that. Um WOMEN WITH ZE BEARDZ!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Astro Knights glitch

Look at this!!

I was wining Astro-Knights for a friend when the game glitched! I had to take a screen shot! In one box is a something that isn't there and in the other box is something that is there and shouldn't be! I couldn't even use the ice arrow! I just wanted to share this with you!

In other news... A new poll! I can... well the last option 8D

Reality Tv Island Release date/Rtv Relaese Date/Mythology island 2010!

Sorry it took me so long to post this. Two tests yesterday,and two more in two days and a G.T. project due I don't have much time right now. The release date for RTV (reality TV island) is February 24th with membership! For those of us with no membership we have to wait till March 24th! I mean really? On top of that we have a new creators blog post. YAH! WOO! OK.
Fish nuggets any one? A quick glimpse at Mythology island! From the creators blog post that says "-And we plan to realese some pretty sweet ISLANDS this year-" I think it is safe to say Mythology Island 2010. Off to G.T. project... till next time XD
Fuzzy B

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why is Reality tv Island taking so long?

Why is it taking so long for it to release?
Why was it said to be released over a year ago?
Why did it get deleted off the map?
Why is it taking so long, they already posted the trailer!
Who knows?
Could there be a glitch or is it just that big of an island?
What do you think, could it that the creators are lazy? Probity not but still why is it so long?
The creators should work on 1 island at a time.
They would be done faster.
I would also like to wish a happy valentines day to all poptropicans out there! =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Counterfeit Painting

Here is a Facaso Original.

I am the great artist. I have a 93% in art. I stink at art but i have an A-! SOOOO WEIRD XD

iCostume and returned

I have been grounded for a week and just now able to get on the computer :/ There has been so much stuff happening on Poptropica that i cant make a make up post.... so i will start with iCostume is updated!