Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here's My Number, So Call Me Moonrock?

With the new Membership Items being in the Store, there is a new PCB post announcing it!

Members, get your exclusive Lunar Colony gear!

Now in the Poptropica Store, Members can get their exclusive Lunar Colony gear! There are three out-of-this-world items available: a handheld moon rock, the Alien Archaeology power, and the epic "Zaggy Moondust" costume. The costume is available only for a limited time!

More information about Lunar Colony is coming soon. Keep it right here for the latest!

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After looking back at previous release dates, Poptropolis Games and Wimpy Boardwalk were both released 14 days after their respective Members Only Ger Pack, so my guess is that Lunar Colony will be released August 9th, 14 days after the Members Only Items were actually released in the store. Lets see how close my guess is!
Also there is a new advertiment for the Lorax on DVD and Blu-Ray. Here are the prizes.
More than that, I am on the high score board yet again!

Finally, Congrats to Lucas, winner of the 50,000 hit contest. Make sure to enjoy that dummy!

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