Sunday, October 30, 2011

...And there are three new adds!!

The first of the new adds is Johny English Reborn video. Here is a picture of it and its prize.

The next is a Johny English Reborn building. Here is a video guide and a photo of the prizes.

And also there is a Puss In Boots 3-D advertisement. Here is a video and the pictures of the prizes.

The List of all the new free items that you can now get!

Dr. Hare's Secret Lab is now available for free!

Attention Poptropicans: The Dr. Hare's Secret Lab mini-quest is now free in the Poptropica Store.

Wait -- is that a typo? We're GIVING this exciting adventure away?

Once I'm back from my travels, I'll be sure to have some words with the other Creators about this. There's entirely too much merriment around Poptropica these days!

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Also, the new scavenger hunt is out. Check here. So...

The last word in the first section on Page 9 E_ _ _ _ _ _
The 15th word on Page 73 C _ _ _ _ _ _
The 41st word in the synopsis on Page 106 C _ _ _ _ _ _
E_ _ _ _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ _ _ C_ _ _ _ _ _ _

It is EXPLORECOLLECTCOMPETE. All one word and when you enter it you get your super special prize!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things that Poptropica wants you to forget: Monster Carnival Island

"In other news. Codien has uncovered some very rare pictures that Smockers would love to have. :mrgreen:

Does this have a connection to either of the Mechanical Jungle or the UFO mysteries? …DUH DOH DAH


Found in one of Codien's walk-through videos."

This is from the PHB, and it is a few years old but it still interests everyone. What happened? Where did it go? Will it come back? And why were the item leaked?

After doing the research I have found some answers that just might answer these questions. 

It all starts in 2008 when leaks from the island including horns, wings, etc. 


The dragon wings were the same colour as your hair.

So apparently there was some kind of 'Leak' just before the release of Monster Island. Due to the resemblance of the items towards 'Monsters', I'm guessing they came from the island too. Maybe this is why Monster Island never came out.

So when did this 'leak' happen. Well i have have found on many sites that it happened 2 to 3 months ago.
So what type of items were leaked. Well i went researching and this is what i found.

Unicorn horn

Scrawny wings

Face polka dots

Dragon Spikes and tail (One of the items Legoless had)

Dragon Wings

Bubble brain (Another of the items Legoless had)

Dragon wings (for head)

Goat Horns (Another of the items Legoless had)

Dragonfly wings

Body stripes

Body dots

Devil horns" from the PHB on the leaks....

So, after this has happened, the leaks had "happened" to disappear slowly. Then, a few days later, the island completely disappeared. A few years and a long enough time to forget later, almost all of the leaked items where released in the store as the "Furry Monsters" and nothing has come if it. The Creators have never even said anything about the existence or disappearance of this island, almost as if it never existed...

Now that you know the back story here is the theory on what happened and it is very simple....

A bug in the computer coding that made up the island compromised it and sent random parts of it out, this same bug made the island unusable because of th flaws in coding etc. so they just got rid of it and never looked back or acknowledged it.       

Thanks for reading "Things that Poptropica wants you to forget: Monster Carnival Island"

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The good Dr. Captain Grande is in.

Time is running out to claim the first scavenger hunt prize!

Just a friendly reminder: if you haven't yet found the answers to our first Poptropica guidebook scavenger hunt, time is running out! The first scavenger hunt will be open until until Wednesday, October 26. After that, the code won't work and you won't be able to claim the prize.

For more details about our scavenger hunt, click here.

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Remember that the code is DRCAPTAINGRANDE so hurry up and get your special prize before time runs out!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Header

I am going to put up a limited time header with all of my previous headers of this month. Here are all of the headers that are going to be in it...
The new one to start this off.

The first header I had.

The second header.

The third header.

My fourth header.

My newest header.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is that another secret item I see?

What's in the freight car?

Eagle-eyed Poptropicans may have noticed some familiar items in the freight car on Mystery Train. It seems that the World's Fair organizers brought along a lot of items from other Poptropica Islands!

Can you look at this picture of the freight car and guess which Islands the numbered objects came from?

Click the image to see the full-sized version.

We'll give you the weekend to puzzle over it. Then we'll post the answers next week.

In the meantime, if you haven't had a chance to take a ride on the Mystery Train yet, visit Poptropica now to play! Mystery Train is open to all.

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Appears we will have to wait till Monday to see what they are all from... unless you can figure it out! I've gotten all of them except for one...


Poptropica: The Official Guide book and scavenger hunt are now available!

At last, our first book is here! Poptropica: The Official Guide is available today. You can find it at, or in bookstores everywhere.

Today is also the first day of our book scavenger hunt! Visit our official book page to get your first clue. Find the answer in the pages of your book, then log onto your Poptropica account and enter the answer in the code field to claim your prize!

Enter the answer in the bottom righthand corner of your Welcome Back page.

This code will only work for a limited time. There will be a new clue every two weeks through November, so keep checking back!

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Here is the link to the sight that tells you the clues. 
So what do you think?
D_C_ _ _ _ _ _G _ _ _ _ _
Well let us think. Page 14 would be island 4 so D_ is Dr etc. So the code for your awesome(ish) new prize is DRCAPTAINGRANDE. Hurry to get your special prize now. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Finaly you can solve for your own self!

Mystery Train is now available to all!

The wait is over. Everyone can now play the entire Mystery Train quest on Poptropica!
Visit Poptropica now to play Mystery Train!
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