Friday, May 27, 2011

Membership Ad

Red Dragon Island is still open to Poptropica Members only. Remember, not only do Poptropica Members get Early Access to new Islands, they also get benefits and extras that no one else does.

Members only can get the exclusive Midnight Red Ninja costume in the Poptropica Store.

And only Members can advance to the upper levels of the "Prepare For Impact" sumo wrestling game, eventually achieving the rank of Yokozuna!

(The costume is cool, but wait until you try out the Yokozuna's "Sumo Stomp" power!)

Find out how to become a Member today so you can play Red Dragon Island this weekend, and get access to all of the incredible costumes, powers, and special surprises for Members. There's a lot more in store. Don't miss out!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We have some new rules.

A special message from the Binary Bard

My fellow Poptropicans, recently you selected me as your favorite Poptropica villain. This is a great honor, and with it comes great responsibility. I shall not let you down. As your choice for the best Poptropica villain, I make these unbreakable, evil promises to you:
  • I shall require every Poptropican to set a picture of me as their desktop
  • I shall outlaw birthday parties, puppy dogs, and summer vacation
  • I shall replace your sugary sodas with unsweetened iced tea
  • I shall institute a mandatory 8 PM bedtime for all, even when American Idol is on
  • I shall enslave every citizen of every planet in the galaxy and crush them under my iron yoke
Bow! Bow before the Binary Bard, my subjects! Bwahahahaha!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We are Victorious.

Poptropica Villain Showdown: The winner!

Congratulations to the Binary Bard, your choice for the best Poptropica Villain! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Binary Bard will be giving us his reaction in the days to come.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dr. Hare's Secret Lab for free

Have you always wanted to play Dr. Hare's Secret Lab but have never bought it?
Now you can get in for free! First, log into Poptropica and open this link in a different tab,
Once there, now in a separate tab from Poptropica, scroll down to Dr. Hare's Secret Lab. Click on it and it will open a new screen. Click on "Mainstreet" and wait for it load. It should be your Poptropican on the screen in the mini-quest. After you do this, head over to my Island Guide page to help you win!

How do you get a Dr. Hare costume?

 (if this is not what your looking for, scroll to the bottom)

Dr. Hare returns to 24 Carrot Island!

Bad news gets worse for the mayor of 24 Carrot Island.

Wait a minute, I don't remember this picture being taken. That's not the real Dr. Hare at all. It's an impostor!

What's going on here?

I'm glad you asked! From the hand item, a tiny Dr. Hare, I would say it is to be an upcoming costume in the Store. I cant wait because I already used my Dr. Hare glitch and now I cant get that suit again....

If you are looking for the Dr. Hare Mini-Quest Guide, click here.
If you are looking for the 24 Carrot guide, click here.
If you are looking how to get into Dr. Hare's Secret Lab for free, click here.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Prom King speakes for Binary Bard.

Featured costumes: The Prom King and Queen

It's prom season once again, and that's why the featured costumes in the Poptropica Store are the Prom King and Prom Queen costumes.

The Prom King comes iwth a special action that you can activate by pressing the space bar, and the Prom Queen has five different color options to choose from.

And remember, you can costumize all or part of these costumes to create your own unique look. You might even invent a costume that no one in Poptropica has ever worn before!

Remember... VOTE BARD

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's a G-New ad!

There is another new add on main-street for Gnomeo and Juliet.

 After you ask Gnomeo whats wrong, he'll tell you that he would like you to bring a flower to Juliet.
 Dodge gnomes and flowers until u get to her.

The prizes are a gnome suit and a gnome that you can set on the ground!

There be a traitor in mah gnome army!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Guide to how to use "Yah Ninjah Skilzz!"

Poptropica Tips and Tricks: Mastering your ninja powers

In the course of playing through Red Dragon Island on Poptropica, your ninja training will teach you a few things. Like how to wall jump.

And how to throw a throwing star.

But a true ninja master will figure out that these moves can be combined.

Throwing stars (and smoke bombs, for that matter) from your perch high up on a wall can be the difference between success and failure when you infiltrate the samurai fortress. Use your skills wisely!

And remember... VOTE BARD!

VOTE BARD (and a new add)!

Villain Showdown: The Finals!

The votes are in, and only two Poptropica villains remain. Who do you think is the best Poptropica villain of them all?

Zeus vs. Binary Bard

Voting is now open in the sidebar. It will be open for a full week so you can make your choice.

As if you need an excuse to vote for Binary Bard...


 There is a new add on main-street. Its for the new Disney movie Lemonade Mouth.

 The first thing you do is find the five slips of paper hidden in the school.

 They are hidden:
1. By the Principle's Office
2. In-front of the lockers on the second floor.
3. By the lemonade machine on the top floor.
4. On top of a door on the right side of the second floor.
5. On top of the lemonade stand on the first floor.
Once you get these run up to the Mel's Lemonade Machine on the top floor. Press the buttons in this order 6, 3, 5, 2, 4. You'll get a key and can open the door to the stage.

 Click "I'll do it!"

 You then play a game that is the same as Guitar Hero.
 The prizes are a guitar and an epic suit.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How do you get 5 stars on Poptropica

This is how! Head on over to my Game Guide page! It's almost done so go on over and check it out! And I also apologize for my hit counter being down. I hope to get it back up soon.

They Lied to Us

Want a free month of Poptropica Membership?

You already knew that you could get a Poptropica Game Card and redeem it for 12 weeks of Poptropica Membership. But now, you can get an extra FREE MONTH of Membership when you buy a Poptropica Game Card at Target stores!

That's 12 weeks PLUS an extra month of Early Access to new Islands, and access to all of the costumes and Gold Cards in the Poptropica Store. This offer is only available for Game Cards purchased at Target.

And since we're in a free mood around here, here's a Red Dragon Island wallpaper that you can download, in two different sizes!

1024 x 768

1280 x 1024


avatar image

I was so excited and when i heard free membership. Well never mind. :/

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let the Semi-Finals... BEGIN

Villain Showdown: The Semi-Finals!

Only four villains remain in the semi-final round of the Poptropica Villain showdown. Who will meet in the finals? Your vote will decide!

Zeus vs. Captain Crawfish

El Mustachio Grande vs. Binary Bard

Voting is now open in the sidebar. You have until Monday to cast your votes!

The current leaders are Zeus and Binary Bard. Why Zeus? I don't know. I bet Binary Bard will be second.

Quick!!!!! Get out and vote for Captain Crawfish. Please! Do it for Fuzzy-B! Lol but really. Vot for CC!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Ten to Tally-Ho on to Red Dragon

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Red Dragon Island!

Several Poptropica Members have already become ninja masters and saved the day on the newest Poptropica Island, Red Dragon Island! These brave souls were even swifter and more ninja-y than the rest. Here are your first 10 players to finish Red Dragon Island.

1. Cool Monster

2. Jumpy Skull

3. Creepy Bubbles

4. Grey Icicle

5. Crazy Eagle

6. Busy Dragon

7. Clean Glove

8. Slippery Lizard

9. Dizzy Hippo

10. Curious Popper

Find out how to become a Member so you can play Red Dragon Island today!


Congrats you guys!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Red Dragon Guide

Written by Super Thunder and Icy Comet
Edited by Fuzzy-B
Go to Red Dragon Island if you aren’t already there. Go right, a bit, and there will be a tire swing in the background. Enter that yard. Jack and Annie will run to their tree house, and you’re free to do whatever you want. Go to the swing and cut the rope with a click of your mouse. Now, roll the tire all the way to the left side of the island until you get to the magic tree house.
Pick up the red glasses on the ground. Then, leave the tire directly under the tree, and jump. Go inside the tree house. Jack and Annie will be there, and give Jack the glasses. Walk to the left side of the tree house, and get the book titled  Frog Creek Pennsylvania: Home Town USA book. 
Now, go ask Annie how the tree house works. She’ll tell you to pick up a book, and get the book to her right, titled A Journey to Old Japan. Use it, and you’re off to Old Japan! You’ll arrive in Old Japan. Jack and Annie will go explore, and tell you that you need a kimono. Jack will give you a Magic Amulet to return to the tree house whenever you want.

Go left, and two guards will arrest you and send you to jail for not having a passport. Use the Magic Amulet. Go left again, but go into the Bonsai Shop. Talk to the lady, and she’ll give you a kimono. You’ll also get a passport. Exit, and go left past the guards. Annie and Jack will be caught and sent to prison. Oh no! Go left, past the crumbly village. When you find some stairs leading up, there will be a fish there. Get the fish.

Continue to go up, and there will be a chained door. Go right, and a letter will drop to you. Read the letter.

Go left some more, and you will pass another set of stairs, and three geishas. In a place with a lake, (left of the whole village) there will be a bag of Mortar. Get it. Go into the little hut made of bamboo, and talk to the old man. He’ll tell you that Basho is buying some eggs. Go right, past the geishas and the first set of stairs.

You should come to two samurai holding up five people. Help the samurai, by lining them up in order. For this next part, the people are 1,2,3,4, and 5. I will tell you who takes what place. Trade 5 and 4. Trade 4 and 1. Trade 3 and 4. The samurai will catch the guilty one, and send him away. And, in return, the samurai will give you a betting slip for the sumo wrestling match, and he says he’ll split his winnings with you.

Now go back to the crumbly bridge, and use your Mortar. Fixing the bridge is like a puzzle. Just put the bricks where they look like they belong. Once the little bridge is fixed, a really
muscled guy will run through. Go right, and pick up the Bonsai Scissors. Now go down, just below the bridge, to the guy fishing.

Use the rotten fish to try to catch the kappa. Light the wood in the bottom right, and click on the boulder to the left of the hole on the ground at the right. Shoot the beehive at the whole in the tree. Turn off the fire by clicking the wood again, light the lamp, and click on the rotten fish.  You’ve caught the kappa! Get up and go right, back to the Bonsai Shop. Go inside, and talk to the lady that gave you the kimono.

Help her by cutting the bonsai, which you must cut perfectly. Every single leaf. Once you’ve accomplished that, a guy will walk in. He wants to buy a bonsai, but they are overpriced. Get out of the shop and go the Sumo match which is located at the second stairs. Go inside. Once inside, talk to the wrestler’s manager. He’ll ask you to help him with signing autographs. All you have to do is copy down the pattern, step by step. Once you’re done with that, go talk to the other fighter, the one that looks scared.

He’ll ask you to take his place. What can you do? Take his place! Go fight. The way I did it was similar to Speeding Spike of Super Power Island. I just let him run after me, and soon, he got mad and slipped off the stage. Three mad samurai will come and tell you that they’re going to take you. Just then though, the old man from the hut will come. He is Basho! He says to meet him at his home.

Go to the hut, and he’ll tell you that he wants you to be his new student ninja. You’ll be starting training. Basho will give you some tools, and a Ninja Outfit. Put on the ninja outfit, and Basho will teach you how to use your tools.

Once you’re done with training, go to the wall next to his house. You’ll have to fix it, very much like the bridge. Then he’ll tell you he just needed it fixed. xD He’ll send you to save Jack and Annie, and to find the Shogun. Go right, past the geishas to the stairs. Go inside, and climb the wall. Go right. Keep on climbing, and ignore all obstacles.

At the top, go left. Use your Ninja Vision to see where the guards are.  Drop a bomb to blind them all. Go through the window, above the guard. You will have a few more rooms like this, and they all have the same goal: get the haiku piece, and the key. Keep on going through the doors, and when you get to the final one, you will read the haiku.

”Enter.” You will enter, and a ninja will tell you not to hurt him, or Jack and Annie, who are locked up hanging from the ceiling, will never get out. Using your stars, shoot it at the cage, and it’ll fall, bursting open.

You’ll be transported to the Cloud Dragon. You must climb the mountain, and get on the Cloud Dragon. The fight between the Cloud Dragon and the Red Dragon is simple. Shoot the Red Dragon, stop it from destroying the city, and recharge in the clouds. If you fail it, you can try again, give up, or try again easy. You won’t need to recharge, if you choose this. After this fight, you’ll be with Basho. Basho will explain that the Shogun is his brother.

He’ll apologize.Use the Amulet to get to the tree house. Then, use the Frog Creek Book, and you’ll arrive. Annie will give you your medallion and you will also receive 100 credits! 

Poptropica Toys

It is official. I found Poptropica action figures.

There is
3 in. Mini Figure Super Power 2 Pack
3 in. Mini Figure Spy 2 Pack
3 in. Mini Figure Shark Tooth 2 Pack
3 in. Mini Figure Skuldugery 2 Pack
6 in. Action Figure Astro-Knights
6 in. Action Figure Dr. Hare
6 in. Action Figure Rock Star
6 in. Action Figure Shark Boy
7 in. Plush Shark Boy
7 in. Plush Cool Boy
7 in. Plush Dr. Hare
30 in. Deluxe Toy Play Set  Inflatable Blimp

now who is the blog that does the research?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Red Dragon Island Preview and An... ACTION FIGURE?

You can watch the Red Dragon preview here.

And as you can see in this screen shot:
There is a little ninja head in the bottom corner. Just like in super power. I bet you can turn on and off your ninja skills. Also you can through ninja stars and use other ninja weapons. From what I've seen, Shuko (hand claws), Han bo (staff), katana (sword), shuriken (throwing star), And Kaginawa (grappling hook). Also i figured out about the ninja head. When you click on it 4 options pop up and The first is an eyeball. The second is a bomb. The third is a throwing star. And the fourth is a ?staff?

Also there is a new PCB post.

"Celebrating a tasty Island

After the launch of Red Dragon Island, which takes place mostly in old Japan, some of the Poptropica creators decided to celebrate with a Japanese lunch -- sushi!

Mmm-mmm! So delicious, you'd never guess that it was made out of raw fish.

No, not "Crawfish." Raw fish. Nobody noms Captain Crawfish!"

There is a reference in there to the Poptropica Help Blog in there. Try to find it. Also, is that a Dr. Hare toy/action-figure in the background???

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 PCB posts! 1 new Info Page! And 5 golden polls!



Dr. Hare for best villain!

Greetings, Poptropicans. Dr. Hare here.

From the deepest reaches of outer space, I am writing to correct a grave injustice currently being perpetrated on the Poptropica Creators' Blog. My minions have informed me that I am losing my matchup against Zeus. This must not stand!

I get it. If Zeus and I were to literally fight one another, yes, even I admit that it would not be a fair fight. His lightning bolts would zap my big pink ears clean off. Sure.

But that's not how you should be choosing. I ask you, which villain is more cunning? Whose evil schemes are more elaborate? Who has the better outfit? Dr. Hare, Dr. Hare, Dr. Hare!

As Poptropica's first super villain, and still the best, I am giving all Poptropicans one last chance to correct this grave mistake before voting closes tomorrow -- or else!


Red Dragon Island is now available!

Red Dragon Island is NOW AVAILABLE for Poptropica Members!

Head on over to Poptropica right now to play Red Dragon Island. And if you're not a Member, find out how to get Membership so you can play Red Dragon Island weeks before anyone else.


Also, now all of the Island Info Pages are now on one main source. It has a photo, description, video, and finally a scroll down menu to the rest of the islands.

And its official! the semi-finalists for greatest villain are Zeus, El Mustachio, Captain Crawfish, and Binary Bard. My guess is that it will come down to either Captain Crawfish and Binary Bard or Captain Crawfish and Mustachio.

Go and play my fellow Poptropicans!