Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Year 2013 in Poptropica: Part 1

Hello all! Was 2013 a crazy year, or what? I know for me it was! With a new year looming on the horizon, it’s always good to take a look back at what has happened in the previous year, and see what you may have missed! Between now and New Years, I am going to take you on a journey into the past, looking at Poptropica’s great leaps this year!!


January 1st: Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013. 2012 has seen some pretty major updates including new islands such as S.O.S., Vampire’s Curse, Twisted Thicket, Poptropolis Games, Wimpy Boardwalk, Lunar Colony, Super Villain, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Zomberry. Along with that, the Friends feature has been released and Members Only Bonus Quests are introduced!

January 2nd: Daily Pop posts (which later prove to be part of Night Watch Island) spark suspicion that Monster Carnival Island may be an upcoming island.

January 10th: It’s official. Zomberry Island is now out for everyone to play! Grab your flashlight and go find the cure for those zombies!

January 14th: After speculation of a “Mall Island” began to run wild, the newest Poptropica Island was announced, Night Watch Island.

January 16th: The trailer for Night Watch Island is released, with a first look at the island, including the burglar and snake.

January 17th: The Members Only items for Night Watch Island are released in the Poptropica Store.

January 18th: One of the most tragic events in the history of Poptroica, it is announced that the Poptropolis Games will sink!

January 20th: Some new Poptropica Books are found Amazon!

January 24th: The Poptropolis Games are gone forever…. or are they?

January 25th: Dr. Hare takes to the PCB to announce Dr. Hare’s Lair on LEGO CUUSOO.

January 27th: A new, never before seen Spy Costume is found.

January 30th: The PCB offers the first official preview of a new island.


 February 4th: We received our first LEGO CUUSOO prize, a new Dr. Hare wallpaper!

February 6th: We get our second preview for the newest island coming to Poptropica!

February 12th: The Zomberry Guide for the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app is released.

February 21st: Poptropica’s newest island, Night Watch, is released to members!

February 27th: The LEGO CUSSOO project reached 2,500 and we received our second prize, the Big Carrot Costume.


 March 4th: The PCB gives us our 3rd look at  the new unnamed island.

March 9th: The Creators accidentally release the name of the new island, and them remove it.

March 12th: The Croods Experience is released on Poptropica.

March 14th: Night Watch Island is released to everyone!

March 15th: Back Lot Island receives its formal announcement!

March 20th: The Back Lot Island Members Only Items are released.

March 23rd: A large amount of Virus Hunters Island images are already released.

March 29th: The prizes for the LEGO CUUSOO page reaching 5,000 supports are previewed, but not
released, on account of the page only having around 4,000 supporters.

Check back soon for Part 2 of The Year 2013 in Poptropica!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Time Tangled: Now with sound!

Yes, you read that correctly! Time Tangled Island, Poptropica's 3rd Island released has now become Poptropica's 4th Island released with sound!


 First appearing in 2008, Time Tangled Island has now become one of the first islands to receive sound effects and music! I must say, this is the best job yet on the music and sound effects. 

First, the sound effects are amazing. The creators really went all out on this one. Everything is absolutely perfect in regards to the sound effects! The music is also top notch! Every time period has it's own different soundtrack! The most amazing probably is the bad future. The song is both creepy, but perfect for the game! If you haven't had a chance to check out the new update take a look at the video bellow!

In other news, a new creator has surfaced. You may have seen him in Daily Pop previews. You may have seen him hiding in Zomberry Island. But you have never seen him like this! A creator who needs to learn how to spell!

avatar image
yo WASSUP poptropicans! gamer guy here ready to give u the hottest poptropica news and the freshest takes on the world of gaming.

a little bout me: i love 2 game, i game 24/7, and im probably the best gamer u know lol!

What a great guy! I can't wait to read skim through his other posts!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Our first look at some possible Mocktropica Island locations!!

A break from the news:
Hey everyone! I didn’t disappear, I have just been REALLY swamped with school work this semester but I’m finally having time to both play and blog! Don’t worry, I’m going to be very active from now on that I managed to get through this first semester of high school!

Back to the news!
With Mocktropica Island getting nearer and nearer, we may be getting our first look at what the inner workings of the Island will look like via the Daily Pop!

Mock3 - CopyMock2 - Copy
Mock1 - CopyMock4 - Copy

It looks like some of these resemble already established islands such as Twisted Thicket or Astro-Knights! Do you think that we will have to go into old islands and fix them? Some others look like we could either be creating new locations or maybe finishing locations. Either way, I think that these new locations shown in these previews will be pretty exciting!!
What do you think of these possible locations? How do you think that these locations will play into Mocktropica?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Virus Hunter Island Guide

Written by Samwow5
Edited by Fuzzy-B

When you land on Virus Hunter Island, go to the right of Main Street, past the video shop, and into the fitness center. Now, go to the left, past the pool, and click on the stretchy bands next to the weights. One will snap and give you a Resistance Band.

After you get thrown out, go to the bus stop. Climb up onto the nest and use your Resistance Band. Now, climb up and talk to the weird guy.

He says he thinks the government has set up shop where he’s at, and he wants you to go check out one of their vans. Leave the guy and go to the left, past the apartments, and over the brick wall.  Talk to the guy in the “Pizza Delivery Company aka PDC” truck. He’ll run away, and you’ll get a bag of Shredded Documents.

Now, run right and go back to the person on the roof. Piece everything together and go to the video store. Here’s what all of them should look like:


When you finish putting the shreds together, use the PDC ID badge that the guy on the roof gave you.

Enter the video store, show you badge, and go into the Staff Only area. Go down the elevator and talk to the lady with the goggles, Dr. Lange. 

Anyway, talk to Dr. Lange, who will tell you your badge is a phony, but she wants you to volunteer to help stop the virus. So you say yes, she shows you what the virus can do, and it’s REALLY creepy. She’ll type up a Dossier and also give you a Camera to record Joe Stockman (Patient Zero).

Leave the video store and go into that apartment building again. Rummage through the trash bin, and click on a couple different letters that have the name “Joe Stockman” on them.

Then go to the falafel place to the far right past Main Street. (Go right two streets until you see it at the very end.) The guy there says he has a huge order at Globochem. Now go to the Globochem Chemical Lab on Main Street. Run behind him when the panels open and go to the top floor. Talk to Joe and use your camera.

Now go back to Dr. Lange. Next, follow her, and she will reduce your size so small you’ll be able to fit inside Joe’s body. Now you’re doing a tutorial on what you should do inside the body. Here are the instructions:
  • Spacebar to shoot
  • Click to move
  • Click on ship to change weapon
Once you get inside Joe Stockman, go to the bottom right of his stomach and shoot this green thing with the special gun, and his ulcer will be cleaned from bacteria.

Now click a muscle in thin air near it and go to his right arm where it’s infected. Go look for the viruses.

The viruses take all your weapons away but will leave your gun. Now you need to find those weapons to continue. Go back into the blood stream, click the stomach (below the heart), and go up his esophagus.

Now you get out of your ship and go on foot. Ride these bubbles up to the top and head right.

Keep heading right until you reach a gold tooth. It has your shield on it!

Now, go back to your ship and enter the stomach again. Go all the way down to the bottom left corner and enter the intestines.

Once you reach the intestines, you’ll see a lot of blockage. Go through the intestines, shooting the blockage away by pressing the space bar.

When you reach the end of it, go down. You will reach the scariest thing in Poptropica ever!

Once you defeat this virus, you’ll get your laser scalpel back! Now, you’re able to cut through things!

Go right and cut through some fat/tissue and go into the bloodstream. Click on the heart and cut through some tissue when you get there. You will encounter another virus to fight! Make sure you’re using your laser scalpel, and rush to stab the virus when its “legs” are wide enough for you to go through. Be careful, you’ll lose health if you let the legs touch you. You can regain your health by hitting the blue or red cells!
Keep moving in and out and when you’ve stabbed it enough, it will run off. Follow it and cut through some more tissue, and keep stabbing him. After a certain amount of hits, he runs off again. Follow him again, cut through the tissue, and keep stabbing him. Now he runs for a final time, keep stabbing him, and he’s gone. You get the Coagulant!

Now, go back into the bloodstream and go to the right hand side. Shoot all the tissue hemorrhages.

After you do that, go back into the bloodstream. Go into the right arm/elbow and shoot all the tissues. When you finish all of them, go right at the end. Some viruses will come after you, and you’ll need to fight them off and shoot the tissues around you with the Coagulant. (refer to above picture for what the tissue looks like)
The viruses care about hurting the tissues more than hurting you, so shoot the tissues until they turn green, then shoot the sacs where the viruses come from (there’s two). When you finish shooting the sac, kill the remaining viruses that are trying to hurt you. Then shoot all the sacs again, and you will get the Electrobolt.

Once you get the Electrobolt, shoot the blue nerves while you’re leaving. It relieves Joe (Patient Zero) of his pain. Now go back into the bloodstream.

From there, go to the brain. When you get there, use your Electrobolt to get rid of the blue nerve. You’ll see this beastly virus that looks like it came out of a horror film.

Now here’s the tricky part. Your weapons don’t hurt the big virus. (However, you can defeat the little viruses it sends in your direction with your laser scalpel.)
Go left and use the Electrobolt (remember to press the space bar) with the blinking neuron. After it lets go, it will follow you. Connect it to the next one and so on until it reaches the virus and shocks it. Each time the big virus is shocked, it will move to a different area, and you’ll need to keep connecting the blinking neuron to the neuron the big virus is sitting on.)
Shock him 5 times and you’ll get the Gravity back. Now, use the Coagulant and shoot the tissues. After that, go back into the bloodstream, and into the mouth.

Once you’re inside the mouth, go down under the bottom teeth. You will reach the cavity. Keep poking it with your laser scalpel and the cavity will go away.

After you do that, go into the bloodstream again, and return to the heart. Go to the last place where you fought the virus. Continue going up, and go right, and enter the center of the heart. (The last virus you fought was right on the outside of the heart). When you get inside the heart, there’s another virus. Keep hitting its arm while it’s on the alveolar sacs, which will eventually fall off, and the virus will explode.

Once you take off all the virus’s arms, Joe will sneeze you out and you’ll get your medallion from Dr. Lange! Congrats – you’ve completed Virus Hunter Island!

Bonus Quest (members only)

Go to the Knave’s landing. A dog will run away from its owner. The owner will say that her dog, Belle, has been acting strange ever since she ate rubbish from the trash. She’ll ask you to help her dog, and you will get what she ate out of – it’s something with the PDC’s initials on it!

Go to the PDC lab and talk to Dr. Lange. She’ll tell you about why the dog has been acting in a frenzy. It seems as if she ate the PDC’s heartworms, which were thrown away! (Ugh,not again!)
So you get out and go to the falafel place.The guy will give you some leftovers. Feed them to Belle, and you’ll be in the dog’s body. Now, near her upper canine teeth, there’ll be some wounds. Cure them with your curing thingy. Go right. There will be two green long swiping things, probably a result of the heartworms. Speaking of the very devil, the heartworms are blocking a tunnel down right.

You will have to hit the thingies first with your gun to make them disappear, then the heartworms will go. But not all of them! Continue right through a tunnel to a stomach. Use the laser to go through the fat, and go through the ‘Pop Chow’ by shooting it with your gun. Soon you’ll reach a tunnel for the intestines. Go through it.

You will be in a maze of nerves. There will be nerves of different colors which will open paths with the door of their same color, but may close another one with the same color. Go through that and experiment with it. Kill all the green swinging things with your gun. After you reach a dead end, go back through it and exit. Then go and exit the stomach.

Then the heartworms will stop blocking the passage, and you can go into the lungs (yes, already). There will be smaller worms.

So you shall have to shoot at them from near their holes. They may escape from one hole to another, but then just switch holes! After you shoot all of them, a small tunnel will open up. Go through it for the final final battle, this time in the heart. When you enter, you’ll meet the center of the heartworm. Shoot at its four parts till it sprouts.

Shoot at the sprouts from a safe distance. Then the white cells will finish it off! The heartworm is contained! A blue tunnel will open up which will take you back to the mouth. Then, exit the mouth, and you’ll arrive back safely on Main Street. The girl will thank you, and Dr. Lange will reward you with the Ace Pilot costume. Congrats, you’re done!

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Race to 10,000!

Hey guys, after two week of no WiFi (our WiFi carrier is awful) I finally got it fixed! What do I see when I get back?
This is what I see!

The new Dr. Hare Light and Shadow Outfits! The Creators also had this to say;
It's been a long road, but at last we've done it. We've reached 10,000 supporters for our LEGO CUUSOO project!

Now, it's up to our friends at LEGO to review the project and decide it's something they want to move ahead with. We hope they do. If not, we still had a great time working on "Dr. Hare's Lair," and we enjoyed being able to share it with you.
 Congratulations to everyone who voted and made this possible.
...And the award for most evil looking Dr. Hare goes to Shadow Dr. Hare!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Avengers Assemble!

The  Non-Stop Summer advertisement has been updated again! For a limited time, you can transform yourself into a giant green rage monster! All you have to do is watch a preview for the new Disney XD show Hulk and the agents of S.M.A.S.H.! You will want to click on A-Bomb (the giant blue guy standing beside the video) before watching the video. I will explain more about that later. Once the video is over, you receive the Giant Green Hulk Power.

But that's not all! Once you have won the Kickin' It game, the Randy Cunningham game, obtained the Crazy Helmet item from the Porta-Party room, and talked to A-Bomb (the big blue guy standing beside the Hulk video) you receive the special bonus prize, which is.... drum roll please.... the Iron Man Outfit!

As always, once you click on the "hulk size" button or the "make me a hero" button, you will put on the Hulk or Iron Man costumes, but you will return back to what you were wearing before when you enter a new room/area. That means if you want to be able to wear the costumes anywhere you go, you have to press Ctrl + Shift + S, but be warned, this will do away with what you were already wearing and replace it with the Hulk or Iron Man costumes.

The Avengers can now assemble on Poptropica with Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man all being available as costumes! I have been waiting for this for so long! Which is your favorite? I really like the Iron Man outfit.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A virus is nothing to sneeze at!

Hey guys, I'm back from camp and it looks like there have been some new items released in the store!

The first appears to be the last of the Members Bonus Items. With the all new sneezing power you can... wait for it... make people sneeze? That's pretty cool I guess...?

Next up the is not very popular game amazing new game Nano-Training! You get to fly around in a little ship thing and battle little robots. I love Thunder Volt and I don't even really like this game... But it is growing on me...

Also, if you haven't had a chance to check it out, here is a video of the game play thanks to Captain Crawfish.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Virus Hunter Bonus Items!

With the release of Virus Hunter Island nearing closer every day, we are seeing the release of the Member's Only bonus items!
First, we have the Virtual Virus Costume,  which lets you become the virus. Having four creepy legs, crawling around on everything. Eekk!The costume is broken up into two parts, the head which acts as a helmet, and the body, which gives you those four creepy legs.

Next is the Inside-Out Power. This lets you see deeper inside yourself than you have ever seen before. You can use this power to turn both yourself and others turned inside out!

The sneezing powder is still on the way, so be on the look out!

Friday, July 5, 2013

The lost levels of Poptropica (Multiverse 2.0)

All this week the Daily Pop has been filled with images of what appear to be unused Multiverse rooms accompanied by the caption "One of the lost levels of Poptropica." They are compiled below.

Ice House

Country Cabin

Fantasy Forest
Future Fest
Water World

 Most of these "lost levels" has a very close connection to an already existing Multiverse room. The "ice house" bears a very close resemblance to the Crystal Cavern mixed with the Ice Planet from Astro-Knights. The "country cabin" could be an early idea for what would become Sweet Tooth. The "fantasy forest" is basically almost the exact same as the Enchanted Forest. The "future fest" could possibly be connected to the Big Brain Factory. What do you think of these lost levels of Poptropica?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Special: Captain America Costume

First off, to all those who are celebrating today, have a great 4th of July!
It appears that Poptropica is also celebrating giving out a special prize that is perfect for today! A Captain America costume!

The Disney XD Non-Stop Summer advertisement building had been updated to include the preview for the new Disney XD series Avengers Assemble, premering this Sunday at 11AM/10 Central.

Once you watch the video, you receive the new Captain America Outfit! When you click on the “make me a hero” button, you are inserted into Captain America’s costume, but you will return back to what you were wearing before when you enter a new room/area. That means if you want to be able to wear the costume anywhere you go you have to press Ctrl + Shift + S, but be warned, this will do away with what you were already wearing and replace it with the Captain America Outfit!

The Creators also posted a reminder that no 4th of July celebration is complete without fireworks! You can head on over to the Poptropica Store and pick up the gold card now!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Return of the Poptropolis Games and Beta Carrotene update news!

There have been some new Daily Pops that have been getting some attention. It appears that they are previewing the return of Poptropolis Island!

plant your flag
Plant your flag – …which is kind of hard to do when there’s no solid ground around.

Salvage Operation – There are a lot of treasures at the bottom of the sea.
Splashdown- Take a dip in the pool on a hot summers day.

Perhaps the return of the Poptropolis Games is coming in the near future! If it is, it looks like there is going to be some new game-play other than what was there before.

In other news the Creators have been tweaking on Beta Carrotene! They have been working on improving things such as...
  • Fixing the entrance to the sewer that was giving lots of players fits
  • Improving the inventory so that it's easier to put on the drone ears
  • Eliminating jittery performance in the smelter
That's not the only big news going around about Beta Carrotene though! Thanks to HPuterpop for the find!

Here are the instructions for this to work. First, open a new tab and log into Poptrpoica. Once you have logged in, open this link in a new tab and enjoy Beta Carrotene!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Legends of Chima Advertisement

There is a new advertisement on the Main Streets of Poptropica! It appears that players up to 14 years of age have access to this new advertisement. This new ad I keep talking about is of course for the new show LEGO Legends of Chima, premiering July 10th on Cartoon Network.

Once you enter the advertisement you are challenged to a Chima battle. You have to aim and launch your "speedorz" to get the chi, which is basically a blue floating orb. You get 5 chances per stage and once you win all three stages you get the Speedor Power and Laval Costume!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cute or Creepy?

Since "Dr Hare's Lair" is still needs over 2,000 supports, we have a new Dr. Hare themed insensitive to vote! To "help you visualize just how cool a Dr. Hare Lego set would be" the creators have released this new Dr. Hare Paper Craft!

So, cute or creepy? You be judge when you put it together yourself!

Now to some Daily Pop preview news. It appears that there are some sneak peaks floating around that could possibly be Mocktropica Island or another yet to be announced island. 

The first two appear to be of someone navigating a lava flow. The second appears to be of an octopus(?) and the third looks like the inside of a computer. So, Mocktropica or something new? Only time will tell what islands these are sneaks peaks of.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Two Despicable New Ads!

Scroll down for our 24 Carrot Island: Beta Carrotene review!

Get your fart guns ready, because there are two new advertisement buildings on Poptropica!


First off, there is a new ad for Despicable Me 2, in theaters July 3rd.
Inside the building there are three different games you can play.  The first of which is Bee-Do: The Emergency Minion response game. This game is very similar to the old game Donkey Kong. You have to climb up through Gru’s lab using the arrow keys and put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. Make sure to dodge the falling cups that come at you! Pick up cupcakes, unicorns, and bananas for bonus points.  Your prize is your very own Minion Costume!

DM2aThe next game is a training mission from Lucy, and agent of AVL. This game is like a scavenger hunt.  You have to find four items that have been scattered throughout the mall.  They are a lipstick taser, a blue car, a freeze ray, and an AVL badge. You are provided with a radar which shows you where all of the items are located so it isn’t too difficult. Once all four are found you win the Lipstick Taser Power which lets you give other Poptropicans a little shock and the Fart Gun Power which lets you knock over other Poptropicans with that gnarly stink.

The last game is Bop-a-Minion. It is very similar to Wac-a-Mole. You have to hit the minions as they pop up. Hitting minions holding coins will earn you in game money towards unlocking new minions to bop. Minions holding a 200 sign are worth 200 bonus points. Make sure not to hit minions holding bombs because that will mean game over for you. Your prize for this game is the Freeze Ray Power which lets you freeze other Poptropicans in blocks of ice!


Next is a new building for Disnney XD’s Non-Stop Summer. Once you enter the building on Steamworks Island you can hop on a bike and make your way to the adventure. Once you have won all of the games, you get a special bonus prize, but that will have to wait until July 8th when the last game is released.
I see, it’s clever because the bike tires make an infinity sign.

The first stop on this summer road trip is at the Kickin’ It: Race the Black Dragons game. This game is a plain old race to the finish. Beat the Red Dragon bike to the finish by hitting green speed boosts and dodging puddles and pot holes. If you win you earn the Kickin’ It High Kick Power!

Next up on our road trip is the Crash and Bernstein Burp Along game. Hit the arrow keys in the correct order to copy Bernstein’s burp pattern. Once you match him burp for burp six times you win the Crash Follower.

The last stop on our road trip as at the Lab Rats: Virus Eddie game. This is a matching game, so you have to find and match both of pictures of each character. Once you have matched all four pairs you win the Adam’s Laser Vision Power which lets you shoot optic blasts where ever you point your mouse.


Which mini-game is your favorite to play? I personally enjoyed the Bop-a-Minion.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

24 Carrot Island: Beta Carrotene Review

I cannot give enough praise to the Creators for this new update. Even being in a beta test phase right now, it is amazing enough for a complete release. The visual and audio aspects are both stunning and really add something to the experience of playing Poptropica. The following is a review and description of each new feature, followed by a video I took of the highlights from both the music and sound effects, so if you haven’t had a chance to experience the Beta Carrotene update to 24 Carrot Island, make sure to check out the video and see what it has to offer.

Larger Screen
While Poptropica might not be in full-fledged HD this larger screen sure comes close. It may just be because of the game screen being nearly full screen but it feels like an HD experience. The images are crisper and the way your character interacts with the back ground makes it feel like you are playing an entirely new game.

Improved Menu

The improved menu offers an options section where you can turn the music and sound effects volumes up and down along with editing the dialog speed. There is also just a plain old mute button for if you want to play without the music and sound (which wouldn’t be a good idea). The new upgrade to the already established functions like Items and Friends also is a great step forward for Poptropica. You can see the new features in action in the video below. I highly suggest you watch the new items inventory in action.

Sound Track
I cannot begin to describe how amazing the sound track is. The music while piloting Dr. Hare’s Rabbot and once you get back to Main Street is astounding. The sound effects go above and beyond what would be expected. You can check out the amazingness that is the new sound track in the video below.

Final Rating
Yes, there are some glitches, your character may go the wrong direction at some point, it may freeze once or twice, but nothing that severely effects the game play.
8.5/10   B+

Friday, June 21, 2013

Journey to the center of Carl

Hey there!
This week has given us some new looks at Virus Hunter Island and the currently unnamed battle bot island (possibly Mocktropica Island).

First off we got a look at a marvelous hero preparing to save Poptropica from the evil lurking within (literally).
Later, we were able to confirm that this was in fact a screen shot from… wait for it… the trailer for Virus Hunter which you can view below.

At the end we get a statement that Poptropica is “now in sound” which seems to confirm that not only this island will be released in sound, but that all of the previous islands can be looking for a full sound makeover in the possibly not so distant future.


The Daily Pop has also offered up some previews at what we can expect from this upcoming battle bot adventure.


The first preview appears to show a bot in action and the second appears to show  something that could possibly be a battle arena surrounded by on watching battle bots. I am getting very, very excited about how these battle bots are going to fit into a story. Is it just me, or are these journeys inside of bodies and giant battling robots reminding you of Jimmy Neutron too?