Thursday, August 2, 2012

Have I Seen This Before?

When I saw the new PCB post today I thought it looked familiar...

Man in the moon

I wonder if he's up here somewhere...  

avatar image
 The the device in the bottom left corner of the new PCB post is the EMF Detector from Ghost Story.
...This island will be awesome!!

In some bigger news, there appears to be a new Island with an old face coming soon. First, remember how the last four or five Daily Pop posts have been about art? Check out this one!

I know what you are thinking... Just more art, this time it's just been painted on by a vandal...
What I have to say to that is yes, you are completely right. But there is something hidden that is very important. Look at the top and you see these...
I know the photo is grainy because of being zoomed in but you can still see the important part! The bottom picture appears to be of Black Widow's hair and the top photo is of Black Widow herself! You can clearly see her lips, hair, and the top of her signature hourglass symbol.
This means that the Black Widow will at least have her likeness in whatever this is a preview for, and this could lead to two things.

1. An island that is a sequel to Counterfeit island.
2. A Mini-Quest that is a sequel to a Counterfeit Island.

The first would be cool, but probably won't happen. You never know though, Counterfeit was the first Island to have another Island in the plot so it might be the first Island to have an Island as a sequel. An island based on Black Widow herself could be pretty awesome, but most likely will not happen.

The second is the most likely way that the Black Widow will be brought back to Poptropica in a new way. We all remember Dr. Hare's Secret Lab, the Mini-Quest that was a sequel to 24 Carrot Island. I am betting that there will be a new Mini-Quest in the next couple of months about Black Widow, art, and possibly France (the setting of Counterfiet Island).

What do you think about Black Widow reappearing in the  Daily Pop? Comment and tell me!

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