Thursday, August 23, 2012

Binary Bard and something worse...

There are two new PCB post that show that Binary Bard is returning for this new "Super Villain Island" that should be coming out soon and something that could possibly be even more evil!

The race to erase

Looks like someone is attempting to rub out Poptropica as we know it. But you're not going to let that happen, are you?

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So we see here a person with a pencil erasing Poptropica!  That isn't good! Also this isn't a regular Poptropican, the shoes, the goggles, the costume, all not Poptropican...

Also Binary Bard is returning!

Another piece of the puzzle

Did you think we would just go away quietly? In your dreams! We have big things planned, my friends. Big things.


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First off, due to the rust effect on the right, this is the last one, which means that we should see a
"Super Villain Island" announcement soon... 

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