Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why should I be a Poptropica Superstar?

Poptropica Superstars: Grey Icicle

Introducing another Poptropica Superstar: Grey Icicle!

Not to be confused with our first Poptropica Superstar, Grey Icicle is nevertheless a dedicated player who you've seen most recently as one of the first 10 finishers of Shrink Ray Island. Grey Icicle has been playing Poptropica for over 2 years, and in that time has torn through some of our toughest islands within days of their release. He's also won 93 games of Skydive!

Grey Icicle, congratulations on being a Poptropica Superstar!

Why should I be a superstar? I've been playing for over two years, have a five-star account, have won Sky Dive 200 times, have won Hoops 100 times, have won all of the isands (including the first ten, ten times), have won all of the Mini-Quests, and run a successful blog, etc.



  1. It looks like you should be Poptropica King! You Rock! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you. I always appreciate positive feed back.