Monday, July 11, 2011

Two new adds...

... Both with no plot. The first, go to a main-street (Shark Tooth) and watch the commercial for the new movie "The Smurfs" and you will get an awesome smurf suit! The second is an add building for Fijit Friends. You can learn more about them here. Even though it is a building, it is an info building, not a mini-quest building. You can walk in and get a suit and your very own Fijit Friend for your Poptropican. You can even be a Fijit Friend holding a Fijit Friend. I took some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Awesome new Smurf Suit

Outside the Fijit House

Kinda girly, isn't it?

Your Fijit Suit

What you click on to get your own Fijit

Your Fijit

Mah epic Fijit!

Brought to you by the Fuzzy-B research team.

And remember to look below for the free Hardee's Code!

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