Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shrink Ray Island is nearing it's release.

Shrinking the days away

The dog days of summer keep dragging along. Shrink Ray Island will be available for all to play on Thursday, July 28. But if you're a Poptropica Member, you can play it right now!

Even if you're not a Member, you can still try out the opening portion of the Island by visiting your travel map and heading to Shrink Ray Island. You can also keep playing the Shrink Shot game.

No matter what you choose to do, there's lots of tiny fun you can have on Poptropica this summer!

And there is another smurf add! You have to look for all of the Smurfs, and they will give you a piece of a telescope, when you have all of the pieces,  you can choose the correct telescope and get your free prize. here are the locations:

The first is on the bottom floor on the left.
The second is on the second floor, to the right.

Papa Smurf is in the middle of the second floor.

The next is up the snake rope, on the castle.

Next, he is at the top of the rope by Smurfet.

The final smurf is on the rocket, above the telescopes.

This is the prize after selecting the correct telescope/

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