Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Follow up to post "Interesting...."

Follow up to post "Interesting...."

Remember when I posted that in the store's "Stats" section that when you scrolled over the Skullduggery Medallion it said "Trade"
Well right after posting that they quickly changed it to Skullduggery. Look.

And today they changed it again to where it shows completions. The confusing part is that you can't win an island more than once (with the exception of RTV) so are they going to change that so it can show multiple completion? Also, look at the pictures bellow to see something else confusing.
19 Wins

1 Completion?
Now isn't that odd?

Brought to you by the best research team on Poptropica, Fuzzy-B's Research team.

UPDATE: On the Creators Blog they posted that you can now restart islands. I called it before they did. Now that's what I call research. I'll post the creators post tomorrow .

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