Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's finaly here!

One of Poptropica's most requested features is finally here. Now, you can replay any Poptropica Island as much as you want!

Just visit the map screen on the Island you want to restart, and press the round "RESTART ISLAND" button in the bottom lefthand corner. Presto! Your adventure begins anew.

If you've already completed an Island and earned that Island's Medallion, never fear! You won't lose it. Your Medallion will still appear on the Stats screen. Plus, when you move your cursor over your Island Medallions on the Stats screen, you'll even see how many times you've completed each Island.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start your Poptropica adventure all over again!

See, this is just what I predicted yesterday! Now if you have a glitch account (or can't get the Red Dragon boss to set to easy ;)) Now you can restart! In other news...

Look what i found in the Creators blog
"Friday, August 21, 2009

Mr. Popular

Here are the results of the latest poll.
And, it's official. I am the greatest villain in the world!


And I didn't even have to hack the results.
Binary Bard9348 (44%)
The Great Booga3589 (16%)
Director D2647 (12%)
Dr. Hare1627 (7%)
Betty Jetty1282 (6%)
Copy Cat907 (4%)
Speeding Spike691 (3%)
Sir Rebral423 (2%)
Crusher381 (1%)
Ratman229 (1%)
Total Votes21124 (100%)
avatar image

It turns out that recently wasn't the first time Binary Bard had been voted the best villain.  He has a knack for it. This is just a fun fact :))

Brought to you by the Fuzzy-B research team.

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