Friday, July 1, 2011

It was Shark Boy, in the Daiy Pop, with the Pencil!

New island revealed! Do you remember last month when I posted multiple pictures from the Daily Pop about a train and said I thought it was a train mystery whodunit Island? Well it appears that I was correct. Get reaady to put your Sherlock Homes hat on and figure out who done it.
Look at the Red Boxed area. It reads "Whodunit: Who, indeed."

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Shrink Ray Island!

Finishing Shrink Ray Island is no small task. These 10 Poptropicans went above and beyond, becoming the first to complete the quest!

1. Funny Lobster

2. Super Fox

3. Curious Popper

4. Squeezy Hamburger

5. Prickly Spider

6. Crazy Dolphin

7. Fearless Tornado

8. Sleepy Horse

9. Silver Foot

10. Grey Icicle

We can't wait to see many more of you solving the mystery of the Shrink Ray gun and earning that Island Medallion.


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