Friday, July 15, 2011

Sporty Boa, Congrats

Poptropica Superstars: Sporty Boa

Introducing our last Poptropica Superstar for the week: Sporty Boa!

Sporty Boa is a longtime Poptropica Member who was among the first to finish Shrink Ray Island. She's also an expert Star Link player, with a lifetime record of 29 wins and only 2 losses! You might want to think twice before accepting that challenge in a common room.

Congratulations, Sporty Boa, on being today's Poptropica Superstar!

We'll be sure to feature more Poptropica Superstars in the future, so keep an eye out. The next Poptropica Superstar could be you!

Also, go on over and check out my new Rare Items page. Also, if you have a pic. of a Poptropican holding a Hot Dog, please comment with a link of to the pic or character with the Poptropican holding a Hot Dog.


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