Thursday, July 26, 2012

The World is a Vampire

Today the Creator featuring his favorite island is Comic Kid!

Creators' favorite Islands: Comic Kid's picks

We're sharing the Poptropica creators' picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Comic Kid.

I really loved the spooky yet fun feel to this island. I love Eastern Europe so designing the village and parts of the castle was quite a treat for me and I had fun all the while. Plus, who doesn't want to be a bat and fly around? Talk about awesome!

Another genre I appreciate a lot is that of the cowboy and the Wild West. The building designs for this island were really fun to create and see developed. I really liked the sunset setting for Dusty Gulch, the island's Main Street. In fact, I love all the towns for this island!

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He is the first creator to choose two islands and to choose them for design, rather than play, reasons.
Good for you Comic Kid!
Remember to check back soon for the directions on how to win the 50,000 Hits Contest and...

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