Monday, July 23, 2012

Lunar Colony Info

I was checking the Lunar Colony Info Page when I saw it had been updated!

An abandoned space station. A missing astronaut. A signal from beyond the stars. Blast off for a Poptropica adventure like no other! Get ready to explore the secrets of the lunar surface, and uncover a mystery as old as the cosmos...
Lunar Colony Bonus QuestIsland Bonus Quest
You've returned to earth just in time to receive a new transmission. Can you crack the code and translate the alien message? Find out how to get Membership now!
Members Only Items
Members get an additional Lunar Colony gear pack, which includes Zaggy Moondust costume, Alien Archaeology power, and Moon Rock item. The Zaggy Moondust costume is ONLY available during Early Access!

 It all makes more sense now! Comment and tell me what you think!

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