Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Favorite Island Contest

With the Creators all posting their favorite island I was wondering which island is your favorite!
I will post a series of  polls and you guys can vote on which is your favorite. This will work kind of  like a bracket. After each round I will update this page with the winners so make sure to go to the "Contests" page and find the "Favorite Island Contest" link to come back here and check out the current standings!

Round One:
Early Poptropica
Shark Tooth
Time Tangled
24 Carrot - Round One Winner

Round Two:
Super Power
Spy - Round Two Winner
Big Nate

Round Three:
Astro-Kinghts - Round Three Winner
Reality T.V.

Round Four:
Skullduggery - Round Four Winner
Great Pumpkin

Round Five:
Wild West - Round Five Winner
Wimpy Wonderland
Red Dragon
Shrink Ray

Round Six:
Mystery Train
Game Show
Ghost Story - Round Six Winner

Round Seven:
Vampires Curse
Twisted Thicket
Poptropolis Games
Wimpy Boardwalk - Round Seven Winner

Wild Card:
(Second Place From Each Round)
Time Tangled
Super Power
Mythology - Wild Card Winner
Shrink Ray
Mystery Train
Poptropolis Games

Round Eight:
24 Carrot
Astro-Knights - Round Eight Winner

Round Nine:
Wild West
Ghost Story
Wimpy Boardwalk - Round Nine Winner

The Finals:
Wimpy Boardwalk

1 comment:

  1. It is in the lead to be the winner!
    If you want it to win, tell all of your friends to come here and vote!