Monday, March 11, 2013

The Croods... Experience!

There is a new “experience” advertisement located on Shark Tooth Island. This thing is so big that it is worthy of a post on the Creator’s Blog!

The Croods are on Poptropica!

An adventure of pre-historic proportions is landing on Poptropica!
If you visit Shark Tooth Island, you will have the opportunity to enter the world of The Croods, in theaters March 22. In this experience, you can explore some spectacular new locations…
…meet new friends…
…and try out new costumes and powers!
The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world’s first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. In search of a new home, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures — and their outlook is changed forever.
In Theaters MARCH 22. Visit Movie Site
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When you first click on the building to enter, you have a choice of three common rooms to enter… the Jungle Room, the Tree Top Room, and Sun-Lit Room! Before entering you get a short description of some of the characters.
Once in the first room, the Jungle Room, you can head to the right to get Belt’s Da Da Daa power and Eep’s Music Shell. Belt’s power shows a cut screen with Belt saying “Da Da Daa!” Eep’s item is a hand held item. When you press the space bar, you bring it up to your mouth and blow through it. You can also head to the top to watch the punch monkeys do their thing (as seen in the 3rd photo in the creators blog post), or check out the costume!

The second room, the Tree Top Room, has a beautiful view of the stars. You can head to the right to get the Sandy’s Speed Crawl power and the Gran’s Amazing Cane Item. The Sandy’s Speed Crawl power makes you run across the screen on all fours. Gran’s Cane is a hand held item. When you press the space bar, it spins around. You can also head to the top to see some shooting stars, or head to the top left where it says “click here for costumes.”

This then sends you to the last room, the Sun-Lit Room. In here you can go to the left where you can get the Douglas’ Stick Trick Power, which gives you a hand held stick that is thrown when you press the space bar and returned to you by Douglas. The Grug’s Super Punch Power lets you super punch the ground when you press the space bar. Also go to the top and watch the Macawnivore attack, or head to the left and get the two costumes!

So which of the Powers/Prizes/Rooms/Costumes is your favorite?

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