Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Adventures of Captain Lightning: Episode 12

Episode 12: Into the Fire Part One

May 14th:
The team was on their way to Shrink Ray Island, the home Island of Captain, to go through the portal. They were going to go into the depths of the Fire Planet to stop the Xenon-8 and close the portal for good. The situation was tense. The five men sat quietly in the Professors helicopter. They were about to try something incredibly dangerous. Some of them may not make it back. Once Shrink Ray came into view the men prepared for the jump. They were going to parachute in, with the island being too dangerous to land on. It was completely overrun by the Xenon-8. They were everywhere. It was their base camp on Planet Poptropica. As the drop zone came into place the five jumped out of the chopper. As they floated silently down to the island in the dead of night they were all going over the plan in their heads. Captain and Booth were going to go straight for the leader, while the three knights districted the rest of the Xenon-8 and gave them cover. The plan seemed easy enough, but once I the portal, you can only be in for 24 hours until you can’t go back through. They couldn’t make it on the enemy planet for the amount of time it would take to launch a rescue shuttle from Lunar Colony Island. This was to be for the fate of the world. They landed on the island silently. As they snuck towards the portal they saw the Xenon-8 planting some sort of fruit. There was a sign over it that said
Captain took a photo with his helmet and continued on. These plants were to become the source of one of the greatest pandemics in the history of Poptropica, but that is another story.

Continuing on, the team saw that the apartments were completely destroyed. There was nothing left but rubble. In the center of it was the portal. As the team snuck towards it they noticed an awful smell. It was the smell of sulfur, coming from the portal. It really was the fire planet. They make it to the portal. A blue disk floating in the air. Once you were close enough to it, you could barely make out the outline of a volcano. This was their destination. They one by one went through and arrived on the home of the enemy. They stared their watches, knowing that they only had 24 hours. Once they were on the planet they descended into the volcano. Farther and farther down they went, seeing what appeared to be a castle built in the bowls of the volcano. As they neared to entrance they stopped and talked about the plan.
“Knights, you remain outside and cover me and Booth as we confront the Alien leader and take the portal controller. Once we have it we will get back on this side of the portal and close it up. Clear?”
“Good, now let’s go!”
Captain and Booth ran into the castle while the knights stayed outside, waiting on the reinforcements to come. Navigating the halls, Captain knew where to go; he followed the noise, a noise he hadn’t heard since he gained his powers. They continued to run until they saw a huge door. They quietly opened it and walked in. As soon as they were inside, there was a huge bang.

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