Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Adventures of Captain Lightning: Episode 11

Episode 11: The Knight Before the Dawn

May 13th:
Captain and Booth were on the way to Astro-Knights Island. Captain had just learned that he had to go into the portal to the Fire Planet to shut down the portal for good. There was no other way to close it and save the day. He couldn’t do it by himself; he knew that, so a team was being formed to help him. At this point there was only Captain, and now Booth von Rose, an alien hunter. Now they are on their way to Astro-Knights Island to get three other men to join their group, three men that had already been into space. One of them had already been on the fire planet. Sir Cador, Sir Pelleas, and Sir Gawain. The three knights. These are the only three men on the planet with experience in space battle. They had arrived. Astro-Knights looked a lot better then the photos he had seen. They were all of the island smoking, in the wake of an alien attack, but at this point everything was rebuilt and in amazing shape! As they walked to the castle, they were getting strange stairs. They were very different from everyone else on this island. Once they finally got to the castle they walked in and went to the throne room. Here, they found the three knights and approached them.
“Sirs, we greatly need your help.”
Captain went on to explain all about the situation that they were in, and who they were. Once the urgency of the matter had been explained the knights walked off to talk. When they returned, they had an answer.
“We shall accompany you on this quest of yours to save the royal highness of Arthurus from impending invasion.”
“Thank you.”
They now headed back to the lab to begin this final charge against the Xenon-8. When captain walked in he saw a new suit, somewhat like his, hanging up. This one seemed more technologically advanced, with metal armor and a helmet with a visual display.
“It’s and upgraded suit. If you’re going to go to the Fire Planet and face the Xenon-8 leader then you’re going to need something to protect yourself and give you a visual display of what is happening.” The Professor was busy working on the suit.
“Great, now where do we go?”
“To the portal. You must go through it.”
“Where is the portal?”
“In your old apartment building.”

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