Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Island - A journey inside the body

I was checking through the Daily Pop when I found three new previews that caught my attention. It appears that three is a new island coming up, one that will take us inside the body!

So what? Well in the first image we see that the mini-ship is called Panacea. The definition of Panacea is a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all.
Thanks for that. So is this this ship the cure for the Virus and Bacteria (?) we see in the other  2 previews? So are you ready to take a journey inside the body of a (possibly) sick Poptropican? 
What could this be called? Shrink Ray Island ?  Only time will tell what this is all about!


  1. Well,I see a tomatoes...

  2. I think this guy was attacked by a zombie and we need to cure him in this island. Or maybe a zombies body.

  3. The name is Virus Hunter Island.
    Go to, and you will be redirected to!