Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Adventures of Captain Lightning: Episode 10

Episode 10: Booth of Opportunity

May 11th:
Once Captain made it back to the lab to get his suit repaired, there was awful news waiting on him.
“There is some bad news coming your way.”
“What now?”
“There is a complication about the portal, you need to close it now.”
“But I don’t have all of the Xenon-8!”
“Yes, but if you don’t close it now, it will never be closed.”
“So, take me there so we can close it.”
“Well, to close it…”
“What do I have to do?” Captain was getting angry.
“You will have to go into the portal, and on to the fire planet. You will have to find the Xenon-8 Leader and take the portal controls from him. Once you are in you have 24 hours to get in, get the controls, and get back out to close it before your electrons become trapped. That’s why we can’t send the Xenon-8 back through the portal.”
“So I have to go into the belly of the beast, onto the Fire Planet to shut off the portal. And that I have to get there and back, finding, and taking a portal controller from their leader, in a day?”
“No, I didn’t sign up for this.”
“You have to; you are the only one that can save us. Their plan is that they will come, and take all of us to their planet, making us mine radioactive rocks to power their world. If you have a team you can do this quite well! I have already gotten a team ready to help you. You can do this!”
“And how do you know this?”
“You don’t know everything, and there is a reason for that!”
This is when the door to the lab busted open and Xenon-8 busted in. There were so many of them. At least a hundred had found them. Captain grabbed spare wings from the wall and strapped them on, preparing to blast off a new man jumped into the lab after the aliens. He was very prepared, he had weapons that seemed specifically made for these things, slicing through them with ease. He seemed to mow them down as fast as they could get to him. This man with a handle bar mustache and a scar on his face obviously knew what he was doing. He had done this before. This man must be part of the team being formed. No matter how much they fought back, they were about to be over run. As they ran out the back he closer examined the man.
“Who are you?”
“I’m Booth von Rose.”
“So your part of the team that is going to help me?”
“That’s what I was told.”
“Good. I can use you.”
Once they had bugged out and made it to a safe zone they stopped and talked.
“So who else is going to join me?” Captain was now talking to the Professor.
“I have three more men, that have already had experience in space.”
“Oh great, I think I know who you are taking about.”

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