Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The First 10 to Survive the Apocalypse

With Zomberry Island being released recently what other would be posted on the PCB but the first 10 finishers? Also, just like last time, the tribes are included. The tribes are slowly becoming a bigger and bigger thing. Along with this, there are the tribe multiplayer rooms, whats next?


Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Zomberry Island!

Zomberry Island has been available to Members for just a couple of days, and already the Island Medallions are flying. As we always do with a new Island, we want to take a moment to salute the first 10 Poptropicans to complete Zomberry Island.

1. Grey Popper
of the Seraphim
2. Purple Lion
of the Pathfinders
3. Wild Sky
of the Seraphim
4. White Penguin
of the Seraphim
5. Curious Jumper
of the Nanobots
6. Funny Gamer
of the Nightcrawlers
7. Happy Kid
of the Wildfire
8. Friendly Leopard
of the Wildfire
9. Mad Wolf
of the Wildfire
10. Dizzy Leopard
of the Flying Squid
Congratulations to everyone who has finished Zomberry Island so far, and to those yet to do so!


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Congrats to all of those guys! To bad I never get on the list, but I'm all ways at school when the Islands comes out! Darn.

Also I was just thinking, remember these?

Well, its been over a year and all of these "Coming Soon" items were promised at the end of Legendary Swords, yet they have still not been released, what do you think? Will they ever be released?

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