Saturday, December 22, 2012

On the First Day of Updates...

No, there are no partridges in a pear trees, but there are website updates. Hello there fellow Poptropicans, some of you may have noticed this already but I am making a post to clarify. I have made some updates to the blog recently and am going to give you a quick look.

The first update comes from the Game Guides Page. This page has recently been updated with the most up to date photos and information out there, including the Multiplayer Room list. Ever wondered where to go on each Island to play some multiplayer games, well the complete list is located on the Game Guides Page!

 The second update is coming to us live from the Cheat Codes Page. With all of the most recent cheats and glitches I could find, our Cheat Code Page is one of the best resources for getting you something cool. Ever wanted to hold a lantern or pickax everywhere you go? Or how to make the Wild West Beard last forever? Head on over to the Cheat Code Page to find out now!

The third update comes straight from the Contest Page. Have you ever wanted to participate in one of my contests but never got the chance? Well now I have posted all of the upcoming contests (including some scavenger hunts and a name-that-costume) so you will know whats coming up!

Fourthly, I have posted the release dates for the rest of the episodes of The Adventures of Captain Lightning, and the links so you can get caught up on past episodes!

Lastly, I have gotten the Island Guide Page completely updated! Every guide, info page, and map from Early Poptropica to Zomberry Island! So go on and check them out!

    And as always, make sure to scroll down to see the latest Poptropica updates!

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