Monday, December 24, 2012

The Adventures of Captain Lightning Episode 4

Episode 4: Transitions

May 6th:
As Professor Antillies led Scary on to his lab, all that he could think of was how he was to defeat an advanced alien army from the Fire Planet. Or how he would be able to do it on his own. As they walked through the halls of an unknown building there was a slight hum coming from the walls. The farther they walked, the louder it got. Farther, louder, farther louder. Scary Lightning’s mind was racing with the noise. He couldn’t escape it. Professor Antillies walked up to a dead end at the end of the hallway and stopped. As he touched the wall that made the dead end the humming stopped. Out of nowhere a door appeared and opened to let in Scary and the Professor. Once they walked in Scary saw something like he had never before. The walls were like screens showing numbers and images. There was a chamber in one corner that seemed somewhat like a closet and inside was a suit.
“Put it on” were the only words from Professor Antillies.
Scary didn’t know what to do. Should he put it on? There was really no reason not to, he had already gone this far. He slid on the suit then put on the mask. It seemed like it was a little too big, but then it shrunk to fit. Very impressive.
“Press the belt” advised the now excited Professor.
Once he pressed the belt a pair of wings popped out of the back and controls on his hands. When he used these controls the wings lifted him, not by flapping, but like it was a jet pack!
“Now, you will need a ‘super name’ so people don’t know who you are.”
“Captain Lightning. I am Captain Lightning.”

Little did he know, there was a man that was tracking him. This man had been paid quite well to make sure that his mission never began and that the invasion would commence as planned. This man knew what he had to do. There would soon be no more Captain Lightning. 

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