Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Adventures of Captain Lightning Episode 3

Episode 3: Heroic Beginnings

May 4th:
Scary had been living on Shark Tooth Island for over a month. He only left his little hut when he needed supplies. He only had to leave his hut twice, but little did he know, both times he had been watched. Everything was fine in his little hut, hiding from who ever had kidnapped him and taken him to Spy Island. He never knew when someone would come for him again. He had seen his face on the news, he was a wanted man. This wasn’t his only problem. There had been a thief going around breaking into different huts and houses around the island. There was a sweet old lady living next to him. They hadn’t talked much but she had given him food when he didn’t have money to by any. She had said how fearful she was that the thief would come for her.

Meanwhile there was a man that would watch Scary every time he would exit his home. This man had no intent to harm him, but was more curious than anything. This mysterious man had a plan to really test just how much Scary could do.

May 5th:
Today was no different than any other day spent on Shark Tooth Island. Scary just sat in his home, and did nothing but wait. He didn’t know what he was waiting on, but he knew it was coming. This is when he heard a scream come from next door and recognized the old lady’s voice. When he looked out of the window he saw a man running away from the lady’s house with a sack money. Scary jumped out of his hut and started to chase the man.

The mysterious man was watching his plan unfold. Everything was going according to plan. The old lady had done her part and now the thief was doing his. He was going to see just how well his experiment was going to work.

The thief ran until he reached the water and could go no further. Scary walked over to him and shoved him into the water and took back the money. As he was going to walk back to his hut a man stepped out of the nearest building.
“Hello, I am Professor Antillies. I have been watching you for some time now. I believe that we can help each other.”
“I am not interested.”
“You are the only one that can save Poptropica, and I am the only one that can clear your name from the people after you.”
“What do you mean; I am the only one that can save Poptropica?”
“You are the only person with the skill set to stop the Xenon-8.”
“What is the Xenon-8?”
“The radiation that gave you your power came through a portal to the Fire Planet. The inhabitants of the planet are known as Xenon-8. And you are the only one that can stop them. The portal never closed and the Xenon-8 are coming through. What do you say.”
“If you can clear my name, I’ll do it.”

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