Monday, December 31, 2012

The Adventures of Captain Lightnig Episode 6

Episode 6: Bounty Hunted Part Two

May 7th:
Captain Lightning woke up on Syfall’s blimp on the way to somewhere unknown. He slowly looked out the front of the blimp and saw Lunar Colony Island coming up. He was being brought to the space station to be blasted off to the Fire Planet! Who ever hired this man to get Captain must be working for the Xenon-8 to send him there so he couldn’t complete his mission to stop them. Now that Captain had mentally caught up with what was happening he started to form his plan.

The bounty hunter now known as Syfall to Captain Lightning was doing as he was told, and nothing more. He was to put this guy in a rocket, and the rest was to be done by the thing that hired him. Seemed easy enough.

Captain had his plan, and now he had to wait until it was time to put it into action. Once he had been put into the rocket he knew it was time to begin his plan. As soon as the door closed he popped up and looked out the glass window. He saw the man, Syfall, talking to some sort of monster looking man. Like a skeleton with spikes on its back in a black cloak. Before he could figure out who the two men really were the rocket launched. This is when Captains plan was the most crucial. He reached into his belt and pulled out an exploding pellet that the Professor had showed him and placed it under the command panel. He went as far from the glass window as possible and ran at it. As he jumped through he detonated the pellet and the rocket exploded. Once the shockwave from the explosion hit him he activated his wings and started to fly away. He thought that his plan was ingenious. It appeared as the rocket exploded that he was gone for good.

As the rocket exploded and Captain exited the capsule he didn’t go unnoticed. He was being watched by the man that hired Syfall to take care of him. This wasn’t over. Not at all. 


  1. Hey Fuzzy-B! It would be awesome if capyian Lightning had the lightning armor (From the codes that come with Poptropica Adventures Ds game)

  2. I have already started writing Season 2 and the armor will be in there. There is a time travel theme.