Sunday, January 13, 2013

Zomberry Invasion Is Complete

Or is it completely ruined thanks to all of those brave souls who dared to face the threat. That's right Zomberry Island had been released to all! Make sure to check out our Island Guide Page for the Zomberry Guide, Map, Video Guide, and Info Page.

Also, Zomberry: Day Zero is avaliable for download as the whole comic.

Download Zomberry: Day Zero

Last December, we told you the Zomberry Island prologue in a six-part comic series. Now that Zomberry Island is available to everyone, we've got something even better: all six pages collected in a printable PDF!

Download Zomberry: Day Zero to read the comic from start to finish, along with some brand-new cover art. Follow the adventures of hapless construction worker Joe Puddy on what just might be the worst day of his life.

To download, right click and "save as": Zomberry: Day Zero

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How amazing, is this the first time a Poptropica Comic had been released as a full scale comic? Very nice! And remember, Zombie fighters, it's either you or them (or you cure them, that's probably what you'll do).

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