Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Adventures of Captain Lightning: Episode 7

Episode 7: The Mission Begins

May 8th:
Once Captain had found Professor Antillies, and made it back to the lab, he found cages all around the lab. These appeared to be made of pure green energy. They were slightly glowing with an eerie green glow.
“They’re made out of the same stuff as the Anti-Super Power Handcuffs. I made those too. I enjoy making neutralizing… things.”
“That man flew off with my unconscious body, and you didn’t do anything about it!” Captain was very mad.
“I knew you would escape. And obviously you did. I also saw what you did to that rocket. Don’t expect me to be paying for that.”
“I wouldn’t have had to do that if you would have helped.”
“So you expect me to trust you now that you didn’t save me?”
“You are about to go face off against an advanced alien army and how do you expect to be able to do that if you need me to save you from some lunatic in bright green body armor?”
Captain thought.
“I see. So when do I start finding all of these aliens and putting them in these cages?”
“Now, take this xenon radiation tracker and find them!”
Captain Lightning took the radiation tracker from the Professor and walked out to the door and activated it. It showed that the closest Xenon-8 was hiding “in the pit” of Early Poptropica. Captain had never been there, but he heard of some strange characters walking around. 
“Also take these!”
The Professor also handed him a transporter.
“When you put one of these on one of the Xenon-8, the radiation on them will power it up and they will be transported to a cage.”
He was off, on his journey to prove himself as a hero.

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