Monday, January 21, 2013

Costume Special: Movie Characters

I was playing around on Poptropica today when I started making costumes. Here are some of them that I thought were pretty cool.

Batman: 75 Credits
Utility Belt from the blue and orange costume on Super Power Island
Pants From the Goth Boy on Vampire’s Curse Island
Dark Astro-Knight Chest plate
Cowl from the Bat Guy on Shark Tooth Island
Grim Reaper cape from Haunted House

Joker: 150 Credits
Make your hair green and skin white
Leprechaun Costume jacket and pants
Dr. Jekyll’s shirt from Haunted House
Clown Costume Smile
Hair from the Goth Boy on Vampire’s Curse Island

Hawkeye: 225 Credits
Bow and Quiver from Robin Hood Costume
Glasses from Gamer Dude Costume
Jacket from Rock Singer Costume
Shirt from Grim Reaper in Haunted House
Black pants
Utility Belt from the blue suit on Super Power Island.

Jedi: 150 Credits
Shirt and Belt from Monk in the Castle Library on Astro-Knights Island
Brown Pants
Furry Monster 2 Ears
Green Skin
Sky Hawk Warrior Saber

Sith: 75 Credits
White hair from Goth Boy
Grim Reaper Shirt and Cape
Scare Crow face
Sky Hawk Saber
Black Pants
Which Costume is your favorite? Mine is the Joker!