Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Adventures Of Captain Lightning: Episode 8

Episode 8: Limited Engagement Part One

May 9th:
Captain had just arrived on Early Poptropica Island. He was using the tracker the Professor gave him to find the first Xenon-8. He was tracking it into “the pit”. This was the beginning of his mission, the first Xenon-8 he was going to capture. As he descended into the sewers he saw the alien right bellow him. As he walked down and down, soon he was upon it. It was hideous. It was a bare skeleton, with spikes growing out of its back. It was like something from a bad dream. As he snuck around near it, it sensed him. It slowly turned and looked at him.
“I can smell the radiation that gives you your power. It smells delicious.” The voice was cold and raspy. It was like something from a nightmare, but he had heard it somewhere before. He had heard something like that when he saw the two men talking while he was on the rocket. One looked somewhat like this monster.
“What do you plan to do now, fleshling? How do you plan to stop us? You can’t, we shall invade and your planet will be ours.”
“Not while I’m on the mission.”
Once he said this, he threw the transporter onto the alien and it did nothing. The alien just stood there and looked at hm. It wasn’t until the Xenon-8 charged him that the thing worked. There was a bright flash, and it was gone. It was amazing. With a blink it was gone, and presumably to a cage back at the lab. This wasn’t going to be as hard as he thought. This is when about a dozen more of the Xenon-8 appeared out of the shadows and surrounded Captain. He only had three more transporters. This wasn’t going to be good. Now, they charged.

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