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Wimpy Wonderland Guide

Get off the blimp, and the first person you see will be Greg Heffley. Talk to him, and he will tell you that his little brother Manny, who he was supposed to be babysitting while his mom was at work, has somehow escaped from their house. Follow Greg back to his house to look for clues. Once you get there, poke around a little bit until you find a page from Greg’s diary and an address book.

Go up to Manny’s room. One of the windows is open. Exit out that window, and follow the trail of Manny’s footprints until you get to Greg’s friend Rowley, who will tell you that his “rumble bike” has been stolen. Then, you will see Manny coasting down the hill on the bike.

Chase after him, and you will find the rumble bike abandoned by the Fast Mart. You can pick it up if you want to – you don’t need it to complete the island, but it’s fun to ride around on. Next, chase Manny, who is standing right next to the rumble bike, up a tree. He will jump off the tree and get away.

Go right until you reach the school. The school is closed for a snow day, but you will see Manny jump into a window and get inside. However, you will not be able to jump into that window because it is too high. So, you need to go down near the entrance of the school and find the little trash can that you can push around. This part is tricky. Push the trash can onto the left end of the seesaw, and jump on the right end. This will propel the trash can onto the second floor of the school building. Use it as a stool to get into the window that Manny jumped in.

Chase Manny out the door, and then go up to Greg’s locker. Open it, the combination is 9-37-15 – you can find a piece of paper with those numbers on the tree near the school, and you will find a Twisted Wizard game guide. Now, go right to the Leisure Towers. Since no one under 21 is allowed inside, you will have to climb up the building, dodging angry old people and the objects they throw at you, in order to get to apartment 33C, where Greg’s grandpa lives.

Gramps will tell you that he has seen Manny, and offer to discuss it over lunch. Once you manage to choke down Grandpa’s nauseating watercress salad by rapidly clicking with your mouse button as fast as you can, he will tell you that he has seen Manny on the security cameras of his building.

Leave the Leisure Towers and go right, to Whirley Street. There will be a gang of kids chucking snowballs at you. Dodge them as best as you can and pick up the snow shovel that is there. Then go allll the way left until you reach the screen with the Laundromat. There will be a house there – it belongs to Greg’s grandma. Go inside, and she will tell you that she will help you look for Manny if you can shovel her driveway. Do so, and then Gramma will tell you that she will look for Manny – as soon as she plays a game of bingo at the Leisure Towers.

Go back to Greg’s house, and you will find Greg (that slacker!) playing video games. Use your game guide to help him past a level he’s stuck on, and then Greg will ask you to return the game to Rowley. Rowley, however, is stuck inside his house. He asks you to come in, and not to touch his dad’s car. If you knock on the door, though, his dad won’t let you in. So, go over to the dad’s car and jump on it. When the dad comes outside to see what is wrong, hide in the bushes. Sneak into Rowley’s house when his back is turned. Return the game to Rowley, and he will reward you with a Joshie fan club membership card. (He is one weird kid.)

Go back to Greg’s house, and use the card to open the laundry room door, which is jammed. Then, shut off the power in Rodrick’s room. He will leave and take his van with him. Go inside Rodrick’s room and take the dog bowl that is lying there (it’s the orange one labeled “Sweaty”; can’t miss it). Then go to the garage and grab the leaf blower. Leave the garage (the exit is at the bottom of the screen) and go left until you see a snowman (the creepy one that says “Mrf” when you speak to it).

Use your leaf blower to blow away the snow from the snowman, revealing… Fregley! He will give you a bingo troll doll as a thank-you gift. Now, go back to the Leisure Towers. Use your troll doll as a blotter to play a game of Bingo. When you win (you will eventually, just concentrate on finding all those numbers and mark them down – don’t forget the free center space!) you are rewarded with a classical music CD.

Go left until you see the Fast Mart. When you go inside, you will see a man complaining about the teens hanging around outside. He says he will give you a bottle of wiper fluid if you can drive them away. Use your CD in the music box by the entrance to shoo the teenagers away. Once you get your wiper fluid, go right until you reach the school.

Just past the school building, you will see a guy with a plow. He tells you that he can’t drive because his windshield wipers are frozen. Use the wiper fluid to help him extract exactly the 4 liters he needs.

Pour the 10-liter No-Freez jug into the Sweaty dog bowl.
Pour the contents of the dog bowl into the middle cup.
Pour the contents of the No-Freez jug into the dog bowl.
Go back to Greg’s house for the last time. He is playing video games again. Argg…. Open up the curtains next to where he’s sitting and he will get zapped by the light. Greg tells you that Manny is probably just looking for his blanket, Tingy, and that if you find the blanket, you’ll find Manny. Now, go left until you reach the Laundromat. Manny has taken the plow and plowed the entrance, so you can go in now.

You’ll find Manny and Tingy sitting by a washing machine. Now you, Greg, and Manny just have to get home before Greg’s parents do. You leave the Laundromat when suddenly…the Whirley Street kids are at it again, attacking you with snowballs. You and Greg mow them over with a giant snowball (click on it), and then sled home.

Greg’s mom is pulling into the driveway just as you arrive, and congratulates Greg on his responsibility. To reward you for your help, Greg gives you the island medallion. Congratulations, you have completed Wimpy Wonderland Island and earned 100 credits!

Written by Fearless Cheetah
Edited by Hijuyo
Edited by Fuzzy-B

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