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Wild West Guide

Go to Wild West Island if you’re not there yet. Go right until you see a cowboy trying to trade your future horsie companion, Elmer. Try to tame it, by talking to the cowboy. Try to keep your cursor over the white one, and once Elmer gets tamed, he’s all yours. You’ll get a little whistle for when you and Elmer get separarted.
Then, go talk to the lady on the horse, and she’ll give you a letter for the Marshal in Diamon Plains. Now you and Elmer can leave town. Once you leave, pull down your map on the top right hand corner to see Diamond Plains. Go there.
Go right, to the Saloon. Talk to some guys that are throwing gum. Join them, and play. Throw your gum, when your aim is perfect into the pot. Afeter you win, you will find out that the Marshal is the snoring guy towards the end of the shop. You will go and tell him you have a letter for him, but you’ll have to read it. He won’t help, so you’ll be the new Marshal. He’ll give you his Marshal Badge. You are to take down the El Mustachio Gang.
Put it on to show everyone who’s boss. You can leave Diamond Plains now. Go back to Dusty Gulch, and get your picture taken. You have to hold the camera on you, while it develops. You’ll get your You Portrait. Go back to Diamond Plains, and enter the Marshal Builiding.
That is what the shop looks like, and that is what Elmer looks like. And in case you were wondering how the Member’s only outfit looks like, I am wearing it. Go inside. Use your picture, and since you are oficially the new Marshal, you get the Pea Shooter! Do you realize that you can now shoot peas? Anyway, just as you get the Shooter, the ground will begin to shake. El Mustachio’s Gang is rescuing the jailed person! They will take off, but you and Elmer have to help! Follow the Mustachio horses, until they go into the train entrance. Then you’ll say they got away. So you just go to Dos Cactos.
Find the star in Dos Cactos, and enter from the shooting side. Once in there, enter the shooting contest by talking to everyone. Once you start.
Aim about one centemeter above your object. Then shoot. Even if you have a few left, it’s better to reload as soon as possibe. You will have to play against a few opponents, and finally, after you win, you’ll get a Spud Gun. Now, go up the little hill to the Casino. Go inside, and go to the top floor. Talk to the guy with cards on his hat. You’re gonna play a game of Slap Jack! What you have to do, is you just put cards in the center, and when you see a Jack in the center, you slap it! But here’s the catch: the opponents move the Jack, so you have to be sure it’s properly placed before slapping it. Otherwise, you lose a card.
When you have all the cards, you win. You’ll get a map for gold. You’re done with the Casino, so go to Rock Ridge. Talk to the Cowgirl with orange hair. She needs her cow, and after talking to you, she’ll give you a Lasso. Go find that cow! Activate your Lasso, by using your spacebar. Follow the little trail of hoofprints, and go North a little bit. You’ll find the little cow. When your Lasso is pointing straight her, use your spacebar again. The cow will resist, and don’t froce her yet. But after a little while, she’ll know who’s boss, and she’ll follow you. Lead her to the ranch.
After you’ve led her there, go back to Rock Ridge. Talk to the Cowgirl. You’ll get an Old Saddle. The cowgirl will say something about 5 more cows. But we’ll come back to that later. Go right, and R.J. Earls will give someone a bad potion that will make them invisible. Now leave the town and Lasso five more cows. After you’re done with that, go talk to the Cowgirl again. She’ll give you the secret Rattlesnake Wrangler outfit.
The secret outfit is not nessecary to complete this island. It is an extra. Anyway, go to Dusty Gulch. Go to the Trading Post. Talk to the Trader, and trade your Old Saddle for a Gold Pan.
Once you get there, examine it. You have to pan for gold.
You can go back to Dusty Gulch and trade again. This time, trade your pan for the Oil. Now go to Diamond Plains. Find the guy, and he will be standing infront of a door thing. Go inside that.
For this inside part, you will have to pull a few different levers and push some boxes. Just make sure you get to the top. You will see a giant thingy with gears and stuff.
Only it’s gonna look really dirtyy and rusty. Click on it, and use your oil for all the gears that connect one side of the clock to the other. Use the oil on them until they let of a shine. Then, they should work. Leave that room, and go to Rock Ridge. Talk to R.J. Earls and use your Gold Nugget. He’ll give you some of everything. Go back to Diamond Plains, and get off of Elmer. Ride the train, and say that you wanna go to Dos Cactos. For this next part, shoot your heart out. The Mustachio gang is at it again! Use your Spud Gun, and shoot at them! The Concentration Carbohydrate will make it slow down, but you only have a limited supply. You must shoot each person three times. Reload whenever possible. You will arrive in Dos Cactos after a while, and talk to the boy with the big head. He wants a blue tulip. Go back on the train, and ride to Rock Ridge.
Click on the Canary to shoot it. Don’t worry, it’ll only make him drop his keys. Grab them, and go left to the door with the lock. Use the keys to go inside. Inside the mine, go right. Rocks will drop. Go right and drop on the Mining cart. This next part is similar to Nabooti Island, except instead of ducking and jumping, you have to shoot at the targets. Ride, and then you’ll come to a stop. Find the Blue Tulip and go up.
Do NOT ask me why there is a cow there. I honestly don’t know.
Once you go up, go right. A guy will be crying. Apparently Mustachio and his gang have wreaked havoc. Above the Crying Dude’s head, there is a piece of paper. Grab it. Go to Dos Cactos. Give the Tulip to the kid with the giant head. His head will shrink to normal and he will give you the other half of the map to the hideout. Are you rady for the battle with Mustachio? Well, this is it!
The yellow star. Go there, and use the Transparency Tonic. Then, sneak past them. Go inside their cabin for the Final Shootout. You will have to get rid of everyone, except El Mustachio Grande. Make sure not to get shot. For the girl in purple, shoot at the money bags above her. They’ll spill, and then shoot at her using Concentration Carbohydrate. For the guy in blue, next to Mustachio, shoot at the candle, which will put the rope on fire. Get rid of him using CC. For the guy with the Orange beard, shoot the gun lying under the cow head. Take him out using CC. For the other guy wwith a Sombrero, hit the wheel, and take him out. Then El Mustachio will take off. Take off after him. Follow Mustachio, and then Lasso him. Take him to Diamond Plains. El Mustachio Grande will be sent to jail, and you’ll get your Medallion and 100 credits! Congrats!
A huge thank you goes to Super Thunder for writing this guide!
Edited by Fuzzy-B

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