Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great Pumpkin Guide

Written by Hijuyo
Edited by Fuzzy-B

Start off by going to the right of Great Pumpkin Island to the pumpkin patch. Find Linus and talk to him. He will ask you to give his sister the heaviest pumpkin. To do this, put any two random pumpkins on the balance scale to measure them. Set the lighter pumpkin off to the side so you won’t pick it up again, and keep weighing the pumpkins until you get to the heaviest one (the last one remaining), and give it to Lucy.

Lucy will then ask you to roll the pumpkin over to the Van Pelt house. To do this, just keep pushing it. When you reach the rabbit holes, don’t let the rabbits come up under the pumpkin. If it touches a rabbit head, it will be sent flying and you’d have to start over at either the starting point or the last flag you passed. To avoid getting it stuck in the log, build up speed on the pumpkin before rolling it through there. At the swing set, get as close as possible and stop, then roll through quickly while all three kids swing back.

At the Van Pelt house, speak to Linus and he will reward you with a Trick-or-Treat Bag. Then Lucy will chop the pumpkin, and a quick cutscene will follow. Later, give the bag to Pig-Pen (the dusty boy outside the house), and he will give you a lemon-flavored Sucker in return. Return to Linus, give him the sucker, and he will give you a Party Invitation. When he leaves the room, walk over to his desk and pick up the Pen. Exit the house.

Walk left to reach Charlie Brown’s Backyard. Talk to Charlie, and he’ll ask Snoopy to help him put the falling leaves into a pile. You will then get to play as Snoopy – your task is to wait for a leaf to fall and use the dog’s breath to move left until the leaf rests onto the pile of leaves. Do this for 5 leaves. Then Linus, with his wet sucker and blanket flying behind him like a cape, will jump in and ruin the pile. Go back to Main Street, where you will find Linus by the mailbox. Talk to him, and he’ll wonder where is blanket went. Go back to the backyard, click on the remains of the pile, and move your cursor in a fast and circular motion to blow the leaves out of the way, revealing Linus’ Blanket.

Go back to Main Street and and return the blanket to Linus, who is standing by the mailbox at the far right. He will use the blanket to mail his letter to the Great Pumpkin. Now return to the backyard, where Lucy is trying to talk Charlie Brown into letting her practice a football trick with him. She even asks him to sign a document stating that she won’t trick him, but Charlie doesn’t have a pen. Give Charlie the pen you got from Linus’ desk and he will sign the contract. However, Lucy tricks him anyway and he falls flat on his back trying to kick, plus it turns out the contract was never notarized.

Pick up the Football from the ground and go over to Snoopy. Throw it up in the air, and the aviator cap will be knocked out of the tree. Now playing as a World War I flying ace (Snoopy), your mission is to infiltrate the enemy’s territory and last 60 seconds without being shot down to succeed. All you have to do is fly around on Snoopy’s doghouse and avoid the bombs being dropped from the Red Baron’s plane. One way is to fly inverted along the top of the screen. When he drops bombs, veer back the opposite way to dodge them.

Crashing behind enemy lines, your character and Snoopy will have to avoid being seen by the searchlight. Hide behind rocks, in a trench, in a haystack, behind a road marker, in the river, behind a bush, and finally behind a chimney. Click to go right.

Take the green Halloween Mask off the scarecrow and put it on. Enter the farmhouse and a voice will welcome you, saying, “Come on in and join the party!” Inside, you will see kids from the Peanuts gang partying in the spirit of Halloween. Succeed at each of the party games:

Bobbing for Apples: Click on apples when they are up. Bite 6 of them, and don’t miss – three strikes before you win means you have to play again!
Drawing a Jack o’ Lantern: Carve out any reasonable face you like into the pumpkin by drawing on Charlie Brown, who is modeling for this task.
Pin the Face on the Pumpkin: Put each of the 5 features (stem, right eye, mouth, nose, and left eye) close to where they belong, in the dark. Get at least 85% accuracy to win.
Schroeder’s Piano: To play the song, press the key below each of the falling balls when it enters a box in the row above the keys. Hit the correct notes while keeping Snoopy’s dance rate above the red line to win. There will be sound when playing this game!
Once that’s done, you get to go trick-or-treating! Go with the gang dressed up in costumes when they walk away from the pumpkin patch. Knock on the door by clicking on the house. Candy will be thrown into the air. Jump up to get one of the treats – in the 4 houses you go to, your goal is to get 4 different types of candy. Each time, the gang will report on what they received – and Charlie Brown will always get a rock.

Take the Bag of Candy to share with Linus and Sally back at the pumpkin patch. A cutscene will follow where Sally storms off angrily, having been cheated out of tricks-or-treats time. Lucy comes in thanks you for watching her over little brother Linus, who later falls asleep in the pumpkin patch. She will award you with the island medallion and 100 credits to spend in the Poptropica Store.

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