Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What We've Been Waiting For

"It's coming...
There can be only one!

Voting begins soon."

Here is what I think:

-Dr. Hare: He has a good chance. He is very popular. A creator and his own mini island. He might go all the way.

-Crusher: A very minor character in Super Power. Doesn't get to much publicity. Not a good chance.

-Zeus: Pretty popular. A wallpaper. Not really a favorite villain type of person.

-Betty Jetty: Most popular off of Super Power. Not new or evil enough to really win.

-Sir Rebral: "Wait, which one was he?" Is what people will think. not really a very good chance at the win.

-Cpt. Crawfish: I would pick him to win actually. Very popular. His island very popular. All around a winner

-Director D: Has a chance. Much more likely than most, but I don't know if he has enough mojo flowing anymore.

-Medusa: "Where did she pop up?" is what people will think. With four seconds of screen time she doesn't have enough exposure to be a real threat to be a winner.

-Vince: Not really a villain. He appears in Nabooti, in case anyone forgot because of his minor role, which is exactly why he probably wont win.

-El Mustachio:I think is a very popular villain, but hasn't been around long enough to get those long time player votes.

-Speeding Spike: Still another minor role villain. Not really a winning type of role.

-Gretchen Grimlock: A new, rising villain, like El Mustachio, doesn't have enough exposure to really win.

-Rat Man: Another minor role unimportant villain. Not going to win.

-Copy Cat: Really? Another one of these minor role villain. Sad creators.

-Binary Bard: One of the most epic villains yet. Defiantly has a chance to win the whole thing!

Who do i think will win? It is a tie between Binary Bard and Cpt. Crawfish. I want to see them in the final round.

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