Friday, June 18, 2010

Skullduggery Guide

Fort Ridley
You need to go right till you go this small hill, then press go right. You’ll see this girl and she’ll say she wants someone to get her coin. You then go under the hill and press go left. When you get there, you find the coin. Then next thing you do is go to the shop and press “Use” on the doubloon to get Feed for chickens. Then you go right until you see this shelf with a broken mirror on top. Click on it and she’ll say you can have it for free. After that you exit then go left until you see this guy with chickens. You press “Use” on the Feed and he’ll give you a chicken for a reward.
Then you go right and up the hill and go even more right till you see a guy with bugs destroying his crops. You press “Use” on the Chicken and he’ll reward you with a blue candle. Then you go even more right till you see a bunch of rocks. Jump on the rocks till you reach the top and go right to find the mansion. Go in the mansion and go right to talk to the governor. He’ll give you a message that has some part that will only be able to be read under the blue candle.
Click “Use” on the blue candle and he’ll show you the rest of the message. Then you exit and go back to the first part of Fort Ridley. You’ll see a building where this guy with a musket is and then keep going up to find this telescope. Press “Use” on the broken mirror and you’ll have to keep looking through the telescope till you see a small raft. (Hint – Scroll the telescope all the way left.)
Press the mirror icon in the bottom left corner when you see the raft and you’ll shine a signal. Then he’ll respond back and a message will say he’s approaching. He comes back and he gives you his raft. There will be 2 guys on there for your crew. (But sometimes on some people that they will disappear). Then you have to find the map pieces.

Bouffant Bay
To find the Map piece here, you talk to this one guy who says it’s on 312 Hanging Fern Way. You go right till you find hanging ferns. Remember… 3-1-2 which is in the order of which you hit.
3rd fern
1st fern
2nd fern
When you hit them in this order, a map piece will fall. Grab it.

Parrot Port
To find this Map piece, you need to talk to this parrot. He’ll tell you to jump in the sea and then come find him. Jump in the ocean and then go on top of the second building (not including the tower). He will be on this window. Then he’ll tell you to clog the vent and see where he went. You then go to the building to the right with the vent. Stand on it to clog it, and then go right and jump in the last palm tree where the bird is in. Then he’ll tell you to go to the tower, and you’ll find a friend. There will be a pirate and he’ll award you the map piece if you bring back the parrot. To find the parrot, you need a cracker, the cracker is in the cafe on the top left corner. When you’re outside, you press “Use” on the cracker and the parrot will fly to you. Then you click on the pirate and he’ll give you the Map piece.

Golden Harbor:
You need to light the lamps in a specific order to get the Map piece. You need to light the first, second, and fourth lamps. Count the lamps and then do this. Light the fourth lamp first, which is right next to the gate. Then you need to light up second lamp, which is on the first building. And then the first lamp which is the first lamp you see when you come there first. If you light them up in this order, the map piece will come out of the gate the fourth lamp is next to.

Pirate Place:
To get this one, you need to go to the very top of the place. Then you need to jump on this post where a cannon starter kit is. Then you will find an explosive barrel somewhere in the middle of the place. Push the explosive all the way down under the golden tooth of the skull. Then you need to click on the cannon a little left of the big skull. When it hits the explosive, the gold tooth will fall out and then there will be a map piece sticking out.

Dragon Cove:
In the water, step on the first dragon head. You will get the mallet. Bang the gong with the mallet. Then move the man with the fishing pole to where the fish jump. When he gets a fish, he will give you a map piece.
Skullduggery Island:
You will need to gather doubloons (1 million or a little less) to buy the Phoenix Warbird at the Dragon . You will also need doubloons to assemble your crew. It’s best to get all 4 (no one for hire on Golden Harbor) to beat many enemies that will come. The best way to gain a lot of doubloons is to go from island to island, buying the max of the cheapest item, then selling it all on the next island and buying max of the cheapest again. Also, remember to get salvages. If some other ship begins shooting at you, best to run away rather than get beat. Don’t buy the crew members until the end. When you assemble your crew and get the Phoenix Warbird, you go to Skullduggery which will show when you have gotten all 5 map pieces. When you get all this, you go to Skullduggery and Captain Crawfish’s ship will appear. Keep trying to hit it with your cannons and don’t let him get out of your sight because he will keep healing. If he only has a little health left and you have a lot, run your ship into his. It drains health from you and him very quickly, so only do this when he has a tiny bit of health and you have a lot. He will die quickly. Once you defeat him, you go back to the Governor and talk to him. He’ll give you a map to the treasure, and a bone shovel. When you go back to Skullduggery, you dock on it and you have to go 6 paces East (right) of the flag you see. Then you use your bone scythe and then you dig up the treasure. After that Captain Crawfish appears again, but his ship falls apart because of your crew. Then you leave and get 100 credits and the medallion.

Written by Zey-shomi
Revised by the Poptropica Help Team
Edited by Fuzzy-B


  1. How come i cant get those two guys on my ship? i dont know what to do!

  2. cool!!! all of your tips and cheats is currently helping me and I don't even have to go to youtube. nice job dude.

  3. To first comment: can you please specify which two guys but I think the answer may be that you don't have enough money to hire them.

    To second comment: thank you I always appreciate positive feedback!

  4. do i have to get the last ship to defeat caption crawfish? can i try with the koi instead to the warbird?

  5. I think you need to get the Warbird and all the crew members to defeat Captain Crawfish. I would watch the video guide, which can be found on my guide page, to see the trading pattern (i will add it to the guide later) and use that to get the million doubloons. I will look into whether or not you can win with the Koi, but it is eaiser to win with the Warbird.