Thursday, June 24, 2010

Agghhh!!!! The Phoenix war bird is on my iPod

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Hey, how are you my fellow Poptropicans?
There are two new PCB About the Phoenix war bird.
The first:
Behind the scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird, part 2

On Skullduggery Island, players start with a junky old sloop, and earn doubloons to buy bigger and better boats. Early on, the Poptropica creators knew they wanted the most powerful ship to have an animal theme.
Even so, there were still dozens and dozens of smaller decisions to make. Should the boat look realistic or fantastical? How big should it be? Should it be scary?
To explore the possibilities, the designers made a few more sketches.

After another round of discussion (okay, arguments), the creators settled on a direction and set to work on the final version.

And the Second:

Behind the scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird, part 3

Poptropica fans already know that the Phoenix Warbird is the strongest ship on Skullduggery Island. But it didn't always look that way! The designers went through several rounds of revisions, tweaking existing ideas and coming up with new ones.

Finally, they had settled on the basic design and set to work putting it into Poptropica. The first step: a black-and-white wireframe, which adapts the earlier sketches into the Poptropica style.

See that little box above the ship and to the right? That's to help the designers remember how large the ship is in comparison to your Poptropican.

The ship isn't finished yet. There are more design tweaks to be made, not to mention the most fun part: Coloring!


  1. Ok, i have an idea for an island but this is the only blog i can find a "post a comment" box. So here it goes. this is just a rough idea but you know how you start now where at the begging of the game... well say that you where on your own island and you went off to set on an adventure. well all the villans you've faced have joined up together and attacked your home island. so you get a message from your parents asking you to stay away from your island but you go and find that everyone is gone so you set off on an adventure to find your parents and everyone else.

    So i thought that would be pretty cool. so if you like and you want to talk to me just find where i am and give me a shout.

    Lucky Fox...

  2. That is a good island idea lucky fox.